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    Being yourself is the greatest accomplishment

    Being yourself is one of the greatest and difficult things you can possibly do. One should be able to express themselves rather than pulling back from their actual feelings and thoughts just to make others happy. It is actually a challenge one has to overcome as we live in a society where people are more interested in other lives than theirs. By being yourself, you will be different from others and being different is not a bad thing as long as you are happy with the way you are.

    It is your life and you just have one life hence live it to the fullest. So it is always better to find yourself and be yourself. It is really hard to be yourself in this world which constantly tries to make you something else. People who can overcome this challenges are the greatest accomplishers in life. Believe in yourself and be true to yourself and be ready to face the challenges that come across your way.

    Nobody can judge you as they have never been in your shoes. One should have self-confidence and should stick on to your own likes and dislikes rather than following what others say. Only such people can win the race but we hardly get to see such people around us.
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    It is true. Being ourselves is very difficult. As a human being, everybody will have their own ideas and ambitions. So everybody should try to give respect to their Ideas and work for their ambitions. Similarly, we will have our own views on many aspects. We should be able to express our views openly. But many people will not do this thinking that if we say our views others may become our for=es, they may not like our views. But that is not correct. As a man, we will have our opinions and we should express our views. We should not hesitate to express. If some may respect or may not respect your views. It may be that their perspective of the issue may be different from your s. You can't get into their shoes and evaluate the issue. You will analyse basing on your own wisdom and nobody can find fault about it. It is your life and behaves as you like. Be yourselves.
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    Yes being ourselves is the greatest accomplishment which cannot be copied nor followed by others as we do. God has given immense talent and knowledge to each one of us and if we pursue and follow that, there is no question of bowing our head towards others and lead the life with so much satisfaction and fully understanding. By being ourselves, we need not bother about copy right violations or any cases from others for imitating them. In fact when we are good and at the top, many would emulate us and follow us closely. That should give immense satisfaction for us over the achievement.
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    That is absolutely true, being yourself is the best thing one do. It gives not only a sense of happiness, but we also get to know what lies inside of us. It makes us realize us our own worth. I always say this. You should be so busy and occupied in yourself that you hardly get time for any other person's talk. Work on improving your thoughts everyday, it will turn you into a much better person.
    Wisdom comes by thinking on oneself, spending time on oneself. When you remain yourself, you define your existence, your existence as a human, as a person you are ought to be.

    Do what inspires you !!

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