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    What's your feeling when you want something but won't ask and others understand and oblige?

    Sometimes our life would bounce back with surprise elements. There are times when we may be needing some help from others urgently but won't ask or seek due to our ego problem and at the same time others, on coming to know about our immediate requirement, oblige us much to our surprise. What would be your reaction in that case? Will you accept the help with grace or still reject it to satisfy your ego. Have you came across such situations? If yes, how did you deal with the same?
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    If in our life without asking nobody will give you anything. There is a saying that without asking even mother also will never give you. Whatever we require we should try to obtain the same by our own hard work and should not expect somebodies help. If you really want a help, without any ego we should go and request the person who can help you. We should faith in that man and reciprocate the help as and when you can help him. This is known as mutual help. In everybody's life, everybody requires some help from others. If we are getting that from somebody without your request is a very great luck and you should be thankful to the person who helped and you got benefitted. We should not hesitate to take help and if possible we should help others in case of any need. That will be the reciprocation of things.
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    When you want something and when people are ready to give it to you without you even asking them, then I think you should take it. I don't think that is the time to take out our ego. Instead we should be thankful to them and accept the help. However I have never come across such a situation.
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    If we get things we want without asking, then we should consider ourselves lucky and accept it gratefully. Many at times we don't ask for various reasons and ego is just one of them.

    If people go out of the way to help you at times of your need and you hesitated to ask due to ego or attitude, then it's time to learn a lesson from life. You have some good natured souls around you and you need to change yourself, leave the attitude and ego out of the equation, cultivate a group of such kind hearted people as friends and life would be more meaningful. More importantly, when possible return the favour to such people in their hour of need without expectations. Life is in some ways follows a give and take approach.

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