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    Will you say no to crackers?

    The countdown to Diwali has begun and as is customary, people burst crackers. Some say, it is auspicious to do so (achcha shagun, as they say in Delhi), but for many others, especially the younger lot, it is just the excitement and exhilaration.

    Like every year, this year too there will be a new range of fireworks; some shops will clandestinely sell Chinese crackers. But, can you stop yourself from shelling out money on these crackers? Can you lend a hand in limiting the pollution? Can you say no to crackers? Will you do it – to save the environment and to maybe donate to a cause. Come on, do your bit, make the change, make it happen.
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    Sorry, I won't say 'no' to crackers, but would definitely try to avoid Chinese products. Our local products, especially from Shivkashi, are ten times better than Chinese products.
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    No, I would not say no to crackers. I am also very fond of crackers and I cannot imagine myself celebrating Diwali without crackers. But yes Chinese crackers definitely can be avoided. I feel if we imagine Diwali without crackers and their light and sound then it would sound so silent and odd. It is very true that they cause lot of pollution and we should take care and try not to do it in excess. But sometimes I feel pollution has become a day to day problem nowadays with so many vehicles on the road and many other factors rather than only Diwali night. As every festival have their own attractions I feel crackers also do play an important role in Diwali celebration.

    I may be differing from many others on this but still this is my honest personal opinion.

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    I love crackers but I will definitely limit my usage. It is been many years ever since I used full fledged crackers during Diwalis. But to get the feel of Diwali, diyas and crackers are a must. So I will be using them but it will be limited.
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