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    Are you maintaining your childhood talents till now?

    Were you an actor? Or do you used to sing? I mean, when you were younger. Have you given it a thought as to why such questions need to be in the past tense? Why aren't you able to pursue your interests? Join this discussion and share your thoughts as to why you need to stick to your interests for making life interesting and lively.

    Talents should not be destroyed. Whatever talents you have, try to do it until you are healthy. In our childhood, parents play an important role to find and encourage our hidden talents. But when we grow up and earn ourselves, most people forget about the talents they had. They will be running for the family. They will give priority to office and family. I heard some people mentioning that I was so active in school and college days but after marriage I did not have time to do so and so. Such people will mainly regret in their old ages regarding the time wasted for not encouraging their talents in singing, dancing, sports, instrumental music, painting or even reading and writing. Time will run fast and if we are able to find small time in each day of our life, we can encourage our own talents which god has gifted us and thereby we can have a satisfied and happy mind. A happier mind will increase your life span.
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    Well for that matter it is not possible for every one to maintain the childhood talent for obvious and various reasons. For example my daughter was a good dancer and also sings well. But over the period of time as she has grown up, and her studies responsibility increased, she has no time for such activities. Some where we are burying our talents which were restricted to childhood nonsense only. Nevertheless the author has raked up a important issue and we must see that at least our children pursue their hidden talent even when they grown up come what ever may be the setback and challenges.
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    Nice thought shared. Yeah, it is bitter truth of life that once we start earning or get settled in life, we often forget our interests or talents. I loved painting during my childhood days and even have won so many prizes.
    I wanted to continue my studies in the same but it was not encouraged that time. I moved for Biotechnology. After studies, I got a good job, worked for 6 long years and now due to some reasons, I left my job. I am a home maker now and this gives me opportunities to restart my painting. Although I have lost the grip but I am trying to improve.
    I now, it was not possible with my job , so I am thankful for the reason which made me left my job.


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    While working for my doctorate in Andhra University, I started learning Astrology. I have learned almost for 3 years. I started spending time with horoscopes of different people and started predictions also. Some of my predictions to my friends and their family members were proved to be correct. Slowly I started spending time on that also. But free of cost only. Later on, I have completed my Doctorate and moved out of that place and in my new job I was to spend a lot of time to show my ability. So my full concentration was on that only and I worked in the same company for about 30 years, starting the career as Quality Control manager and finally resigning from the job in last year October as Director of the company. In that busy life, I have completely neglected that art. Whether I can do something now I have to think. I joined a new company as President now. If I get some time I may have to try astrology again.
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    During my childhood, I was good in drawing pictures. I used to draw the figures of God's and goddesses, especially Lord Sri Ram, Hanuman, Ravana, Duryodhan etc. Even now I can draw pictures and cartoons.My ISC threads of the past have many cartoons drawn by me using paint section. Once ISC discouraged my art, and I have become silent now.
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    Are you maintaining your childhood talents till now?

    Yes, I am, though not all of them, the ones that I really love I still find time for them no matter how hooked up I am with my daily routines. We human beings love to blame, we would always love to have someone at the tip of our fingers for not pursuing our talents. I am not different, I love to play piano, my excuse is that due to work I can't play it regularly but again that's an excuse, I can definitely spare 30 min every day to follow my passion. As of now, I love drawing cartoons which I do occasionally in my workplace, I have drawn many cartoons which I have kept pinned into my wall, I have my own blog, I am contributing here in ISC. So few things that I loved doing from childhood I still pursue them and would love to continue pursuing them.

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    To be honest NO. I liked to draw as a child and used to draw pretty good and that was my activity during leisure times. I haven't attended any classes as such but I used to take the help of internet for tips and classes as I grew. But once I started working and got married I never got a chance to look back into it and ever since then I have never drawn a single picture. Sometimes I think about it but I am too lazy now to brush up my old skills. As a child our parents used to promote us and even after marriage also I remember my mom asking me to concentrate on my skills but my busy schedule at work and home keeps me away from everything.

    In certain cases I feel, even if the child Is interested and has got the skills, after a certain age parents will demotivate them saying that studies is more important. Thus many of them lost touch and later on they themselves won't get time. Studies are important but at the same time if you can manage your other activities along with it, please do so as those are gifted qualities given by God.

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    They have long gone! didn't have many talents but loved drawing, paiting and write some poems. As time passed by, I've not nurtured them, only the scratchy handwriting is still with me.

    I think as our roles changed from a student to an employee, to a breadwinner, to a family lead, the added responsibilities and a degree of laziness that creeps in making it not feasible to continue their childhood talent-related activities.

    There are some friends of mine who regularly paint and exhibit there work, some who sing at a weekly gathering to the level of a semi-professional, so there is time, we just need to make it happen.

    I think it's never too late to re-kindle the hidden talents and use it as a hobby to releive the stresses of daily life.

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    During my childhood, the thing that I loved the most was dancing, so I always try to maintain that spirit. I keep exercising with my dance moves. I even teach some children when I get time, that is what makes me happy.
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    Yes, I maintain and that is Singing, Singing is my Passion. I really love singing it gives me peace and I fill fresh. I watch all the singing show.

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