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    Instead of giving holiday on Gandhi Jayanthi, people should be asked for cleansing program.

    We all know that Oct 2nd has been celebrated as the birthday of Father of the National Mahatma Gandhi and ever since our PM Narender Modi took over, this day has been dedicated for the cleansing program or Swach Bharath Abhiyaan. What I suggest that instead giving holiday for Gandhi Jayanthi every citizen should be asked to attend school, college and offices and engage themselves in the cleanliness process so that total clean program can be achieved across the country. The cleansing program should not be subject to having pose with celebrities but that should be real cleansing program every year.
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    The present Central Government tried to implement this proposal immediately after coming to power in 2014. But the ''sicku-libu'' brigade of the country raised so much hue and cry and gave such a terrible twist to the proposal that the normal leave-loving people of the country did not support it.
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    Why choose only Oct 2nd as a cleansing program and not some other day? If the government really plans on implementing this program they can still go for some other day in the calendar!

    Choosing Oct 2nd would send out a wrong message about the motive of the government which may or may not be intentional. Instead of choosing one day as the cleansing day it should be a daily process.

    The motive of the author is good!

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    I think cleaning once in a year may not bring swatch Bharat. It should become a habit to all and always to maintain cleanliness . cleanliness means not only physical cleaning. one should be clean in his thoughts and acts. Then only we can say we achieved swatch bharat. If everyone has to go and participate in this program it can be done by giving an additional leave to the employee as a compensation to this holiday.
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    A flock of ducks moved once. Suddenly a shot sound came from nearest forest. But on hearing the sound of shot entire flock lie down as if died. Similarly all of us familiar with declared holidays.If we change the set up nobody will get digested.

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    Not a good proposal. Who do you think litters?

    Should cleanliness be maintained once a year? I think it would be better if the habit of cleanliness is instilled in everyone. It is a shame that we have to dedicate a day to cleanliness. It speaks of us as a society. We cannot keep our environment clean. We litter, everywhere. Cleanliness should not be a one-day affair. It should be practised every day, by everyone.

    We, as a people have no qualms about throwing rubbish anywhere. How many of us carry our rubbish and throw it in a dustbin? The wheelie bins are always filthy and there is muck strewn all around it. People do not throw the garbage in the bin, but fling it towards the wheelie bins, from a distance. The stench is nauseating.

    And I am not in favour of school children being made to clean filth. It is exposing them to disease.

    People should be fined heavily for littering.

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    The Andhra Pradesh Government introduced a scheme by the name "Clean and Green" in September 1998. The objective of the scheme is to create awareness among the public regarding cleanliness and greenery. One Saturday in the month is earmarked for this purpose. The students and the employees of the Government were involved in this programme. Once I took a batch of girls to a locality. The girls cleaned the locality and went to every home explaining the benefits of clean and green. When we were about to leave, they asked us when we will be coming back for cleaning their area. This is the attitude of the people.

    Instead of earmarking a day for this cleanliness drive, it is important to make the public aware of their duty. The "Swach Bharat" campaign gained a lot of popularity because of the propaganda machinery of the BJP. Such programmes are in existence by one name or other in all parts of the country before. Our Prime Minister is instrumental in gaining propaganda for this programme. If at all a day is to be assigned to this event, 17th. September, the birthday of our Prime Minister is more appropriate.

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    Whatever a person has learned in his childhood will stick on to him until his last breath. So no point in changing the adult who themselves litter the public places. I am not against the authors view. It is a nice thought as I feel things cannot change all of a sudden, its a step by step procedure. So let the cleansing program on October 2nd be the start.

    I feel our kids should be educated well about cleanliness and public manners. Atleast we will get to see a better earth through our next generation.

    Like our fellow members said, cleansing program should not be restricted to one particular day, as a start it can begin with a day but later on the government should take initiative to make people indulge in such programs atleast twice a month.

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    The idea is good Mohan Sir, cleanliness should be a continuous process incorporated in our daily lives with certain days or awareness week spread throughout the year so that it stays in the mind of people. For instance, we enjoy independence every day of the year and celebrate Independence day once a year. Similarly, we should be practising cleanliness in our daily lives.

    I've tried to talk to people who litter in parks and found that the common answer is - What difference does it make? Is this your father's property? Who are you to ask?. It's embarrassing to say that as long as such people exist among us cleanliness is far off. These group of individuals needs a constant reminder with authority (litter patrols) and a small penalty to be implemented consistently so that people have to follow it even if they don't like it.

    The other area where I find we can improve a lot is the city/municipal corporations enhancing manpower and infrastructure so that people feel comfortable to throw the garbage out rather than walking through stench and slime.

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    Gandhi is not a person but an institution in himself. During his making as mahatma, he studied the minutest of Indian culture and habits. His teachings are relevant even today. The celebration of International Non-violence Day on second of October proves the relevance of his philosophy.

    The central govt. sponsored Swach Bharat Campaign also proves the relevance of his philosophy. Every govt. did such types of campaigns in past also. They were less for awareness and more for political advantage. Swach Bharat Campaign is also becoming an advertisement campaign rather than an awareness program.

    By erecting statues and giving holidays on Gandhi Jayanti, we are deifying him and slowly forgetting him. If in real sense we want to know about the Gandhi's philosophy of cleanliness, tolerance and true secularism, we have to devote some time to know these concepts. The relevance of these concept is increasing day by day seeing the present intolerance in the name of cow or food habits or caste or religion.

    To my mind Gandhi Jayanti should be a working day especially in govt. schools where cleanliness is the biggest drawback. On this day the student should spend a considerable time to learn cleanliness and do cleaning of school ambience by Shram Dan as proposed by Gandhiji. For others in general, it would be a day for knowing about true religion and secularism.

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