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    Illuminatti - Is it very obvious in front of us?

    This thread is about the debate on Illuminatti among Netizens. Most of us would have come across at this topic while skimming through net but would have ignored. I am among the many who dont believe in such things. The ideas they give are educative but the conspiracy they build around it is not believable. But I call upon my fellow members of this site to share their views on this topic. So what are your views on this secret society which is alleged among some individuals to be having enormous influence over world politics and trade?
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    People by virtue of their experience and knowledge in their respective fields, some times dominate others in full and that is natural reaction being human. What we must take their positive attitudes, their tutorials and their way of leading the life. If we try to read every one between the lines, then we have to find fault with all and that may not serve the purpose. In internet too some people are intelligent enough to show case their talent in such a way that other would simply follow them and even share their information and thus they become Illuminati. What I suggest that we have the wisdom to gauge what is right and whom to follow.
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    Ílluminati' is one of the most misunderstood society, there are many conspiracy theories about them in the USA that add fuel to this. Illuminati is not a secret society, its said to be a very open society to those who believe in doing good for the people and country(

    It was founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1776. The original idea was to have a society of great men with intellectual minds similar to the group of Freemasons. This was the place for great thinkers and scientists to meet and exchange ideas that were against the Chruch is those days, wherein to contradict the Chruch meant blasphemy that was a serious crime.

    Because of the secrecy and the original ideas, many well-known figures from various walks of life and people who occupy high governmental positions (especially in the USA) are often targeted to be part of this group.

    Apart from its secrecy and so-called occult practices, I think there's nothing wrong if any group of members from a particular area come together to exchange ideas, focus on helping the underprivileged, focus on children education and better the lives of people. It's almost like Lion's Club or Rotary Club but only with its origins and existence shrouded in secrecy and various conspiracy theories.

    Anyone who is able to think, give up the greed for money, has the noble mind to share wealth for the benefit of the poor and has the capability to take the society forward without expecting any returns then we, the people should encourage them, it doesn't matter whether we refer them to as Illuminati, Scouts,Lions or Rotrary.

    One can read the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown( author of Da Vicni Code).

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    I am not sure about Illuminati and it's secret society. But one thing is certain that people are gaining fame by posting this kind of articles in internet without understanding the consequences. By seeing all the proofs they provide and the dominance of certain multinationals on our FMCG sector makes us think like we are just consumers at the bottom of the triangle who got to use the products they sell. However, there are few home grown companies they take huge advantage of selling their own products by sowing a thought about multinationals dominance and concept of Illuminaties. For eg. "Buy Bovanto don't buy Coke". I don't see much difference, both are carbonated drinks it harms our health. And poor quality products like Pathanjali emerged in a very short term and competing with other FMCG Giants that are meant to be the Illuminati's companies. People are so insane to believe all the rumours spearding on the internet and always ready to buy poor quality products. Lot of awareness need to be created between the public on few important things which is needed more than this Illuminati stories.

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    This society does exist. But with gradual empowerment of common mass, the society has been gradually losing its eminence in the society. Very few people are being influenced by the ''Illuminatti". More and more people are taking decision on their own. Election of Donald Trump as POTUS can be cited as an example of receding experience of the members of such society.
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    There are some ways to find out if the Illuminati (single 't' only) exists. One is by trying to find who and where and what and so on. This is where a whole bunch of conspiracy stories come up, each having a some pieces of reality and some masala, and often they make for compelling stories that are worth reading/watching than regular movies. But the one big problem is that you have to take someone's word for this and for that, and for all we know those people are also shills. So it is not conclusive.

    Another way is to look around at the circumstances and situations around the world, and do some analysis.
    • We can find out that we have the illusion of choice in the snack foods, household items and such consumer goods – there are dozens of brand names for each category, but the entire range of products is actually owned by 10 or so big companies. Google it for yourself.

    • About 90% of media companies are owned by some 8 corporations. Almost all Indian media houses have tie-ups with those owners.

    • Look at car companies, the ownership is mixed amongst the majors.

    • Google, facebook, MSN, yahoo, twitter, whatsapp etc. all have stakes in each other.

    • Pharma companies always find partial solutions to illness; you will never get cured fully but you will have to take the medication for the rest of your life. Further, your illness can go to your children, so better prepare now by giveng them the medicines too.

    • If any product has a piece of US software or item in them, then the US govt. gets the right to collect all your data and info and store it in any server outside our country.

    A recent thing happened in India – everyone who has any mutual funds anywhere in India had to get that reported to the govt. which in turn turns it over to US. Why?

    The big money bankers always make profit all the time. How? They provide funds to keep wars going on wherever possible. They fund both the warring parties and sell them weapons which are also ultimately owned by a few owners. In World war 1 and 2 some countries were 'neutral', notably Switzerland. The question that comes is if the big bankers arranged a place for their stay while their clients shot each other up.

    So if you put these things and several other aspects together, and see the overall picture, you'll find that the life we are living is not what it is purported to be. Enjoy digging around and see if the Illuminati is visible elsewhere.

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