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    It is Diwali in a few days

    Diwali is just around the corner. You probably have a list of things that need to be done - new clothes to be purchased, sweets and savouries to be prepared or bought and the house to be given a good cleaning. You are all set to follow the customs and traditions handed down to you.

    But in all this do not forget the underprivileged. There are scores who would go without a meal, even as you burn your money, on the street corner. This year, say no to crackers and donate the money saved, for a worthy cause. Light fewer diyas and donate, to the needy, the money that you would spend on buying 'designer diyas' and oil.

    Share your Diwali joy with the poor. Do you want to make a difference?

    "We should become prosperous by working hard and then donate generously." – Atharva Veda
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    It is a nice Idea. Instead of wasting a lot of money on crackers, sparring some money for the poor and underprivileged is a nice concept. I always admire this concept. Generally, on my birthday I donate food to the needy, who will be sitting near the places of worship and begging. I offer them food packets as per my ability. Another habit I am having is donating some money for the food donation schemes in various places of worship. There is a saying that donating food is the best among all types of donations. If somebody comes at lunchtime to your house you should offer them food. This concept is there for long.
    It is better if many people follow the advise given by the author there will be many benefits. Some poor will get food, pollution will come down. Try to follow.

    always confident

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    Yes exactly after twenty days of Dasssehra celebrations another big festival Deepavali would be in queue and that makes every house hold to have provisions for new clothes, modernizing their homes, cleansing process of shops and establishments and above all making lots of sweets purchase to be distributed to friends and relatives. For many businessman Deepavali is the new year to start new business account and thus thinking about donation may not be possible. However instead of wasting money on crackers and other wasteful expenditure , that amount can be donated to the poor to get their joy on face.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hats off to the idea. I do feel the same, we should rather spend on the needy ones rather than showing off. Because of the influence of social networking sites and media, people these days are more into buying creative or expensive stuffs and clicking pictures and then posting it on such sites. Their happiness depends upon the number of likes and comments they receive.

    Firstly, I believe one should do things they enjoy or those that makes them happy. But it is really sad to see people who do things just for the sake of clicking pictures and showing it off to the world. I do not understand the happiness they get from it. The sad part is they are ready to spend for just one click. Like the author said, money should be given to the needy ones rather than wasting it.

    Let them also celebrate the festival of lights. The joy and happiness that you see on their face cannot be even compared to the cheap likes and comments that you receive on a networking site. Everyone including me should stop wasting money on unnecessary expenditures and save it for the poor ones who do not have anyone to spend for them. God will be there with us.

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    People, who sit outside places of worship, seeking alms, have made begging a business. They prey on people's faith. They know that someone coming out of a Church or a Gurudwara, a Mosque or a Temple will definitely be inclined to donate, having just experienced 'Divine Grace'. I do not look at them as the real needy.

    I find the same set of people outside the Church, every Sunday. I find them outside the Hanuman Temple (Anjaneya) on Tuesday. And I found them to be quite able, when I saw them, loitering in the market area, close to the Church.

    There are so many families who earn through honest means and yet struggle to make ends meet. If you can identify them, they would be the best people to share something with, especially during the festival season.

    In our Church, we collect donations in kind, especially during the Christmas season. And the items are given to families who cannot afford big celebrations. There are orphanages where one can donate. It is best to donate food and to ensure that the goodies reach the ones they are meant for, ask to be present at the meal time.

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