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    Ganesh Aarti and the religious Importance of Aartis

    Different cultures and tradition have evolved from religious scriptures and reading Holy Books like Vedas and Purana & reciting Shlokas were part of the learning system in Ashrams. Reciting Aarti is one such form and the Ganesh aarti is recited to Lord Ganesha, where we begin Pujas to Lord Ganesha with his Vandana. He is the beloved God among both children and grown ups.

    Sharing aartis is sharing knowledge about them, so I have submitted an article the Ganesh Aarti 'Sukh Karta Dukh Harta'.
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    Mita warm welcome to this site as a new member and great to see this post dedicated to the Harti of Lord Ganesha and it is the fact that every home has the recitation of this great harti without which the rituals seems to be half done. Coming to this forum and this site, please make use this section wisely by raising such issues which bothers you and seek wider participation from members through their inclusive responses. Like wise you can start earning from the article section by submitting any thing concerned about India. Even this write up can be shared as article and you would be benefited with cash credits and points.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Sir, for your response and valuable feedback.I have already submitted this write up as an Article which must be under review.It was great to start writing here,with article based on Ganesha and Ganesh Aarti.I have seen good potential on this website for writers and thinkers to express their views.I have also read your articles and your experience is Vast.Hope to get more guidance from you in the future.

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    Welcome to ISC. Please note that we do not allow duplication of content in more than one section. Hence, the above text is being edited. Also, do be familiar with submission guidelines of various sections before beginning contributing in any of them. It would be good to check out approved articles to understand the categories & type of topics submitted and how these should be presented, with headings with the use of HTML tags. The article should also be informative in nature.

    It is also a good idea to provide the English translation for readers when writing in a different language.

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    (Update- I think self and our ME had posted responses simultaneously).

    Mita.S, welcome on board ISC! With a view to enable you to have an enjoyable and fruitful journey with ISC, I suggest you to read and understand all the posting guidelines and other help topics before becoming active here. It would also be helpful to you if you could go through some of the earlier posts in different sections so that you get an idea about the content requirements in this site.

    Please note that we allow posts in English language only and if at all it is necessary to put in some quotes or references from other languages, you are supposed to give an English translation of the same.

    There is nothing to worry about. You will become familiar with the site, its facilities and requirements once you start spending some valuable time in it. You can post any doubt you have about ISC as a thread in the forum and we all will only be glad to help you out. So, do some groundwork and start contributing. All the best!

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    Welcome, Mita. You started your journey on this site with Ganesh Aarati. Fo any work before starting if we worship Ganesha, the general belief is that the work will progress well and you will have his blessings always. Started your journey on a positive note. Wish you all the success on the site
    always confident

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    Welcome to ISC family, an auspicious start. Love the way you have said the prayer, Please continue your contributions, Wishing you the best.

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    Thank you all for your response .I appreciate your guidance and will follow them.I understand the necessity to edit my forum content .Hope for your guidance and support in the future.

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