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    India to start 5G for consumers by 2020-why am I not very happy?

    India plans to start 5G services for consumers by 2020. To achieve this objective, Government of India has set up a high-level forum that will evaluate and approve road maps and action plans to bring in the latest technology in the country. This has been announced by the Minister of State for Communications , Mr. Manoj Sinha, to the media.

    Many of my colleagues and relatives have expressed great joy in this announcement, but I don't feel anything great. A person who is almost afraid of modern gadgets and who has difficulty in managing even 3G services, 5G is totally a wonderland for me. So, I don't feel anything great about this announcement.

    I sincerely feel that Government must start a detailed training programme for people like me to practically teach how to use these 4G/5G technology for our own benefits. Otherwise such technological advancement would have no significance for people like me.
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    Well in layman terms, we would analyze 2G,3G, and 4G mainly based on internet speed. Its ability to download, upload and transferring of packets is what would make a difference to us.

    When we would compare 2G and 3G speed there was a huge notable difference between them, as the time it took for data packets was very less but there isn't much difference in speed with respect to 3G and 4G. Though 4G claims to be of high speed there isn't much notable difference between 3G and 4G hence 5G is about to come in few months. The expectations for 5G is very high and definitely, it might make a difference in the way we use our smartphones.

    With the advent of unlimited data packs, we have changed how we use our smartphones, earlier video calls were a distant costly dream, but now it just at the tip of the finger which is possible with 3G and 4G, with 5G many more such things are expected, now we can just wait and watch what it brings. Till then fingers crossed.

    For people like us we can use to the best for online video tutorials, the buffering time would be less. Apart from that we won't be benefited much as of now.

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    What I feel that most of the present customers are still in 2G and 3G service mode and they are yet to migrate to 4 G as demanded by cell phone operators. Reliance which has introduced 4 G with much fanfare and now ready to introduce the new hand set of lesser price smart phone would have to cope up again for the 5 G acceptance of new customers. So what I feel that government and the cell phone operators are fooling the public and henceforth the cell phone manufacturers has to make hand sets which are compatible to 6 G, 7G, 8G and so on. Then only customers wont be bothered now and then to change their handsets.
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