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    As usual we have forgotten him

    He was born on 3rd January, 1903 in present Jharkhand. His simple-minded parents used to pray to the God to make him a successful herder of cattle. The boy thought differently. He started going to school, started to secure first position in the class, secured scholarship to study in the prestigious Oxford University, obtained the degree of B.A (Economics) from this University and joined Indian Civil Service.

    The young man didn't stop. In Oxford, he learnt to play hockey, played in the Oxford hockey team and ultimately became the captain of Indian hockey team to win the first gold medal in 1928 Olympics.

    He again surprised others. He left hockey; he resigned from ICS. For betterment of tribal people of India, he formed a political party called 'Adivasi Mahasabha' in 1938. Tribal people used to call him 'Marang Gomke' which means the Great Leader.

    He became the member of Constituent Assembly. As a member of the Constituent Assembly, he gave a memorable speech against imposition of prohibition in India, an issue (prohibition) which was strongly supported by Gandhi. This memorable speech talked about the culture and tradition of tribal people of the country. This speech ultimately convinced the Constituent Assembly not to enforce prohibition in India.

    This great man, became MP for consecutive four times. He was the first proponent of Jharkhand. We, the forgetful Indians, never paid him his due. He silently left the world in 1970. The simple Munda from Jharkhand has not been awarded with any Padma award, which many film-stars or lesser-known people from different fields have received.

    As usual we have forgotten Pramod Pahan @ Jaipal Singh Munda.
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    The story of Jaipal Singh Munda was less heard as there was not much publicity about him. But from the write up shared by the author he seems to be interesting person. Thanks for sharing such information.
    K Mohan
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    A less heard person like many other unheared personalities of India. I think he was a thorough gentleman never wanted to be in the limelight. Anyway, good that you remembered him today the day following Gandhi's birthday.
    No life without Sun

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    Thanks Mr.Partha, was not aware of these facts. There would be may more men and women whose contributions would be overshadowed by other personalities or forgotten by many.
    Incidentally, The birth anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri, (second Prime Minister of India) was also on 2nd October and most in India forgot this or was overshadowed by Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations

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    I never heard about this man. A great man with good morals. Very nicely narrated by the author. My sincere thanks to the author for sharing this story of this gentleman.
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    As a follower of hockey since my chidlhood, I heard about Jaipal Singh Munda way back in early 1980s because he was the captain of Indian hockey team in 1928 Olympics, the first time Indian team won gold in Olympics. Much later, I came to know that he was the first proponent of Jharkhand state (much, much before Shibu Soren). But I didn't know about his childhood struggle, his joining ICS and later resigning the prestigious service. I didn't know that he logically fought against imposition of prohibition in the Cosntituent Assembly. He fought against the view of Gandhi in this regard and ultimately prevailed.

    A great man left unsung!

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    Author has given a very important information. I had not heard about him. Like Jaipal Singh, there are much more still who are not recognized and given a proper honor.

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    Nice story of Jaipal Singh Munda. I really thank the author for sharing this important information with us in his usual lucid and narrative manner.

    It is really surprising that we are not aware of such personalities. It also depicts that people less qualified and not comparable to him are known more only due to the publicity factor.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I was not aware of this personality till I read your post. Glad you have shared this information in a such an interesting and narrative way. Kept me hooked till the end to know who he was.

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