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    Request for clarification: What is the difference between review and update?

    Sometime I attempt to write updates and reviews, although many of these get deleted because of ''poor quality or due to violation of rules''. So far as schools, colleges and universities are concerned, a Member can write review and also submit update. I would like to know the difference between review and update of school/college/university, so that I can try to change my writing accordingly. I hope if I write reviews and updates properly, the chances of rejection will be less. If I can differentiate between these two , quality of my writing can be marginally improved and violation of rules will be less.

    In view of above, I am humbly requesting to the concerned Editor to indicate the difference between review and update in respect of educational institutions.
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    An update is providing general information that is missing from the main content page of the school or college. You can start by mentioning when it was established and which affiliation it has, then move on to give details of the infrastructure and facilities, clubs if any, admission process details, fees and timings if known. This forms the descriptive update in addition to correcting or providing info about the website, address, contact number, etc.

    A review is an analysis of the institute, writing about pros and cons. Thus, for example -
    1. Whereas in an update you will mention there is hostel accommodation, in the review you will mention in what way it is good (such as enough space and cleanliness) or bad (such as being cramped, unhygienic).
    2. In the update you can mention that there is a canteen, while in the review you will write about whether it is standard boring fare daily, what type - Chinese food? General junk food? Tasty or not, oily, expensive and better to eat out, etc.
    3. In the review you can mention the accessibility and general location - is the station nearby? what are the good inexpensive eateries nearby?
    4. In the update you will state sports facilities for which sport; in the review you can mention whether or not sports facilities are there at all or, say, that these are inadequate or not properly maintained.

    In the review, do not mention the institute's website, contact details and the like. All this should only be submitted as an update. Also, courses offered at a college should be added (if not already there) only via the 'add course' link.

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    The update is to inform the readers about the details of the institute you know. Whereas review is a matter in which you will add your remarks also.
    There is chemistry laboratory in this institute is update.
    There is a chemistry laboratory. THe facilities here are very good and all experiments as per the syllabus of intermediate students can be conducted here. Good laboratory with instructors and attendees. This is review.
    This is the general understanding I have,

    always confident

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    What I understand that review may be the best or the critical appreciation of any matter which according to you had some impact on the people or the society. For example if you want to share the review of a school or the college, there may be additional facilities provided by them, or modernization might have taken place, or even extra classes might have been added to the existing one. On the other hand, updates may be minimal and it may be temporary. The results, the progress of children in various fields and faculties and if the school or college got any recent awards can be shared as updates.
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    Some more guidelines -

    In the review you do not need to mention the Board affiliation or the subjects & streams. In the initial years of ISC, all such info was OK in the review. Once the update feature was introduced, it was decided to have generalized info of that nature to be posted as an update rather than as a review. Note, though, that there are also certain details which are acceptable either in the review submission or as an update, such as some unique features of the institute or highlighting the fact that the students have won accolades in academics & sports (clearly stating which fields.) For example, let's say a school has got special faculty for slow learners or provides facilities for physically challenged children - this can be brought out in the review too. Even social service work done by students can be brought out in a review, to let parents know that their children will be doing useful activities beyond the formal academics.

    Also, generalized statements like "Sports facilities are adequate & good" or "Lab facilities are very good and all experiments as per the syllabus of intermediate students can be conducted here. Good laboratory with instructors and attendees" (as stated by Dr. Rao above) can be avoided in a review. By generalized is meant that it can apply to any school. So when you are writing about sports facilities being good, you should be more specific. You can state facilities for which sports (this can be given in an update also) but also state the type of infrastructure provided for the sport. For example, if you mention the school has a swimming pool, you can mention whether there are security measures for the safety of the students & talk about if the students have won any inter-school or inter-district competitions, which will bring out the fact that the swim coach is good. Or if swimming lessons are imparted at an external place, mention where. Some schools have a common court where throwball and volleyball are played, a badminton court being indoors as well as one outdoors, etc. Be as specific as possible in a review.

    K Mohan has made a good point about new facilities coming up. This can be mentioned in the review, to bring out the fact that the infrastructure has improved.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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