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    Coming home to home, sweet home

    It is wonderful to go on a vacation, to get away from the routine schedule that one follows, getting relaxed in a place away from one's own. You tend to feel a bit unhappy that the holiday has ended when it is time to return. At the same time, on returning, you get a feeling of happiness in being enveloped in the warmth of one's own home & on entering tend to say, "Home, Sweet Home!"

    I've returned home a couple of days ago from a extremely relaxing vacation, spending much of my time enjoyably watching Malayalm thrillers with English sub-titles!!

    It was truly lovely also to meet Juana for a second time and am thankful to her for taking time from her busy work to schedule a meet with me before my trip ended.

    Happy to be back!
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    Welcome back Vandana Ma'am! Nice to know that you enjoyed your vacation to the hilt. Hope you had a grand time with Juana this time again. One thing, was there any particular reason for you to chose Malayalam films?
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    Welcome back to ISC again after little break yes hometown is very nice place to visit always when I get time I mostly go to the native place because there are not many holidays in between work. We need to manage only for our native place.
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    Glad to hear that you are back. Lot of members felt your absence. Yes most good holidays makes us feel sad that we have to get back to our daily life and work schedules.
    Where ever we go or stay, there's nothing like our own homes with all the disorganized rooms, stuff to be cleaned, plants to be watered but yes, I agree, its home sweet home for us.

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    Welcome back. You have reminded me of my various home comings after my short or long visits to various places. Though due to health reasons I am not now able to go out specially to far off places but I remember those past events with great interest recollecting various rendezvous.

    It may be interesting to share that whenever and whatever time I returned from those outings what I relished in my house most was - the tea. Yes, the usual kadak masala tea which is made in our houses by boiling water, tea and milk together and a little bit of ginger and/or cardamom and/or pepper etc. That was always so relaxing and enjoying to start the life in the house after a cup of that particular tea.

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    All of us need a break and festivities bring the opportunities to mingle and exchange pleasantries with near and dear one and Dussehra is surely a festival which will unite every one in the family.
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    Welcome back. In your absence, during the heavy pouring at Mumbai, there was a thread about your absence on the channel. Then only we came to know that you are on leave. Wish you a happy Vijaya Dashami.
    always confident

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    Thanks for the warm welcome on returning.

    Saji - the films were recommended as I love thrillers, whether books or films, and the ones I watched were unusual, not the run of the mill type. I got updated about artistes in the Malayalam film industry I was unaware of, such as Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly. A couple of movies were not thrillers, like the delightfully charming 'Ohm Shanthi Oshaana' and there was a nice touch of humour in most of them.

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    East or west, home is the best. After a long break you returned to your ISC home. Many thought that you were caught in Mumbai rain and lost communication. Thank God you were not. Let us live together and continue our happy living.
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    Welcome back Vandana, You are right, home is the best place to be. Vacations and trips are essential to take a nice, sweet break from our routine busy work schedule but like you said at the end of every vacation, even though we will feel sad that we have to get back to the busy schedule but reaching back at ones home itself is a great relief. It is the best place one can be. That is why most of us rush back to home after our days work. Also people like me loves holidays so that I can be at my sweet home.

    Also glad to know that you liked the Malayalam movies.

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