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    Miracles lie outside of science

    Miracle is an extraordinary event which violates the laws of nature. These laws should be genuine laws of nature and not just laws made by man. We are very well aware with the laws of nature. Any event that takes place within these laws can be very well explained in scientific terms. In case of a miracle, these laws get violated. Science believes in laws of nature and thus miracles pose difficulty in getting explained because they do not stand in that arena. This is the reason that miracles are considered to lie outside of science. Most of the claims which miracles make are untrustworthy and indeterminate. Science feels that may be at present the event cannot be explained, but in future it definitely will get revealed. If any event is sealed as a miracle then it forecloses any scope of explaining that event in some or the other terms.

    We consider an event to be a miracle and this is because that event is beyond our logic. Something magical, supernatural has taken place which we are not able to explain it by any means. It does not necessarily mean that event which we are witnessing is a miracle. May be in the future, we may know logic or reasoning behind it and then that event may not necessarily be called as a miracle. There are two kinds of people, scientists and non-scientists. Scientists will never believe in miracles. Non-scientists when hear that science do not believe in miracles, often feel that science is arbitrary, close minded and accuse it of being unreasonable. Scientists on the other hand feel that there is some concealed flaw in the evidence or idiopathic natural description. Once these things get revealed, miracle will no longer remain miracle.

    This is an entry for TOW contest- Miracle.
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    Science is a subject where theories will be made basing on the happenings. If something happened, the scientists will start thinking why it happened, how it happened and what is the reason behind. To understand these things they will conduct experiments and formulate some laws. Newton's discovery of gravitational force. Till a theory arrives the incident appears to be a miracle. A common man calls it a miracle but a scientist calls it an incident. Science will try to find out a reason for everything and they never believe in miracles.
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    It is true. Everything outside the purview of science is termed as miracle. Everything which can't be explained by science is termed as miracle.

    A really good Forum post from the author.

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    Anything which can not be explained or understood with human intelligence is beyond the purview of science. Miracle is one of those things.

    In earlier times there were many things which people could not explain and thought it as the curse of nature or fury of Gods but science gradually resolved many of those doubts and illusions.

    So today science is not able to explain certain things but we can hope that seeing the past experience it may resolve more mysteries in future.

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    This was a great explanation by the author.. Science always deals with logic, it says everything happens for a reason and has a valid reason behind it. Miracle is something which is out of the scope of logic and out of the scope of science. Miracle is something which cannot be described by science.
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    The author had dealt the subject of miracle in a nice comparison between the scientists and non scientists as regards to their findings and the possible outcome which may not be called as miracle by scientific community.
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