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    The Frightened Little Eye

    Yesterday since it was Gandhi Jayanti, we had an off and had a good time. It was a mini vacation for us, we got three days off along with the weekends and we made the most out of it. We went to the supermarket yesterday along with my family. I love pushing the trolley, so as my family went in search of things to buy and I was just looking around at the crowd.

    As I was looking around, I saw a little girl sitting in the baby seat of the trolley. She looked so frightened looking at the crowd. No one was attending her, she was left all alone in the crowd. With every passing person, they would push the trolley and slowly it moved way far off from the original position. So, I pushed my way to the little one as I saw her eyes filled with tears, surprisingly she wasn't wailing. Her eyes welled up with tears searching for someone, I went nearby her and asked the little, "Where is your mumma", as expected she didn't reply. She was more frightened, my heart didn't let me leave her alone. I kept an eye on her, waiting to see if someone would approach her. In few seconds, I saw tears flowing down her eyes non-stop, it was a silent cry. I tried to comfort her as I started searching for someone who would know her.

    After 20 min I saw a woman running through the crowds with a packet of sugar in her hands to this little one. I saw the joy in her eyes when she hugged the lady, she hugged with her dear life clenching the lady's dress tightly.

    I don't know if it was right to leave the child all alone in the crowd. Secondly, the crowd was least bothered to be considerate enough to attend to the child, they kept pushing her when she was blocking their way. There might be many justifications which I may not be able to think for leaving the child unattended in the crowdy place but still wasn't one reason enough to not leave her unattended?

    Have you ever faced such situations?
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    Many parents these days in their busy life neglecting their child. People are not having time to see what is happening around. By any chance if that little girl Rallapalli out of that trolly who will take care. The mother should keep the trolly with her. This is purely carelessness. When we go to crowds places we should be particularly careful with kids and always we should keep an on them.
    Near Warangal in Telangana, a festival called Sammakka and Sarada festival will be conducted every year. Lakhs of people from different places will attend. Last year my relatives wife and husband with their two daughters gone to that place. The Second daughter was around 6 years. Father is holding her hand. But in that heavy crowd , he slipped her hand and she was left alone. After 15 minutes of walk they noticed that their second daughter was missing. But that child is very brave. The parents while going there given a small paper with their mobile numbers. This shield slowly went to a Constance and told him that she missed their parents and asked him to give a ring to her parents. The constable phoned up told them the whereabouts of their daughter.
    So we should be careful with children in crowds places.

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    Yeah, true Dr. Rao, children are very vulnerable and this little one that I saw could hardly speak anything. I really hope that parents or guardians don't leave their kids like this in the crowded places.

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    I've seen little children on trolleys in large malls or buggies in a fast-food joint left alone but within eyesight of father or mother. 20 minutes is too long. I don't what was the pressing issue for mother, one last item forgotten or grossly lost track of time. Certainly no excuse for such potentially precarious situation. The anguish that the little one has undergone, possibility of being eyed by anti-social elements or child-lifters is also a real threat. Lucky that the child was unharmed.

    I think if we come across such children alone, we should get them to the nearest knowledge store employee and ensure that the child is safe and parents reminded over the PA system, said that the crowd just pushed around.

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    I have seen the fear in a child's eyes and I can relate to what you described.

    This incident I am about to narrate happened in Borra Caves, in Araku Valley. We were visiting the caves, and I noticed this young boy, around 7-8 years old coming up, towards us from the caves. He looked ashen and I could immediately sense that he was lost. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man appeared and held the boy's hand and made an attempt to take him away. The little boy did not seem to recognise him but did not resist him. However, instinct told me that something was not right.

    All this happened so fast that I was unable to communicate the happenings to my husband and daughter, who were walking a few steps ahead of me. I just ran and grabbed the boy and refused to let go. The boy looked like he belonged to one of the Northern states and the man was clearly a local.

    The man was visibly angry, and the boy was too traumatised to respond to my questions. Meanwhile, my family traced back their steps when they found me missing. There was quite a commotion. I refused to let go of the boy and tried to console him. His eyes were brimming with tears. Luckily, his family, who had ventured deep into the cave had realised that he was missing and had come looking for him.

