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    It could be a bug while recalculating earnings

    Whenever I click on re-calculate my earnings, the school and information update gets updated with the current date. They were credited a few days back but still, it shows current date as the credited date. I guess it's a bug, while there is no harm in showing the latest date though not credited, just thought of notifying this. Attaching screenshot for more reference.

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    I do not think what you have observed is as per design and not a bug. All the gifts, awards and cash credits that a members' earns get compiled as one amount. Basically, the credit date indicates the earnings under each category, up till that mentioned date. It is the total of all your earnings within specific categories.

    It allows you to assess your earnings in each section as well as, lets visitors to your profile see your earnings. If you visit my profile you will find my consolidated earnings, over the years, in different categories, listed there.

    I guess it will be difficult to display date wise earnings, in each section.

    If you want to see your earnings within a specific period you can click on the 'contributions' tab, under your profile and enter the dates that you want the data for. You will be able to access date and section wise contributions and earnings.

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    Actually, I do understand that we get a consolidated report for each section, the scenario is like this:

    For example:

    Suppose on 1st Oct I got earnings from Information Update and it got credited and when I'll recalculate I can see it as 1st Oct as the credited date.

    Now, on 3rd Oct I haven't earned anything and then when I'll recalculate, I see that Oct 3rd is the date when Information Update was credited, whereas the actual date was 1st Oct. It changes to the latest date every time I'll recalculate irrespective of whether it's credited or not. Remaining all section Article, Forum remains unaffected by recalculation, it's only the school and information update which get's changed to the latest date. So I feel it's a bug, so if there is scope it can be looked into and rectified. It gives a false hope that again some amount has been credited (winky smiley), anyway it's not a serious issue which has to be looked upon immediately. Just thought of notifying about this which caught my attention since last few days. I don't know if this is happening only with my account.

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