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    Is it possible for a human being to never feel angry?

    Everybody says that anger is our enemy. In the famous composition of poems in Telugu, 'Sumathi Sathakam' it is said, 'Thana kopame thana sathruvu, Thana santame thanku raksha dhaya chutambahav' which means that anger is our enemy and peace is to shield or safeguard us. Even the saints also is said to have undergone the emotion of anger. Is it possible a for a human to be without anger? Knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.
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    No, it is not possible. No person can be without anger. This is one of the basic human emotions. However, different people express anger differently. The most dangerous are those who don't express anger. They keep on churning this emotion within themselves and cause excessive harm to others or to themselves.
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    All the navarasas has to be encouraged and enjoyed in our life and that includes anger also. Without anger one cannot make others understand your dire need. By anger we register our preference and others would easily come to know our requirement. But anything over and above is not solicited and so is the anger. Some people vent their anger as the means of achieving things on first come first basis. That should not be the criteria and attitude. Anger should be expressed in such a situation where you are not heard or cared in spite of your presence there and others are deliberately ignoring you.
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    Anger is one of the basic attribute of our life like other traits. It is a natural outburst of our feelings when ever something goes against us or when someone insults us or someone under us works shabbily and things like that.

    Generally anger follows irritation. Even in a family when someone irritates us we become angry.

    Theoretically speaking we must control anger and try to avoid it because it is not good for our health also. Sometimes even after a lot of self control even the most balanced and sophisticated person becomes angry.

    So the natural attributes are difficult to manage and I do not think that anger can be totally avoided.

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    Anger is one of the many emotions that a human being has and it would be a lie when a person says that he never gets angry. You might not show your anger outside, but definitely, there will be anger in your heart.The way a person shows his/her anger differs from each other. The choice that you make when you are angry is what makes the difference.

    At times it is necessary to show our anger but at other time we need to be calm to soothe the situation. We have a reasoning and a logical mind which can help us to take the decision when, how and why should we get angry.

    A human without anger would be a robot, that also doesn't mean that we should be short tempered. Being short-tempered can cause harm to your loved ones, while not being angry and keeping it to oneself can also cause harm as it will build up in your heart and one fine day you will explode which is again very dangerous.

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    Anger is a natural emotion like happiness, sorrows and pains. Everybody will get anger under certain conditions. Only the tolerance limits will definitely differ from person to person. Some people express their anger on the face and tell the other person that he is not happy. They will leave it there and never remember that further. But some people even though they are angry, they will not express immediately on their face. They will reserve their anger and when the chance comes they will take the revenge. These people are very dangerous.
    Some people will not get upset easily. Their level of patience will be very high. They will tolerate to a lot extent. Lord Krishna tolerated the mistakes of Sisupala as he has given a word to his mother. So he reserved the anger. Once he exceeded the limit, Lord Krishna never hesitated to kill him. As told by the author, no person will be without anger.

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