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    Three girls lost their lives while taking selfie in the back drop approaching train near Bengaluru ?

    The selfie mania among the youth especially the girls taking ugly turns and sometimes turning out be fatal as three girls lost their lives while taking a selfie in the back drop of fast approaching train near Bengaluru and this accident once more proves that in the garb of taking photos at dangerous locations people forget the impending danger and thus loose their lives for no reason. Just imagine the plight of their parents who might be having high hopes and aspirations on these girls and now they lost them for silly reason ?
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    It is very sad to note that three girls died while they are trying to take photos in the backdrop of a fast approaching train. These days starting a school going child to a man 60 years taking selfies has become a fashion. What will you do with selfies, if you are dying during the course of taking the photos? This is the heights of mania only. These girls may be around 29 years old. We can't imagine the sorrow of their parents. Of late we are hearing much news like this and people should feel the importance of life. This is more important to you than your life. But unfortunately, this point is missing from the minds of youth especially before their manias. One should not risk their lives for small things like this. There is a limit for anything and everything. We should be within this limits only always. My sincere advice to all not ot take unwanted risks for small interests.
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    I have not heard of this news, and if this is true then this is really tragic since three boys were also reported to have died in Bengaluru, in a similar accident, involving a train. The National News Channels were showing the gory scene (with the images of the dead, blurred), but it was definitely three boys and not girls.

    Srinivasa Rao mentions the age of the unfortunate 'girls'. Perhaps he can throw some more light on this. Is he sure of the girls being around 29 or has he made a guess?

    Also, the reason for the deaths that I mentioned is not known. The authorities are assuming that it was an attempt to take a selfie that resulted in this tragedy. They are guessing that the boys couldn't gauge the speed and distance of the train. The facts are yet to come out. Nonetheless, it is very tragic. The incident occurred on quite a lonely stretch of the railroad.

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    Today's news from Bangalore says it was three boys, near Bidadi (at the outskirts of Bangalore) who have lost their lives.
    It's a sad addiction that the modern gadgets have brought into our society. It's become almost a obsession to take a selfie where ever you are. It's embarrassing to see people taking selfie in temples where in
    people behave as if they were in a park hugging and pecking on the cheeks.

    Just last week in Bangalore a 12 th standard student lost his life in a temple tank, when his friends were distracted while taking a selfie. It's heart breaking to see that the same selfie shows the boy drowning in the tank.

    During visits to Bandipur, KGudi near Mysore, I've seen many people stopping their vehicles, getting down to take a selfie with the elephants or deer in the background. It's a crime to even stop the vehicle in the roads through forests and there are many sign boards posted.

    According to some reports from 2016, India ranked the top and accounted for more than half of the world's selfie related deaths in 2016. A day may come when psychiatric associations and the society declares selfie addicts to be an obsessive compulsive disorder. Yes, its fun to take a few selfies at parties, social gatherings as long as we are responsible for the safety of ourselves and the people around us.

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    Recently four guys were sat on the railway track and had a jolly drink. As one among them came down for urination ,found the arrival of train and informer the three. Since they were in full mood, they did not notice his alarm and got smashed in the train. It is pity to hear such collapses of youngsters in the wrong ways drags our culture as well worth lives of youngsters into ruin.

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    Since the cause of death is not yet known we cannot say for sure that if it's the selfie which killed them. Nevertheless, it's still a heartbreaking news to hear that they lost their life.

    For the past few years deaths caused due to selfie is very high across the globe. In the process of gaining popularity and clicking that perfect picture is not worth by risking your life. Ultimately the loss is ours and for our dear ones. The world doesn't gain or lose anything.

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    India already ranks top in the list of most number of deaths due to selfie related accidents and I think we will retain it for many more years in future. It is one of the worrying stats about younger generation as most of them are addicted to taking selfie. Government already banning using mobile phones in lakes, boating and important viewpoints in hill stations but still there is no stop in such fatal incidents. We have to be cautious while using our phones.
    Whatever happens life should move on...
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    This selfie-mania has increasingly become dangerous. I already raised the issue in the following thread:-
    This thread

    People have to understand themselves that this selfie-mania won't take them anywhere except in the ''Land of No Return''. Nothing more to say.

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    Each and everyone of us carry a camera with us where our we go, It is really helpful many a times but of-course when these kinds of incidents occur, I often think why does mobile phones come with a camera. The young generation is very much crazy about selfies and every time you open facebook or instagram you get see lot of selfies. I am not against these as these holds memories that can be cherished for ever. However one need to be very careful and should have full knowledge of where they are and whether it is advisable to take a selfie etc. What is the point of accumulating memories when you are not there to go through it. Be wise and take selfies only if it is safe to do so.

    My heartfelt condolences to the family of the three girls.

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