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    Importance of "Me Time"

    Do you know what is 'Me-time'? Have you ever thought of setting aside some time for yourself? Do you think it is important to spare some time daily to do what you enjoy? Participate in this discussion and share your thoughts and experiences on this topic.

    The greatest gift that you can gift someone is your time, as time is very precious. But wait, hold on a sec, have you gifted that time to yourself?

    I realized the importance of "Me Time" when I started working, the routine was fixed even during weekdays and weekends. Initially, it was fine, but as time passed away I noticed that I am hardly giving any time to myself. So I started investing time for myself as well, I did things that I loved, at times when I saw something that I loved, I started saving for it and bought it which slowly started making a difference.

    One day I even took an off to give a break to myself from the daily routine. I informed my team lead and that day was a complete rest for me. I didn't do any daily routines just relaxed completely and no wonder I was so refreshed the next day that I started working so energetically and enthusiastically.

    Some work cultures even offer paid sabbatical leave which is given after you complete seven years. All those working and retired kids and adults alike, take a break off your regular routine and have a conversation with yourself and relax for a day at least and see the difference that it does to you.

    Share your experience of "Me Time"
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    Oh yes, 'me time' is important and I recommend it to everyone. I take time out for myself, from my hectic routine, to do things that I like. Whether it is watching a series on television or reading a book. I spend at least half-an-hour, every day, reading. I generally read a few chapters of a book, before retiring. I have a 'me time' routine that I follow in the morning, spend time tending to my plants and reading the newspaper, with my morning cup of coffee.

    These have become routine practices and I feel uneasy if I do not practice them.

    My favourite 'me time' is when I indulge in pampering myself - getting a pedicure or a facial done relaxes me.

    We get so caught up in our everyday routine and monotonous life that we do not spare time for ourselves. We must make ourselves a priority – it is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Well said, being in the healthcare sector for few years I can understand what you mean, Many of us suddenly realized that time has flown by with kids growing up and we still trying to juggle work, the stress of deadlines, focusing on career and balancing huge egos of people around us.

    My time or personal time is important for our own well-being. Ultimately what do we live for, most of us to have a home, a circle of true friends, seeing our kids educated and starting their own lives and enjoy simple things in life?
    Unfortunately, in today's world, we all are entrapped in a rat race, that we have forgotten to look after ourselves.

    There are many ways that one can have your own my time. I keep an hour a day for myself ( possible at least 5/7 days), wherein I do things that I truly like ( editing my nature photographs, reading motivational books or novels). Once a couple of months, we have a half a day out ( we decide sporadically), going to the park or the zoo, here when family are engrossed in their own activities, I just drift off sitting on a bench to see what I've done and what I need to change, how to slow down, how to control my emotions etc. Once a week, I go to any temple along the way to work, alone, sit for 10 minutes to just push out the daily thoughts and focus on the deity and enjoy my silence.

    At least twice a year a short trip to a wilderness camp or a nature resort with family, helps all of us to unwind. Here especially away from the chaos of the city, I can spend at least couple of hours in solitude (longing in the hammock after a family stroll or lying down to admire nature after breakfast or lunch. Many times wife comments "ýou are physically here but your mind is lost somewhere". Looking back, I think this is exactly my way of having "my time". Some ways to reconnect with ourselves can be found in this article.

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    Yes, Everybody should reserve some time for themselves. It is true. But I realized it very late in my life. During my 35 years professional life so far, I have never taken leave for more than 3 days in a row. Only twice I have taken more than a week left two times for the marriages of my two sons. I used to spend daily at least 13 hours in the work only. I never used to spend time with even with my family members.
    But the last two years I have realised my mistake and started spending some time for me. These days I am spending more time on ISC, for my pleasure only. Now I am completely a relaxed man. I changed my job and there is no much pressure of work.
    Last year I have gone for tours with my wife and had a good time. It is really a good experience and relaxing experience to spare some time for us and thinking about our own self and doing the works which will lot of pleasure and relaxation to us.

    always confident

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    Wow what a nice thought emanated from the author's mind. We always bothered about giving and setting time for the others, but never ever thought that we should give time for ourselves too. Today only I was busy in shifting my house and in the process my own works were held up. Though others are getting their work done by taking off from the shifting job, I could not do so because I felt more responsible towards work and in that melee my tasks were kept pending and not attended. Perturbed over others attitude, I started giving time to myself and got the immense satisfaction of having completed my task.
    K Mohan
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    ME Time is something that I hardly get during the five working days of a week. Good that at least I find some time for myself during the weekends and during holidays. It is really hard to have ME Time especially when you are a working lady with family and kids. Then you will tend to prioritize your stuff and the family tops the list thereby pushing the time for oneself to the end.

    I always think of doing certain things I like during my free times, but managing to get a free time is a difficult task. I feel people with excellent time management skills can achieve this. Also certain factors like your speed, number of members at you family and the work load and working hours at work are also important factors which prevent you from having Me Time.

    After a long break now I am managing to find some Me Time, hence I am back to ISC.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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