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    Tell us your healthy practice

    Are there any healthy practices that you swear by? Something you do routinely, to ensure that your health gets a boost. How does the habit help you?

    I have always practised a healthy lifestyle but indulged in sugary foods. However, lately, I removed sugar from my diet. I am not diabetic, so it wasn't a health scare that prompted me to stop consuming sugar. I read a few studies on how sugar is more harmful than all the other foods. It does more damage than we think. So, I stopped adding sugar to my coffee and haven't had a dessert, in a long time. The results have been great. I dropped over three kilograms, even though I have been missing my regular walks and jogs.

    What is your healthy practice? You may motivate someone to lead a healthy life.
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    My healthy practice? Only one. I wake up quite early.
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    I wake up early. Go for Yoga for 20 minutes and then thread mill for about 30 minutes. After having bath pooja for about 60 minutes. Earlier days I was eating more sweets. I started gaining weight. Now I stopped sweets completely. No sugar either in coffee or tea. I made a point not to eat outside junk food. I stopped it completely for almost 4 years. I never drink cold water. I take only normal water. I am against cool drinks.
    These are my healthy practices.

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    My healthy practice. I am a diabetic not because of sugar, but the tension that I had in my life. Yet, despite being a diabetic I go for a 5km morning walk to maintain my health. My weight has come down to 58 Kg from my 65 Kgs I maintained. My life is going well with ISC.
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    I am not a regular for morning walks or exercises but I try to do a bit of yoga and some light exercises which were prescribed by physiotherapist when I had problems with my back.

    I firmly believe that a good and balanced lifestyle is the key to good health and people who adopt it early in their life are benefited most ( I was a late entrant ! ).

    Food habits are also a very important matter in deciding the overall health and longevity of a person. Those who take less oily food, less spices, less aerated drinks, less fats etc are the real beneficiaries of these measures.

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    We have lifts in our office, but before entering the lift there is a quote which is written "Burn calories not electricity" and whenever I read that I make it a point to use the staircase as it motivates to keep me going, after every flight of stairs it shows how many calories have been burned that's again very delightful to read.

    I guess this is my healthy practice.

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    Early to bed and early to rise is the age old proverb and I am strictly following it. By going to bed early , we are not wasting our time on late night moves, parties and other activities which disturb the programs of the next day. By waking up early, we are habituating our body to accept the nature as it comes early in the morning. Being silent and pin drop silence , who ever wakes up early have the advantage of preparing for the day the impending task and for the students making a review studies during wee hours would bring greater understanding and remembrance attitude which is must during exams.
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    There a few little things that I do, Excercise for 45 minutes in the morning or evening 4-5 days a week, based on my work commitments. About a year back we as a family have stopped areated energy drinks and soft drinks.

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    Good discussion. As the author mentioned I am trying to stop sugar intake in my daily life. I get up early for the sake of my family. I don't get time to exercise but I do all my house work by myself. I have not kept a servant for any work. Including gardening and out work I do all alone as a part of exercise.

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