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    Does the classroom seat define a person’s personality?

    Every classroom has three categories: front bench, middle bench and the back bench. The choice of seat varies from person to person because some will prefer to sit at the center and some towards the outside of the bench. It is observed that usually the students who sit in the front bench have a smooth relationship with the teachers and will show a lot of interest towards their studies. But that is not the case with the back bench, it is symbolized that the students who sit at the back are naughty and are the most notorious ones in the classroom. When compared to the front bench and the back bench, a large group of people fall into the category of middle bench. The middle bench students usually possess a wide range of characteristics and traits. People who don't want to get noticed by the teachers prefer to take the middle seats and are considered the average students in the classroom because of their lack of interest in the classroom activities and their shyness. It is obvious that we all would have heard a lot about the classroom seats and the personality.

    Where do you sit in the classroom? Have you observed any close association with your choice of seat and your personality? Does the classroom seat really define a person's personality?

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    Hmmm, the author has raised a very interesting topic. I don't find any difference in the middle, front, back seats. During my school days, I was placed in the first bench because of my height. I didn't get any special attention by the teachers. In college days I was in middle seats and was involved in all activities of the college. According to me, the seats are assigned as per their heights. But I had heard about thoughts what the author had mentioned.

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    The author's points on seating in a classroom are generally thought by all. During my school days, I was the shortest among the students in my section. So the class teacher allocated me the seat in the first bench. In my junior college there some more boys who are shorter than me. So the lecturer advised me to sit in the second row from the bottom.In my degree college, the classroom was different for different subjects. So there was no a constant place. When we get into the class what is the seat available we used to sit in that. Then when I joined the University for my post-graduation, the classrooms were different for different subjects. For Organic Chemistry class, we have to Organic Chemistry department for Analytical chemistry class we have to go to that section. Like this, the classrooms were changing. Even then I was mostly sitting on the first bench only. During my doctorate no classes and no benches. Only experiments in the lab only.
    This is my history of seats in classrooms. I never sat in backbench or middle bench, so I was not having that experience.

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    In those days, definitely. During my PUC, we, students have to run classroom by classroom for every subject. As my paternal uncle was a lecturer in the same college my daily activities (though I was soft enough) were commented by other lecturers, I was forced to occupy the first bench,that too in the middle. The last bench students were described as BBA (back bench Anna's).

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    A very subtle point raised by the author.

    What I have observed is the studious students generally prefer or try to have front rows to have good interaction with the teacher as well as to get recognized in the eyes of teacher.

    The mediocre students will generally be sitting in mid rows to avoid teacher seeing their work or handwriting. In addition they will like to be away from the naughty and rich students who generally occupy mid or back seats.

    This is a general scene of distribution of seats in a classroom but exceptions are always there.

    The students who generally slip away after the attendence will naturally be preferring back seats.

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    During my school days, we never had these seating arrangements. We had seating arrangements on a rotation basis, the first benchers had to move to the second bench, second benchers to the third and so on the next day and this was followed throughout the year. This has its own advantages and disadvantages but advantages outweigh the disadvantage.

    What the author has mentioned and noticed is true to some extent but not always true. During college, hardly students attend any lectures and this applies to the studious ones as well. You can find the most studious one sitting in the last bench and the one who is least interested in the first bench paying no attention.

    But it's always the last benchers who will have wonderful memories to share and laugh. It's wrong to stereotype them as the one who is naughty/notorious or less than average students. The fact is they are the ones who are very creative, they can face any storms in their life and most of them know how to balance fun and studies. All fun and no studies and all studies and no fun is equally not good.

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    Yes the class room sitting would definitely show case the personality of each student or a person. What I understand from my experience that , if you opt to sit in front row, you are considered confident and can answer any question posed by the teacher. If you are occupying second or third bench, then the teacher consider you as average and would disturb you often by raising questions to answer. And if the student prefers to have last seats, then it is fully understood that they are not interested in class and would be looking for reasons to skip. These are students who must be molded to the teachers fold.
    K Mohan
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    Looking back now it doesn't really matter, there are backbenchers who have done really well in life and there are frontbenchers who are just about floating about.

    Certainly, in earlier days, there was a notion that was partly true. Front-benchers would be very studious, always eager to answer questions, would have the neatest records that rest have to borrow to copy. The middle benchers were the students who were a little shy/introverts who used to do well but not be attention seekers. The backbenchers used to be laid back students, sometimes really well to do, sometimes a transferred student from another school and sometimes students who used to slip in and out of the classes.

    I have had teachers who used to know the bench options and they used to regularly pace between the rows of benches to keep the class under control and catch mischief makers early.

    An interesting arrangement in the current schools is that there is a bench leader for every row of benches who keeps track of that row of students regarding their work and tidiness at class. This is in a rotation and even the student's place is changed every month. After a couple of years, the students of the same standard and intermingled with section students. I think this is a good concept, kids can make new friends, the usual troublemakers' group can be distributed around.

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    During my school days, I used to sit first in the middle, and later on when rotations started, we all have to rotate ourselves on all the seats. But, I can agree with you , this is a common thought that every teacher and almost every student possess. Because the teacher normally picks up the last student to answer any question or solve any mathematical problem. And if nothing is being solved by either the back benchers or the middle ones, then at the end, the teacher asks the first seat student to answer the question. While the middle ones feel always secure, that they will be left because teachers will not consider them.
    I always used to ask questions and answer them, whether I sat on the first seat or middle or last. It depends upon the students and not on their seating arrangements

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    I have always been a back-bencher. I used to sit in the last row in school, college and in the university class-rroms. Now, what does it tell about my personality?
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    Partha you may be shy person by instant rapport. But when one make friendship with you, then you may open up. The reason for you sitting in the back side benches, may you want to be targeted by the teachers to ask question and you would do so without any problem and that would baffle others who are normally dull heads and would be surprised with your answers. Once you answer, the teacher would certainly shift you to the front benches. Now admit to us whether you have been shifted to front benches ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Mr. Mohan: In school, I used to sit at the last row because I would get enough opportunity to read spy-thrillers and story books. At the last row, I could play with the magnet and could do various other things.

    Please don't ask me why I used to sit at the last row in the college and in the university. The truthful answer may cause getting negative points credit.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Well, I agree that the students sitting in the last bench can be naughty and notorious but they can be interested in studies. In the entire 4 years of my engineering, I sat in the last bench, played games on mobile or book for most of the time but managed to get 9.5+ CGPA. I am interested in studies but I am afraid (maybe) of making eye contact with the teacher. These days, teachers focus more on last bench students than on first bench students. Many a times, my teachers made me and my last bench mates sit in the first bench. So, middle bench students are the ones getting less attention but not the last bench students.

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    This post reminded me the latest Whats App message with file photo of Vajpai, P V N Rao and Chandrasekhar seated in second row that was going round quite for some time. The theme was all the three back benchers had become Prime Ministers but some people seated in the first bench remained to sit in the first row even today.

    So, sitting in the first bench or in any other row doesn't make any difference unless we put our efforts sincerely, we can't excel in any field. Of course, luck also plays its part too!


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    Not everyone's personality can be defined by their seating arrangements. But normally the studious students sit in the front bench. Those who sit in the back bench are not that great with studies but I feel they are the ones who really enjoy their life. They have fun during class times and they usually bunk the class. These are memories to cherish which the studious students who spent most of the time inside the classroom miss. Not all the back bench students are failures, some are average level students when it comes to studies. Some students who fail in all the classes, I am not with them as they are spoiling their future.

    In certain schools they have the procedure of changing seats every week so each student gets a chance to sit in the first bench as well as the last bench. In such cases we can never define a student's personality.

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