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    Is this the biggest Geo-political crisis for us?

    Being in India, apart from border issues among neighbors, we never had a major crisis in Asia in recent times that could affect our financial institutions (especially the equity and investment markets)

    The recent obvious efforts of North Korea to disturb peace in this region has not gone unnoticed. Today North Korea has warned Japan of a nuclear attack in response to Japan's request for the global community to apply pressure to force North Korea to give up its nuclear program.

    How realistic is the launch of a nuclear attack and its retaliation from the USA and the world? What would be the economic and financial impact on India?
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    I don't think the nuclear attack will take place. I don't think the situation will not go up to that extent. If it happens the whole world will resort to revenge on North Korea. Already the stock market started coming down by these disturbances.It will go further down if really water takes Place. It will have a negative impact on Our country's progress. This war is unwanted for the whole of Asia and Europe.
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    Natarajan, even I don't foresee the probability of a nuclear attack by North Korea, though the country is being led by an almost abnormal leader.
    But I am not able to connect your query with the financial position of India. Agreed that the same may be affected if the situation escalates but otherwise, how does it create an impact on the Indian economy? Sorry, I am not a financial expert, as is Shri Yaswant Sinha, and so am not able to get the point. Could you please elaborate so as to make things clear?

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    In Tamil there is a saying that if we give the flowers in the hands of monkey, it does know the fragrance nor the importance of it but would simply destroy it. The same is the case with the North Korean ruler who seems to have gone mental as he talks of destruction only and not peace. If this goes on , surely the world community would become one against the North Korea and side line it from every angle. Though America may retaliate with that country at any moment, India must make guarded statement as we cannot sustain nuclear attacks at this stage of fast development of our economy. One thing is sure, in case the situation escalates to war like situation, there would be greater grouping of countries against Pakistan, against North Korea and against even China. In the event of war there would loses for every side and that should be avoided.
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    Mr. Saji Ganesh, the last North Korea missile firing in August led to a fall in the European markets and Gold prices went up. If we read the views of financial experts, a major crisis triggered by North Korea or a US retaliation can trigger panic in the investment/share market and once this starts in Europe, then the spillover effect will be seen in Indian markets too. If we are on the brink of nuclear exchange then fears of panic can adversely affect the Indian share markets.

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    North Korea has been threatening Japan and the USA with nuclear attack. One of the very few friends of North Korea, Pakistan, has been regularly threatening India and Afghanistan with nuclear attacks. Generally normal people don't bother about threats of eccentric idiots.
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