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    Have you visited your Urban (green) jungle today?

    Most of us in the cities have to travel great distances from the concrete jungle to see the real jungle. This would not be feasible for many of us.

    Children need to understand and learn from nature. Instead of spending time in a shopping mall or an unhealthy fast food joint, can't we visit the little pockets of greenery in our part of town or city? Although, on a smaller scale, children can interact with nature, see trees, birds around a water body and also get a fresh breath of air.

    On a weekend, how many of us take our kids out to a park or garden or a zoo nearby or within city limits to spend some real time to learn about mother nature (not to just play around or have snacks and add to the litter). Many large parks in cities offer bird watching classes on Sundays.
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    Agree with the author, we should once in a while find out time to visit parks or gardens. It is needed for us to view and observe nature, walk on the green grass. It gives a great feeling when we try to indulge in the beauty of nature.
    Inspite of spending time sitting idle at home, lets find time to watch the lovely birds flying, listen their chirping and see the plants and trees.

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    I never missed it, and I always took my children and showed them the nature and it's beauty. We visited all the museum's zoo, waterfalls, hills, rivers, dams and jungle that was close to our home.
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    I am very sorry and feel pity at the children of these days that they are not exposed to the nature and they are confined to four walls with only studies and no activities. During our school days, there used to be frequent outings through which we would get family with zoo park visits, forest visits, mountaineering, trecking and above all having the feel with the nature. There are so many grape wine yards around Hyderabad and the children would feel greatly impressed when they are introduced to the grapes, how it grows, how it tastes and that feel of touch would make them remember the visit for ever. Likewise they have to be taken to the zoo park, make them to play hide and seek game and above all let them draw the nature, the animals as they see them. Such activities would be more encouraging and that will be the right break from hectic activities.
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    The urban green jungles witness an influx of humanity, on holidays, at least this is what the newspaper made me believe. The newspaper mentioned the throngs of people who visited the Zoological Park and the National Park, located within the city precincts.

    My city has very few public parks. This is one amenity that is missing in most localities. But, some organisations run Green programmes, which involve kids and adults alike.

    1. Eco-friendly projects in Chennai
    2. Gardening workshops in Chennai

    There is a forest area, near my residence and my husband and I used to frequently venture into it, on our early morning walks. It transported us into another world – the sights, the smells and the sounds left as spellbound. We discovered stunning lakes, semi-dry, with mounds of earth with rushes. But, we don't go there now. For, we discovered humans, sitting in natural alcoves, carrying out nefarious activities. We were followed. I didn't know their intent, but I rather live in my concrete environment than fall victim to someone's evil designs.

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    I am a person who loves to enjoy the beauty of nature. During weekends and holidays, instead of spending time at a busy crowded shopping mall, we always prefer to be away from cities and enjoy our leisure time peacefully in the mid of nature. I think there are many such people like me, and that is why every government is interested in protecting its natural wealth and promoting tourism.

    We have once been to Vythiri Resorts, a resort in North Kerala. It is an amazing place to be. I am seeing tree house and bridges made of tree barks for the first time there and it is such a perfect place to enjoy your vacation if you are person who loves nature. We first saw the video of the resort in facebook and WhatsApp and that's how we came to know about the place. The sound of flowing water, chirping of birds and the feel of wind, everything there is no nice.

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    #610385. Agree with you on safety issues at large public parks and green spaces. These are also visited by people who want privacy for their morally skewed activities and to prey upon unsuspected victims. It's safer to stay in the main areas and not to venture deep unless you are in a crowd of people.

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    It is true that many of the children these days are missing the natural beauty as they are very busy in their studies and spending most of the times in the closed room with his books preparing for some exam or other. They have not even seen the common street birds like crows and sparrows. It is very unfortunate. When I was in Vizag I used to go to beach and Bhimili a place where a lot of plantation and trees are there. We used to spend days there and come back. Even after settling in Hyderabad, whenever I get a chance I visit my native place which is full of green fields, green trees and full of water. I make a point all these places I visit with my family members these places at least 3 times in a year. The Lost year I have visited Munnar, Kerala and other places which are greenery and thick forests in Kerala and Karnataka.
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    #610388. Nice to know that you also dislike the mall culture on holidays. Vythiri is good but on the expensive side. We just need to move away from the city and move on to the green spaces adjoining villages, we will be surprised to see many small rivulets, small hillocks, old temples, migratory birds, peacocks and green fields.

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