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    Swach Bharat Campaign is only in advertisements. Do you agree?

    Do you think the publicity campaign for the Swach Bharat scheme is a total waste of expenditure? Give suggestions for other means to ensure cleanliness is taken up at the ground level by the citizens.

    Swach Bharat campaign is an extension of Nirmal Bharat Campaign of the previous govt. The media hype and propaganda of this campaign has gone to that level that we forget the stinking lanes and by-lanes of our cities. We are lost in the imagination of clean and green avenues. This is a pet project of the PM.

    I did not find much of progress in the cleanliness of the country. Only we are seeing leaders from the PM to corporators are busy in photo- sessions with brooms and other cleaning accessories. So many conferences and meetings are being arranged on the subject. People attending these ceremonies are eating and throwing the disposables on roads as it was. Trains toilets are as it were. There are no toilets in govt. schools especially for girls. There is no central policy for waste management in the country. We are seeing people agitating against the dumping yards in the big cities let aside the small cities and towns. Sewage workers are dying. They are dying owing to non-availability of safety equipments. There has been no concrete policy for the workers in this area.

    By 2019, the government plans to spend Rs. 2 lakh crore on this compaign. One RTI reveals that nearly 100 crores have been spent on print radio and television advertisements. Leave aside the expenditure on posters and other advertising materials. This figure does not include the expenditures by state govts on advertisement of this project. The advertisements are featuring the PM. I have seen heaps of garbage on the posters of Swach Bharat Compaign. According to Gandhiji, the cleanliness campaign is a campaign of participation of people of all walks done on Shram Dan.

    To my mind, this seems to be part of popularising the PM by reckless expenditure on such advertisements on the expense of hard money of the tax payer. This is a sheer waste of govt. money for political advantage. Please opine.
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    I can understand the feelings of the author and some times we feel that when too much publicity is given to a program or project we get doubts around its validity and importance. No doubt Swachh Bharath clean India campaign aims at cleansing the country so that foreign tourist and investments would come our way. What I feel that when celebrities are roped in they why the government should spend on the ads which is waste to please the media to get satisfied and report positively about the government. Nevertheless the next PAC shall point out the lapses and spending on the campaign whether it is waste or meaningful.
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    There are definitely some improvements in some cities. I have visited recently Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh and I noticed a lot of improvement. Roads are very clean. No throwing waste on the roads. No dumping of waste in the city is observed. However, still, a lot of work is to be done.Many of the cities we aren't finding any improvements.Hyderabad has to do a lot in this respect. Roads are getting spoiled. Water stagnation everywhere.

    Earlier days advertisements are mainly for business promotion and many corporates are doing it. But these days Government full-page advertisements are seen in almost all the newspapers. TVs and other places. Hyderabad is full of hoardings with KCR and KTR photos. The money spent on this advertisements is crossing its limits. By working hard we are earning money and paying lakhs of rupees as a tax to the government and they are misusing it like this.Government should not waste money on these advertisements, It should be spent for progress of the country,

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    Just last evening, I walked to the medical store, located about 500 metres from our main gate. The whole path was strewn with muck. A housing society coming up on the road leading to our complex has messed up the well-laid road and pavement. Utter negligence, in a time when cleanliness is being propagated, by the Government. Their labourers would defecate in the open, and after much noise, toilets were built, on encroached land. These soon choked, as there was no facility to treat the sewerage and they were back to defecating in the open.

    Things on the ground have not changed. Adjacent to the medical store is a small shop that sells tea, biscuits and water pouches etc. There is a wheelie-bin across the road, but everyone at the tiny shop was littering. No one walked a few steps to drop their plastic containers and biscuit wrappers into the bin.

    And closer home, we have people throwing rubbish from their bathroom windows. People throwing garbage bags, from their balconies into the lawns. This, despite the garbage being picked up, from the doorstep twice a day. And this is supposed to be an educated community.

    It is going to take years before we change, as a people.

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    Cleaning India is next to impossible, let's face it (*we have been hearing it for many years). Given the magnitude of the problem, our ever-expanding population woefully underequipped, understaffed city corporations riddled with corruption, absolute lack of civic awareness and accountability among the majority of our population make this impossible.

    The person or the group of people who make this a reality should certainly be awarded the highest civilian honor of India and the Nobel prize for environmental contributions. I state this because, if we can come up with a solution that works, then it can be implemented in many other developing countries.

    Swach Bharat Campaign is an attempt in this direction and unfortunately being politicized too much. If this were to be in the hands of a well-known, reputed Indian NGO with responsible citizens of every locality being roped in and given the highest authority to overcome petty anti-social elements and politics, maybe we have a half a chance to achieve the true outcome.

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    I wish the government had utilized the money spent on advertisements for engaging responsible organisations in different parts of the country to take up the cleaning jobs. Tenders can be invited and contract awarded to such organisations or groups who are ready to take up the responsibility of of clearing wastes of all types and also managing them. Administrative organs starting from the Panchayat level should be made responsible for monitoring such activities and also should be made to provide all assistance to such organisations. In addition, I think we need to become more strict and must impose deterrent fines/ imprisonment on people who litter public places.

    It is a fact that the Swachh Bharat campaign has not taken off as expected due to the flaw in the way in which it was implemented; the basic aim being publicity and not cleanliness.

    I agree with the Prime Minister though, as he said last day, that Swachh Bharath would remain a distant dream if we don't change our attitude and way of thinking. Such programs can succeed only with the cooperation of the public. We need to change our basic mentality and need to feel responsible as citizens. I think we need to contribute at individual levels in the larger interests of the society so that we have a clean nation, at least in another few years.

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    There is no doubt that the government is blowing one's own trumpet. I recently saw a video of Shashi Tharoor speaking on Swach Bharat and various other issues, if permitted I could post that video here if not the video at least the link. Every bit of word that he spoke was true and might be quite a revelation to many.

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    I request the Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar to Swatchtha seva every day and in any manner in any place.So that many people will get inspired by that everybody will believe it is true.
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    Any campaign can not be successful until unless it's implementation is done in a desired manner.

    After the new Govt came lead by Mr Modi there was a big hope for everything. The problem is the implementing machinery is not changed. The experienced babus, engineers, contractors, middle men, agents, brokers, clerks and head clerks in Govt offices etc are not changed. So what will happen to implementation and who are the people who are implementing it.

    Just because an honest person has come at the helm of affairs we feel that India will change overnight. I have my great doubts for implementation part. And also I am not a pessimist.

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    "Just because an honest person has come" I don't think the person that been referred to is really an honest man after all the things that he has said, done and is continuing in doing so.

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    It is very difficult to change hard stuck habits and attitudes. Any change evokes resistance. It will take many days and much efforts to change the habit of a person throwing wrappers and paper bits in public places. Just an example.

    So when a scheme is to be implemented especially as an all India level, it needs a lot of advertisement, promotion and even incentives. The hard material inside each of us has to melt. First it will be promotion, then persuasion and then penalty has to be strictly implemented. It will start as a trickle and then grow to avalanche. Let us not become despondent at the start itself. Let us be confident and do at least what we can do in our level.

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    What is use of campaign without enough infrastructure? Do all the cities / towns have enough dustbins? Where people throw wastage without dustbin? Does enough urinals available in common places? I am not sure about where India stands on waste management. Government should give priority to create infrastructure instead of spending the amount for campaign.

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    I have a simple query. What was the progress made by this visionary as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in the past fifteen years? Cleanliness, toilets for all, houses and so on and so forth?
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