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    Why do we refer our emotions with respect to the heart alone?

    The emotions are recognised by the brain and the heart. The brain makes us aware of our emotions. The heart also recognises the emotion by beating fast or slow. Previously we were under the impression that emotions are generated by the brain but the scientists established that the brain and heart together produce the emotions. If it is so why we express our emotions by referring to the heart alone? The examples are hearty congratulations, heartfelt condolences, from the bottom of the heart, heartless, wholehearted etc.,? Why there is no reference to the brain?
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    This is really something to ponder over if we re-phrase it as brainy congratulations, brain felt condolences, from the bottom of the brain, brainless(this is popular), brainhearted, would certainly sound weird.

    The brain is logical in thinking whereas heart is not logical (this is what I have understood). When we think from brain we are being very logical but when we do it from our heart we are doing it out of emotion no matter how illogical it might seem. So, even if the brain produces emotion I guess, we are more prone to take the emotional decision from the heart. The dominance of emotional decision from the heart is very high than the brain. So if you appreciate someone from the bottom of the brain instead of from the bottom of the heart it might not go too well for the recipient no matter how well and with good intentions you have wished that person.

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    All actions by our body parts will be advised by heart only. All signals will pass through the brain only. When you walk, you are walking with your legs but the signals will be processed through brain only. I think the brain is the CPU. So whatever we do it will be a combination of brain and the particular part of the body. When you laugh it is shown on your face but the processing is done by CPU ie brain only. But we say we eat with our hands but we will never say we will eat with brain and hand. Even the emotions are recognised by the brain and it is felt by heart only. So we should say heartfelt congratulations only. Your heart is feeling means already your brain conveyed the matter to heart.We need not specifically bring in the brain also here. This is the concept I have regarding the human body. I don't know whether I am correct or not.
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    When we are pleased with some one's gesture, it touches the heart. When we help some one , it touches their heart. So helping and taking help directly has the contact with the heart and hence we use the words whole heartedly, hearty congrats etc.
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    If we utter words with mere mouth the value of the word is just but if the same coming from heart the value will be high. Through heart only we can express our feelings well.

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    I think this is the way we have learn't are written and spoken English. To me the brain is tune to think, modify, modulate, it makes a human good, clever cunning or bad.
    The heart is always a symbol of warmth, love,affection and sincerity. To me when we say something with real meaning to some one, the prefix - heartfelt implies that it's true with warmth and profoundness.
    Like Neethu has mentioned, imagine telling someone 'my brainfelt congratulations'. doesn't come out well and doesn't sound well.
    Let's stick to the heart that's a sign of love and kindness.

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    Emotions and feelings are always connected to heart. Nobody can love with brain, because then, brain will tend to monitor the person's nature, habits, logical thinking, attitude, ego, almost every other feature that a human might possess. But it is always said, love from your heart, our heart connects with our soul. Heart contains set of emotions, care, love and affection. Our heart has the ability to create happiness, which a brain cannot do. Brain can only think and apply. It always thinks logically and on calculated thoughts.
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