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    Rally for Rivers? Is it the last chance for Nature in India

    Everyone knows and has heard about Rally for rivers. This is to preserve our rivers as it is predicted that 50% of India will not have drinking water to survive. Soil in many parts can become sand ( not useful for any cultivation). 25 % of India is going to be a desert.

    The concept and suggestions sound unique to me. I see that there is truth in this campaign ( not because of the person behind it or the apparent political parties endorsement). As a Citizen we need to support that such events to conserve nature and water should not lose steam, once it's completed.

    I request the senior members and Editors who can analyze this better than me to give their inputs. If found true, then I feel the entire ISC family can extend our support to this project that I think is the last chance for the billion plus Indian family in this great country
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    I am not sure whether missed calls or signing petitions can save our rivers. We are aware of what has been happening to the Save Ganga program that has been around for decades now. Clean Ganga was one of the promises made by the present center as well, as they came to power; have we been able to proceed even an inch? I don't think.

    This Rally for river program being organised under the aegis of the Isha Foundation captained by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has been trying to gain popular support through various means. He has said that a plan, to be prepared by a group of scientists and environmentalists, will be submitted to the central government for action. But other than the proposal to plant trees on river sides, the campaign stay distanced from many issues including river linking and pollution. I don't think that this campaign has gained the popularity as has been envisaged. Some State governments, especially those being ruled by the BJP, has been providing support to the movement in various ways including compelling government servants and students to participate in rallies etc organised in connection with the move but we need to note that such compulsion does not produce results.

    I agree that any move to preserve our natural resources need to be supported but at the same time we need to be convinced that the master minds behind such movements have a clear idea about the process to be followed and also that they can promise us positive results. Reviving our rivers would be a tough job though we have live examples to prove that it can be done if the people directly affected put in their heart and soul into it; preserving the existing rivers from drying out seems to be a tougher task but cleaning and freeing them from pollution seems to be the toughest.

    There has been no dearth of awareness programs emphasizing the importance of preserving nature but are we actually listening? I somehow have a feeling that we are going to learn it the hard way if we don't wake up and do our bit; not by signing petitions but by acting and reacting as and when required.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    I have heard on the rally for rivers concept being vigorously campaigned by a group of persons (I will strictly not go into the background of the organizations and whom they represent). The first before taking any project of these scales lot of data needs to be analyzed.
    We must understand the nature of development taking place in our country. First in our country Rivers are not dying but made to die Artificially by Human Development. When a dam is built it leads to displacement of thousands of families within its vicinity. The natural flow of river is diverted which leads to ecological imbalances. Actually a river has many unknown streams along with it. When we build a dam we are only concentrating on one way flow of a river. But the surrounding Area has many streams which were there for thousands of years unnoticed by Humans. The water to these rivers is given by underground spread of water from a main River. When we build a dam we not only regulate flow water in one direction but unknowingly stop flowing of water to these streams. Now these small streams will go dry resulting in death of some other River. Eg. Numerous such Rivers were there around River Cauvery but destroyed after building of massive Dams. This leads to drying of nearby rivers. Cauvery water which must have flowed into them is now being exploited for Agricultural and Industrial purposes leaving many lands dry.
    This is especially true of south Indian Rivers. These rivers are fed by Monsoons and a Seasonal. They are meant to be seasonal.
    Now these groups claim that they want to link some perennial rivers with some Non perennial rivers thereby bringing back Rivers. But it is ecologically Catastrophic for two Mains reasons. One I have already discussed above. The other is it needs massive investment by building dams which again will displace Crores of people at least.
    In recent River linking project of Ken- Betwa will submerge 10% of Panna Tiger Reserve which means Lakhs of Trees being fell, Tribal displaced and water logging.
    In another development the soil test needs to understood. In India Every region Soil has its own carrying capacity of moisture levels and River withstanding Capacity. This needs to be understood because after we have Artificially interlinked Rivers it may lead to flooding if Soil does not have capability to withstand.
    In addition we need Lakhs of Crores in building Dams and maintaining them. Of course it leads to employment of that scale but the cost benefit ratio seems to be not calculated yet.
    Instead we can dug Lakes, Ponds in traditional Areas so we can store water. For eg in 1906 Chennai had 400 + Lakes but now only in 50's. Buildings as per regulation must not be built in or near Lakes. But Who cares? Like these all over India we have Lakhs of Lakes and Ponds.
    We must understand building Dams to store water and diverting them is brought into by British Which suited Europe because the nature of rivers in Europe were Like that. But In India we need to develop better technologies for development of Lakes and Ponds which is our way of reviving rivers, Agricultural Development. It leads to community Development too as an Advantage.
    There needs to extensive research by each and every Department of India first about the real Problem India is facing in water Scarcity.
    And further as mentioned by Lead Editor Saji Ganesh we need to first regulate the effluents being released into our Rivers and stop polluting them. Otherwise we may develop only another River Saraswathi in the name of Linking, building Dams and development. Let us not repeat the mistake of our Ancestors.
    Some of systems like Jhalara, Talabh, Bawari, Tanka, Ahar Pynes, Johads, Panam Keni, Khadin, Kund, Baoli, Nadi, Bandara Padh, Zing, Khuls, Bamboo Drip Irrigation, Eri etc. needs to be studied again and technologies must be found to improve them.

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    Thanks for the above replies. This is exactly what I wanted. I'm sure we are doing our bit with saving water at our homes.
    How can we take things to the next level. What more we responsible citizens need to do to ensure that we save the resources, we can change things with legislation + education + conservation efforts starting from the local neighbourhood.

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    We are taking every thing from nature right from water to food. We are totally dependent on natural resources. If the natural sources are dried up the human race is finished.

    So the lesson is we must preserve nature at any cost. Any effort in this direction is welcome. Though media campaigns and signature campaigns are theoretical in nature but they also sometimes convert in action as Govt sometimes yields to such pressure.

    To save rivers some practical ambitious plans are required which can not only connect rivers together but also create ecosystems and soil preservation through dams and other interfaces.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Our former President Dr APJ Abul Kalaam was the first person to express his view on uniting the rivers within India so that every state would be having ample supply of water for the irrigation and for the drinking purpose and therefore the economy would be doubled. Last year most of the states were reeling under drought and the shortage of drinking water was acute. Though linking of rivers is a major project, the central government can have the share along with respective states and link the rivers so that each state would be stopping the water thus flowing into ocean and use it for irrigation and drinking purpose.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I also signed the petition and I have also given the missed call. Save water and save future generations is the concept. A lot of water from rivers is going and getting merged into the sea. If we can see that that water will be used before it merges into the sea, we will have no paucity of water.
    Our Ex.PM, Mr Atal's brainchild is the joining of rivers. If this program can be taken up on priority and work towards that goal we will overcome to a large extent this problem. The Government has to identify the stalwarts in the field and form a committee and see that the work will be accomplished. To put pressure on the Government to make this movement past I think this rally for rivers will help a lot.

    always confident

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