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    An observation – is this required

    Whenever winners are announced for various contests, many members post their congratulatory messages in the thread. It is a nice to read through the congratulatory messages. It pleases me to know that there are people out there who care and show their appreciation. It is an earnest and sweet gesture.

    But, among the messages, there are a few that stand out like a sore thumb. Do the congratulatory messages have to make mention of the thread titles and article titles for which the awards were given? The intent is obvious – the congratulatory messages are just a means of earning points. I am being awfully blunt, but someone needs to say this out loud. The purpose of the message is lost because the objective is clearly something else.

    I request members to refrain from doing this. There have been subtle messages in the past, but members do not seem to take heed.
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    You are right in your observation. Note that what you have observed had already raised a red flag since quite a while now and the forum editors have regularly been taking the necessary steps by reducing the points, since, as you stated, it is an obviously blatant attempt to gain extra points. This is not the case just with the winners' announcement threads, though, and we have been taking the requisite action in other threads too where such activities are seen. As I stated in another forum thread earlier, we do a round of checks of forum threads once every 8-10 days or so to ensure that we have not missed out any issues and also to credit higher points to quality responses & threads or debit points for inane responses.

    So rest easy that the team is aware of the going-ons!

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    I feel there is nothing wrong in conveying congratulations through messages to winners. It is to express their happiness. The expression ways may differ. Some may write elaborately and some may write in one or two sentences. The difference in points for this and the other may be maximum 2 points. This is not going to make a hell lot of difference. For this also finding fault and pointing out may not be liked by many.
    All may not be able to write the English in the same way. Some may be having a very high vocabulary and some may have a limited vocabulary. So basing on this the length of the thread may vary. Interpreting this as an act of getting points may not be liked by many.

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    What Ms. Juana has stated in this thread is 100% true. What is the use of mentioning the titles of award-winning threads, when these are already mentioned in the announcement?
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    Dr. N.V.Srinivasa Rao,

    It is not a question of English skills or the manner of conveying one's congratulatory messages. It is a question of whether or not there is really a necessity to write the entire title of the winning article (in the case of article contests) or the winning thread's topic (in the case of the TOW) or the title of the story (in the case of a creative story writing contest.)

    It is also not a question of fault-finding, but pointing out such repeated activities despite clear instructions to avoid doing them.

    You also said "This is not going to make a hell lot of difference." Actually, it does make a difference because, you see, when the RSB is calculated, all those 4 points (it is not 2 points when the response is made lengthy in that manner) collectively make up a whole lot of points and deprives those who are genuinely contributing from getting their due while those who collected useless points get a pie of the RSB. And it is the manner in which the points are garnered for that RSB which is the contentious issue ultimately.

    So it would be good if members refrain from needlessly mentioning titles of submissions. Just convey your good wishes, don't try to take obvious advantage of the automated points system. It is a simple request made time and again, but ignored.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    As observed by me, Juana is a member who never post congratulatory messages. If an announcement is made by ISC, it is an information to all the winners and other ISCians. ISC and the winners expect some sort of appreciation from other members to boost their morale. There is nothing wrong in posting a message and earn few points. Even if ISC awards zero point to congratulatory message, we members will continue to post a message appreciating their good efforts. Yes. It is required.
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    "As observed by me, Juana is a member who never post congratulatory messages."

    All I can say is that you allow your prejudices to misguide you. Don't use words like 'never', because they can turn around and damage your credibility.

    I don't have to prove myself to you. But, I think it is only fair that I prove you wrong and make you eat your words –

    Please Check this and this.

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    What I feel that this is the forum and we are open to share our feelings and pleasure on expressing our deep happiness over winning of awards and rewards by respective members and in this regard going in detail and giving congrats message is in fact a good habit and the member would like it. By the way no member would be so cheap to earn on congrats message and if the author thinks that some are giving over lengthy responses, she may be wrong One can wish just saying congrats, but I doubt it wont vent the right feeling from ourselves and hence I have the habit of giving detailed response even in congrats messages..
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    I think we should accept the point that the author makes. Wish the winners, say few words of positive encouragement, give suggestions on how to improve. I would be happy if someone points out my errors and areas to improve even if I win an SOW, TOW etc.
    As always with cooperation of the members we can change the way we post our replies and the administrators can take off points for replies that are obviously repetition of the thread itself.

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    I too have noticed it couple of times from certain members but I admit that I have never raised my voice against it. I have always wondered, when I see people taking the effort and pain of noting down all the thread titles, contest titles etc in the message where they just have to congratulate the winners. Like the author said when the intention of the person is to make points, then the purpose of the message is lost. I do not think people will refrain from doing the same again, therefore I suggest points should not be given for such announcement threads.
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    I am glad that the ISC management sees this as an issue and that suitable action is initiated against those who indulge in such point garnering tactics. I agree that such practices cheat worthy contributors of their share of the RSB pie.

    I appreciate Chitra, Partha and Natrajan for their open support, on this touchy issue.

    You have made a good point Chitra. It will be good if it can be implemented. Until then we have Vandana's word that the editors will do the needful - deduct points scored through such means.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I'd like to take you back in time, when it was decided that responses by thread initiators would be given just 1 point and that subsequent responses by participating members would receive fewer points, instead of the maximum 5 points that they had been receiving.

    I don't recall you supporting that announcement – if garnering points was never the motive then what prevents you now from staying active in ALL of your threads? Why the lack of enthusiasm after the new point system came into practice?

    Srinivasa Rao,

    I am aware that some people will not like my blunt approach, but I am not here to earn Brownie Points. I always speak up when I find something is wrong, and in this case, there have been umpteen requests that went unheeded which is why I chose to take the bull by the horns. Like it or not, I put down some hard hitting facts. And I hope this changes the way people respond to threads.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Views will differ. There is no rule that everybody will follow the same path and everybody will have the same thoughts. I feel I am correct and you feel you are correct. Already the Managing Editor expressed the actions that are being taken. So I want to stop it here. I don't want to say anything further on this issue. There are different ways of expression of happiness and I choose my path and you will have your own path. Even Zero points or negative points it is not a matter for many.

    always confident

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    I guess it's alright if they want to elaborate it while wishing, ultimately it's how the receiver would perceive it. Gaining points is secondary is what I feel.

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    Juana for the past 20 days there was total disturbance in my family as I met with a accident . we all fell sick with high fever and not keeping well and over and above I had to shift my house to a new premises. All this kept me busy elsewhere and in the commotion I had no time to visit here. Still whenever I felt having free, I did share in this channel. Now I am not getting time and also loosing charm in sharing. I am not competing with me nor anybody. When ever I shall be free I shall contribute, otherwise let the new members take the positions and excel in this site. I would be watching from gallery.
    K Mohan
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    Glad that you are now following the trend of congratulating the members now. You never did it in the past. I even remember that you did not thank ISC when you were awarded in the past. I cannot go back to search those threads, but I am sure.

    I sincerely recommend that ISC should award only zero point to all congratulatory and complimentary messages and it's responses.

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