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    How do you fit back to back festival finances into your month budget?

    Festivals are signs of good times, although most may not have financial issues, some of us (especially salaried class who get taxed to the extent possible by the government and every seller we buy from) may find it difficult to allocate money for back to back festivals.

    For instance, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dasara just passed by, we have Diwali on 18th October which is a major festival and 2-3 weeks of school holidays before the new year. The purchasing power of the rupee is not very much, it's difficult to stretch the rupee, a box of decent sweets are around Rs 600.00. then clothes, festival pooja items, gifts for near and dear ones. travel expenses etc.

    How does one do it?
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    Generally, we in our family reserve some money from our monthly earnings towards this type of special expenses. From that money, we will spend for the festivals. All these days I used to get the bonus from my employer for Dasera as a statutory requirement. That many will also be added to the reserve fund and from that, we spend the money as per the budget. For Dasera our expenses will come around 20,000/- rupees and for Deepavali, it will be around 10,000/- rupees only. We will not go for new clothes on Deepavali day. But for Dasara, we will have new clothes. This money will be available in the reserve fund and we will use it.
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    Unfortunately for Hndus there are festivals after festivals which are lined up from April month itself and one has to make provisions for celebrating every festival and the main ones like Dassera and Deepavali cannot be avoided at all. But going for new dress for the whole family is possible only for Deepavali and not Dassera or other festivals. In fact in our house the birthday would be celebrated with new dress and the Deepavali would be celebrated with new dress. So we have to make provisions for this as birthday comes scattered in a year and the festivals comes in fixed time.
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    I agree with the author, money is losing its value or rather has lost its value. Everything is so expensive that the salaried class is finding it difficult to make ends meet.

    I do not celebrate any of the festivals mentioned by the author but can understand the plight of the common man. Certain customs and traditions cannot be broken and clothes and sweets and puja items are a must.

    I guess it is best to plan for the festivals because you know the dates in advance. They are not sudden happenings and you have a full year to plan. But, it can still be difficult to budget all the expenses. Maybe, instead of buying sweets and savouries, make them at home. They would be healthier and cheaper. Shop for clothes when sales are on – you can get cheaper bargains. Get innovative with your gifts. It is the thought that counts – a potted plant or a homemade box of sweets and savouries or jams and preserves can be gifted, instead of store-bought gifts.

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    Festivals are to be celebrated and its our tradition to celebrate festivals. I feel life is to be enjoyed and holding to your money with no enjoyment is of no use. It is so much of fun for your kids and the younger generation, so I always celebrate all our festivals. But I agree to the author that it takes away lot of money from us especially when it is back to back. Whenever a year starts and when I get a new calendar, first thing I go through is the dates of the festivals that I celebrate. Therefore I have a rough idea of when which falls. This helps me to plan accordingly in advance.

    We normally do not take the full money require from our current month salary instead we will keep aside some money in advance so that it can be used during the festive season. Also we buy clothes and other stuffs sometimes well in advance when there are good offers. This also helps us to save little money. I think each person has their own ways of finding money to celebrate festivals.

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