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    Festivals are a reminder of our core human values.

    India is a land festivals for all castes and religions. During our school days, most of us used to wait for the festivals to come so that we would have a holiday, get new clothes, gifts etc. In college, we even had a debate should we have so many festival holidays?

    As we ponder as to why festival exists?, the simplest answer lies in what we do during those days - fasting, praying, giving our food and clothes to needy, workship our work tools at Auydhapooja, paying our respect to mother earth during harvest festivals and celebrate the end of evil. These reflect the core human values - love, giving up something, sharing, good is better than evil, connecting with a higher power spiritually, helping others and respecting our work/job that feeds us.

    Please share your views, welcome inputs from other people of faiths too.
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    The author has raised a good thread which is sure to win the tow award. Surely festivals are the show case of our core human values and how we respect our culture and tradition and how we give room for others to enjoy and develop during festivities are the highlights. For example during Ramzan , Zakaat or the donations are liberally given to the needy and poor and thus through this great festivity God also wants equal distribution of wealth and money among the needy and remove the disparity. Likewise in Hindus festivals too, those who are poor are addressed ably and even new clothes and money are provided. One thing is sure, festivals should be celebrated in such a way, not only with family and friends but also with the neighbors who cannot afford nor even think of big festive expenditure.
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    The only problem is that we limit our devoutness to just specific days. For instance, why can we not continue to celebrate mother earth, all year round? We treat her so shabbily and honour her only once a year because of societal diktats.

    I do not think these are core values. We just take forward traditions, period - without them having any impact on us. I would agree with you, if people, in general, were practising all of this routinely. We would not be dealing with issues of deforestation, at least not within our country. People would not be dying of hunger because our core values would make us feed our hungry brethren.

    We just do what we are expected to, on specific days, caring a hang of what happens around us, the rest of the time. We celebrate festivals for ourselves – wear the trendiest clothes, to please our own egos. Buy the costliest sweets to satisfy our taste buds and to keep up with the Joneses. Nope, I don't see any core values involved.

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    Really our festivals of symbols of our core human values. We celebrate many festivals each festival is having its own speciality and specific purpose. In the month of January, we celebrate Pongal. This is mainly a festival of farmers. Farmers will complete all their works in the fil=eld and the crop will come to the house. These days they invite all their relatives and celebrate together. They donate clothes, rice and food to many during these three days festival. They worship the animals on the third day of the festivals. We celebrate Dasara and one day before Dasara we will have ayudha pooja. During this time all the rich will donate money to the people serving them the whole year with new clothes and bonus money. They visit temples and donate money and old clothes to the needy.
    Festivals are also an indication of our customs and traditions. Simply having new clothes, eating specials with family members is not the celebration. We should help the needy during these festivals and help them also to have a happy and fun-filled festival.

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    Festivals are basically a great change and relief from the routine. Who will not like it. Even the atheist enjoy the Prasad and other sweet and savoury available during that time.
    It is not that only religious people observe the festivals. Sometimes the local leaders and political organisation take enthusiastic part in these festivals.

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    An amazing thread which describes the importance of our festivals. Very nice Natarajan. Though festivals define our core human values, they also makes us realize the importance of our Indian culture. We get lost in our day to day lives, working hours and hours without getting chance to think of ourselves. When we find a festival upcoming, we prepare ourselves, buy new clothes. try to remember the worship procedures how our elders did and they followed. We share those moments with our neighbors and relatives, spend some happy time with them. We even prepare some very good dishes at home for the occasion. It definitely defines our core human values in every way.
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    #610365: thanks for reteriating the fact that festivals signfy sharing with the underpriliveged.
    #601381: Agree with you some families use festivals to show their wealth and an oppurunity to get noticed. This is unneccesary waste of money that can be better used by others in need.
    #610399: Glad to note that festivals relfect our traditions and customs, hence I think we need to preserve our traditions and customs by adding meaning to the way we celebrate festivals.
    #610406:Yes festivals means forgetting the daily routine of work and worries.
    #610457: well said, festivals remind of our Indian culture, yes to cetrain extent until pompous and pesudo-traditional groups spoil it.

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