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    Say no to serial bulbs!

    In 10 standard or school education, we all knew that Decorative bulbs are called serial bulbs which is dangerous because they can easily explode and cause serious damages often we see these serial bulbs are hanged in streets, functions, parties, and festivals e.t,c... Power consumption will also be high with this serial connection these decorative bulbs are also on in heavy cyclone and rains in streets.Do you think is it high time to say no on serial bulbs.Knowledgeable members, please post your view on this slogan.
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    Diwali is the festival of lights and serial bulbs play a very prominent role during Diwali season. I agree that it is dangerous but the ambiance created when you put up serial bulbs are amazing. Power consumption will be more but it is just for a day or two so I don't think it actually matters. Also it is not mandatory that we have to use decorative bulbs, so if someone is concerned about the electricity consumption, they can always stay away from using it.

    However these bulbs can easily explode, so does crackers. But still we all use it knowing the adverse effects of it.

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    Good alert and timely alert from the author. Serial bulbs are dangerous as the power supply to the bulbs are not controlled and if suddenly low or high voltage power is supplied, the serial bulbs may burst and the flames may cause heavy damage to the things and the properties. Now a days digital bulbs are used as the neo sign boards which are very powerful. But if the bulbs were allowed to be lit the whole night, there are every chance of the board getting heated up and eventually there are chances of fire accidents. So as far as possible it is better to avoid serial bulbs and avoid short circuits.
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    We will be doing many things in our daily life. In many of our acts, a little danger is always involved. But we can't stop doing those activities thinking about the risks involved. For example, we use liquefied petroleum gas for our cooking. This gas is in the cylinder at a very high pressure. If it explodes or if there is a leakage of gas there will be a heavy damage. But how many people will stop using that gas cylinder? We have to take all required precautions and use them properly so that we will be safe while using them. Even with these decorative bulbs also we have to be careful. I also agree with Chitra. We are not going to use these bulbs daily. One or two days in a year. Consumption of power will not be a serious concern. coming to the problem of exploding of bulbs, it is also a very very rare phenomenon. It will not happen very frequently. We have been using for more than 30 years. We have not seen this explosion so far. However, we will be taking all precautions required.
    But your suggestion is good. One will be very careful when they are using electricity. Crakers are also dangerous. So I advise all the people to be very cautious and try to avoid unnecessary risks and have a happy Deepawali.

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    Every shopping mall or busy commercial locality, streets with shops and restaurants all have these yards and yards of these serial bulbs hanging from trees, lamp posts, decorated as small bushes and hanging in arcs like an arch across the entire streets. It looks very good and makes the whole atmosphere more pleasant and gives it a festive look.

    Earlier we used to have those slightly big bulbs that had to be threaded, some of them would have a colour plastic wrapped or the glass itself would be coloured. Often in the streets, these used to tap their power supply illegally and in an unsafe manner wherein the bare copper filaments used to be twisted around a bigger power source. These would certainly be hazardous with risks of overheating and short-circuiting.

    The present-day bulbs, at least in our areas, are smaller and are like mini moulded led filament lamps without any threads, it's lightweight and it doesn't get heated up soon.

    Within our homes maybe we can say No easily, but in the common places and streets, it would be difficult to get a uniform no without arguments.

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