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    Payment related query

    Dear Editors,

    This is the first time I am receiving payment from indiastudychannel and I have some confusion. Payment made to me is Rs 500 while my total cash credits is Rs 532. So is the remaining amount some sort of deduction? Or the payments are made only in round figures and remaining amount continues to show in cash credits. (Rs 32 in my case)

    Please clarify.

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    Normally payments are made in round figures as far as I know. If you check your dashboard, there you can see your current balance and Rs. 32 will be appearing there which will add up to your next settlement. Don't worry the amount will not be deducted.
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    First of all accept my best wishes for having got the first payment from this site, and regarding your question, being the first time receiver, the site has released 500 as the round figure payment and the balance would be carried to next month account. Do not worry, this site is very transparent on every aspect including payment issues. By the way out of curiosity I am asking what would you do with this first payment. No matter it is small and may be meager , but it is earned through your writing caliber and surely the spending should be for a good cause or purchase something unique for you. Tell us.
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    Thank you for clarifying my doubt. Even I have no doubt that ISC is a very transparent platform and there will not be any issue with this site. I was also thinking that it must be due to round figure payment, but still being a new user thought to clarify it.

    As far as spending this amount is concerned as of now I have not thought much as how to spend it. It may go into meeting additional expenses incurred or else I can keep it as savings and decide about it in future.

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    Congratulation for receiving the cash award for the first time in ISC. Generally, the payment will be in round figures and the remaining amount will be there in your account. In money matters, this ISC is very transparent and we need not worry about that matter. Payments are very prompt. I hope you will put up your time more and continue getting payments.
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    Congrats for your first payment. Yes, I too had the same doubt in my first payment. The remaining amount will be credited in your ISC account page. The amount that you entered in Invoice will be sent to your bank account. I think there will be no deduction in the amount. I have received thrice from this channel and no amount is been deducted. So you can check your ISC page after your amount is credited to the bank account.

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