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    Diwali e-book contest plan - feedback and suggestions invited

    I have conceptualized a creative writing contest slightly different from the usual ones for the upcoming Diwali festival. I will give a book title. Members who wish to participate will express their interest in a response in a separate thread. I will then randomly assign a Chapter number to each of the participants. You have to write a text for the chapter assigned to you, including in the text a word connected to Diwali. The chapter you write should be in such a way that it continues the fictional story from the previous member's chapter and will allow the story to be developed by the next member.

    For example, let's say Neethu, Partha, Umesh, Pooja and Jenny are the participants. Accordingly, I will mention like this -
    Pooja - Chapter 1
    Partha - Chapter 2
    Umesh - Chapter 3
    Neethu - Chapter 4

    Each member will write a minuscule chapter of 250 to 350 words only, mentioning at the beginning the chapter number and the word selected. As soon as it is submitted, the next chapter must be submitted within 24hrs of the first chapter's submission. If you don't do so, the chapter will be taken up by the next member in line. All participants will be expected to keep track of the thread where entries are invited, as over there only the chapters will be assigned. I will assign in lots of 5 at a time, so that there is advance intimation to the participants about their impeding turn to write.

    All chapters will be submitted in a single thread only, this thread being separate from the thread inviting entries. I am hoping to get at least 8 to 10 participants. The best written chapters will get cash awards (to be announced later.)

    Will this contest work? I would like to know from members if this looks like a feasible contest and whether you would be interested. If so, I will invite entries in a separate thread. Please give me your feedback and suggestions to get this contest plan off the writing board.
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    Sounds interesting and looking forward to this contest. This will definitely work and looks feasible too.

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    If it is 250 to 300 words chapter, then I can give it a try, provided I am chosen as a participant.
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    Its a nice opportunity though. Everybody will have a lot of creative thoughts on various chapters.
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    It appears to be interesting. ,250, to 300 words appear to be doable. But the books you are going to be mentioned should be easily available. As you have already mentioned them ad e books everybody can be able to download it.
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    Interesting concept. I am game. Would love to see how the story unfolds. I recall someone had created a thread on the same lines. Cannot recall who it was.

    Srinivasa Rao,

    Please read through Vandana's post again. She has plans of organising a contest wherein participating members will be asked to write a chapter each. The end result will be an e-book! You do not have to go looking for reference books nor do you have to download the e-books. So, do not worry about the availability of these books - there are no books. It is just an idea and she has chosen to call it an e-book. Please go through her post for better clarity. I am sure when you reread it, things will be clearer.

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    No doubt, an innovative concept. The participants need a lot of concentration to have a track of all the previous chapters depending upon which he/she can proceed further. I think it would be better if the first chapter comes from the initiator of the contest so that the other participants can follow the thought behind the concept.
    However, if chosen, I shall definitely give it a try.

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    Nice concept for a Diwali contest. I have created many such continuous story writing in the past. It was a success then. Hope to see many members participation owing to prize award. The number of words being small, I think it will be a book with many interesting chapters. All the best Vandana.
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    Very intresting concept I am looking forward to it and I will definately try to present good writeup for thr contest.
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    Sounds interesting. This is one thing I like about ISC, they always come up with different ideas to keep their nembers active and lively. Hope the ebook turns out to be an interesting piece of creativity.
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    It's interesting, but have confusion. What will be the topic of that chapter and should we continue the story with a chapter that is announced. I am confused with it. But anyway when it's starting I hope I will clear my doubts.

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    It is one cohesive story which members have to write about. There are no individual topics for each chapter. Only a chapter number will be assigned. So you have to be alert to the thread where entries will be invited and chapters assigned, making a note of the time when the chapter previous to yours has been submitted. Thus, for example. if Neethu submits a chapter at 10.30a.m. on 4th and you have been assigned Chapter no. 2, then you must submit the text for the Chapter 2 by 10.30a.m. the next day (5th).

    I am taking up Nomita's suggestion to write the opening chapter so that the other participants will get an idea of the general story line and work on developing it.

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    Interesting idea, years ago, Tinkle children's book used to have complete the story in 250 words. wrote for it once but didn't win any prizes. Appreciate the thread and the effort to get many involved. In fiction books often the plot is lost in too many subplots and sometimes the reader feels let down.

    Once the first chapter is posted, would it be a good idea to have a general plot and the key characters so that the following authors do not get too carried away in fiction and imagination? I would be good if authors also agree for their contributions to be modified or edited with mutual discussion.

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    Those of you who wish to participate are requested to express their interest in doing so here: Diwali e-book contest - entries invited

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    Your suggestion about not getting too far off the plot track or introducing excessive characters is noted and will be mentioned as a guideline in the contest announcement thread. However, no modifications will be done since this is a reward program, with the best chapters being given awards. It is up to the skill of the member to be able to work on the plot, no matter that the previous member has written bare-bones about it or not developed the initial story line. That is the whole point of this contest - show your skills!

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    Thanks Vandana Ma'am for coming up with such an unique and interesting concept of e-book contest. I am sure many members will be interested to participate in this contest and will make it a success. Things will become more clearer as you will start participating in this contest.

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    I have assigned the first lot of chapters in the thread inviting entries. After I have posted the first chapter in the main contest thread to be announced tomorrow, the subsequent chapters will follow. Good luck to all the participants!
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