    I wonder what would have become of the boy had I not acted instinctively.

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    That was really scary!! Glad you followed your gut feeling.

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    I have seen this many a times especially in crowded shopping malls. I will only blame the parents as they should firstly not let their baby unattended. They are small children who do not know what to do and will get scared easily especially when they see many unknown faces moving around. I feel first preference and importance should be given to your child. There is no point n weeping after something has happened.

    Really glad to know that you had a kind heart to comfort her. Hardly anyone does that as we leave in a busy world. Why blaming others when parents are least bothered. When you have a child with you either carry the child wherever you go or have someone along with you so that they can take care of the child while you shop.

    Recently one of my friend left her child in the car and she quickly went to shop something. hen she came back the car was locked and she started screaming. Finally a mechanic came in and the child was saved. Why do we have to invite such situations.

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    This write up once again throws importance of child nurturing in great way. All of us are busy in our own activities and give less importance to the child accompanying us. When there is a crowd, surely children are dwarfed in front of so many people and they cannot appreciate what is happening around them. Naturally they get frightened and also get tensed. Many children in that situation would cry loudly for attention. But again I have seen some parents who are busy with their own marketing and purchasing spree and they literally forget the screams of the child. That is the reason being so children are missed in the crowd and the gullible wrong doers in the society also look out for chance to abduct the children. This kind of things happen at Tirumala hills where families from far off places take shelter in the choultries and the children are vulnerable to be kidnapped.
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    The cave incident and the car incident are scary. It's just a moments distraction that's needed for things to go wrong.
    Apart from parents and relatives who need to avoid such errors, the store employees and security personnel at least in the big malls and carparks can be trained to be proactive and keep a lookout for anything suspicious like a child that looks out of place or a stranger trying to pass off as a parent.

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    I once came across a little girl who was standing outside a shop, crying her heart out. On enquiring with the shop's doorkeeper standing outside and the shop staff inside, it seems her family had left the shop & likely gone ahead. It was really callous of them not to have bothered to check if the girl was with them or not. Even more callous was the indifference of the shop staff, who said that sooner or later the family would surely come back when they realized that the girl was lost. On further enquiry, it was revealed that the family had left a while earlier and almost 15-20 minutes had passed. I was really angry with their indifferent attitude. Could they not at least have alerted the police who could have contacted the local police station and found out if anybody had filed a missing case report? When I looked around, I noticed a police jeep parked just across the road. Could they not have approached them for help? I immediately told the shop staff I was going to get help from the police and to keep an eye on the girl to ensure that she did not run away. I would have taken her with me, but she was refusing to move from there, likely just afraid and very upset. I quickly crossed the road and requested the police constables in the jeep to help out. One of them immediately came back with me, took the girl in his arms and we crossed back to the jeep. The senior officer in the jeep alerted the local police station on his walkie-talkie about a missing girl. He noted my name and address on a note pad and requested me to come along to the station with the girl so that she would perhaps be less frightened with the presence of a lady amidst all those policemen. I agreed to do so. Very fortunately for the girl, when I sat in the jeep, the family of the girl came rushing across. They had been enquiring at the many shops they had visited on realizing that the girl was missing. They thanked me profusely for caring about the girl. The police reprimanded them nicely for their utter carelessness & callousness. Thank goodness the girl was united again with her family.

    There would be fewer "little frightened eyes" if the people accompanying children were more alert & took care to see they did not stray away, holding their hands at all times, especially in crowded places.

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    We find so many such small children left unattended in Malls and big Showrooms. We see such chilren sitting on the benches at some corner of the whole space or waiting in the cars for their parents. I always think of those careless parents who are not responsible or not competent to be parents.

    I cannot understand how they can leave their innocent dear ones unattended. I could find out three reasons for this type of behaviour of the parents .First, the parents are of new generation and they do not want to carry their kids along with them for this reason or that.

    Secondly, the rich parents who are totally dependent on Ayas for the child care.

    Thirdly, the single parents who have noboby to look after their kids in case of some emergency. But, in any case, a due security is required for the small ones.

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