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    Let your kids play in the sand and get dirty

    Playing in the sand or mud is one of the happiest moments for the kids. But nowadays the entire scenario has changed. When I went for a walk near the beach, I saw a kid who was excited to play in the sand but that kid's mother didn't allow her kid to touch the sand, instead she asked her kid to play with her mobile phone. Most of the children of this generation are fond of video games and mobile phones but when you take kids to a park or a beach, they love to play in the sand or roll in the grass. Even if the kids have interest to play in the sand, some parents are not allowing their kids to play in the sand. In the modern world, computers, mobile phones and video games have replaced the utmost joy of playing in the mud.

    Is playing in the sand bad for a child's health? I don't think so, because researchers have claimed that letting the kids to play in the dirt will keep them healthy. Allowing the kids to play in the sand or mud will boost the immune system of the kid, relieves stress, make the kids happier, develops brain and improves cognitive skills, make the kids physically and mentally active, lessen dust allergies, asthma and wheezing. Most importantly, the kids can easily connect to the nature and have a strong bonding with the outside world.

    Playing games in mobile phones and computers have many disadvantages and is also bad for children's health. Playing in sand is far better than playing with gadgets. So, instead of worrying about the germs and infection, let your kids to play in the sand and get dirty.

    Do feel that playing in the sand is good for kids? Share your opinions.
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    In my childhood days, we used to go out and play with other friends in the streets. We used to play kabaddi and other games. By the time we come back home we are with full of dirt. Then we used to had the bath and change our clothes and go to the study room. Our parents never asked us not to play. That was how we were enjoying our childhood. But these days the health consciousness of parents increased. They never allow their wards to go out into open air and streets. They have to sit inside a room and play with a cell phone or watch TV. No other games are allowed. They may get injured while playing. So parents never allow them to play. That is the reason these days children are missing their happy life and don't know anything about nature and its beauty.
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    These days hardly children get to play in sand and that is a sad thing when compared to the older generation. Gone are those days; now even the sand we stand is also polluted and is not free from chemicals. Hence I can't say that it is a good thing to let kids play in sand every time. Also the kind of diseases now we hear make parents tensed and cautious. But of course outdoor games are a must for the child. Just indoor games will make them gloomy and introverted. They need to go out and mingle with others of their age to learn and to grow. After the days play, proper hygiene measures should be taken by parents to prevent kids from getting any sort of diseases. Otherwise outdoor games are very much good for the mental health of a child and for their development. Another thing we need to ensure as parents is the place where they are left to play. Unlike olden days now places are crowded and the number of perverted people are on the increase. Like a coin, letting kids to play out also has two sides. That is what I feel.

    Like the author said most of the kids these days are left with mobile phones, laptops or video games. This does more harm to the child than playing outside. First and foremost their eye sight will have severe issues. Secondly we are creating a generation who will solely depend on internet and technologies for anything and everything. They will refuse to move around and to talk with others. They will create a world for themselves and only technology will have entry there. These are not good for the child and for the world as a whole. At the same time as we leave in this century, kids need to be educated about technology and devices otherwise they will be the odd one out. But parents should take necessary steps to stop children from spending too much time with such devices.

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    After reading the heading, my thoughts ran into my childhood days, where in we used to have more outdoor activities and be less present at the home. Just imagine we were four brothers and our gang of friends of similar age and thoughts would mingle and celebrate every day with outing and games of far reaching satisfaction. Though we also complete our studies and other tasks. playing outside the home and getting dirt with mud were the regular happenings and even had the parents beating for that. All those memories can never fade and I feel pity for children of these days that they are denied of playing any outdoor games or playing with mud.
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    Playing in the sand at beaches and parks are something that children love and should be encouraged to. In many western countries, the level of cleanliness and civic awareness is high and people don't hesitate to let children play in sand and mud. A few years back, we had a set of bucket, spade, and scoop with which our kids used to make mud cakes, attempt to build a house etc on the beach or in the community play centers. In India, very few places can be found around that we are comfortable and feel safe enough to allow kids to play.

    Often the case would be filth and litter in the park with cigarette butts, matchsticks, dog waste and litter. Apart from a few well-kept stretches of beaches, many of them have glass, alcohol bottles and remanents of plastic waste lying around.

    Early this year, the mess at Chennai, Marina beach (one of the popular beaches we visited long back) was being cleaned up by a band of volunteers. Talakadu and Shivanasamudra that we visited this year also have the same issues of litter, garbage, animal waste and liquor bottles strewn around the river banks which would be ideal for a family picnic with kids playing in the sand.

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    I agree with the author. Children should be allowed to play in mud and sand. Apart from all the benefits listed, playing in the sand is also therapeutic. And this is why kindergarten schools have play areas with sandpits. Children are allowed to play in the sand and allowed to get it in their hair…

    The problem is people do not have access to open areas where they can let their children play in the dirt. The ground is either paved or filthy. Even schools lack playgrounds. Most of the new schools in Chennai have no playground. Maybe, a basketball court, but no place where children can play.

    These days' children do not get injuries, playing. They have protective gear for all their sporting activities. I don't recall a time when I didn't have a bandage around, some part of my anatomy when I was a child. All the scars on my elbows, knees, and shins have a story to tell.

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    Playing in the sand is not a new one but is in vogue since many decades as they do in river sand and seashore sands. I allow my brother's daughter to play in sand as she please when I take her to park daily. I made her to have practice to wash both hands and legs in the tap outside the park immediately we came out.

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