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    Now Anna Hazare wants to fight against the policies of Modi government ?

    Having kept low profile for two to three years, Social activist Anna Hazare has announced that he would fight against the policies of Modi government. We all know that the general elections are hardly 18 months from now and each political party wants to draw a line against the Modi government. May be Congress is roping Anna Hazare against Modi government and want to benefit from the mudslinging act. On the other hand BJP President Amit Shah is going state after state to consolidate support for Modi for the second term.
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    So earlier did BJP rope in Anna Hazare against Congress?

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    No my doubt was against the timing of such proposed action which is solely aimed at defaming Modi government ?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Well, even Anna Hazare had staged protest just prior to the 2014 elections. Should we rule out such possibilities of the then opposition party?

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    Anna Hazare has done protests before the 2014 elections also. But I doubt very much whether Congress is involved in it. It may not be correct. Anna Hazare is having this habit. He will try to do some humbug always before elections. It is nature. So we need not have a doubt on Congress. BJP president already started his tours to various states.
    But I am observing from last 2 or 3 months, negativity towards the Government is on increasing mode. I am not able to know the reasons. Even I may be wrong in my observation also. But the government also should be more people friendly in all aspects. Otherwise, it will be a gigantic task to them to win again. But only one advantage to BJP is there is no strong opposition to them. Congress is ruled out. So I think 2019 will be the time again for BJP only.

    always confident

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    Anna Hazare is the most uncertain man without any base. I raised some doubts about him during the last Lokpal agitation in the same Forum. He played in hands of Kagliwal and BJP. BJP had the most of chest thumping in favour of Lokpal, but they forgot Lokpal and started patting their own back as the most anti-corruption party. Kagliwal forgot Lokpal and enjoying the peaceful time without Lokpal.

    I remember those days of Lokpal Stir, when the so called people of high repute like Bedi, Ex-Army Chief, Jetli and other BJP leaders on the dais with Anna were showing themselves Harishchandras and criticising the congress for all corruption and nepotism in India. The most of them are in ruling parties now and nobody is even remembering Lokpal.

    The BJP govt. is delaying implementation of this law on some flimsy grounds . They are delaying the implementation in spite of clear cut orders from the Supreme Court.

    I think this time Anna Hazare will try to malign Kaglwal's image in Gujrat since he is planning to built a third force in Gujrat. His concern with Lokpal is only crocodile tears.

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