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    Guess the Personality

    Hailing from once upon a time part of the biggest state in India, the poet and play writer in Hindi and Urdu have contributed huge quantum towards the cultural development of India. Before moving to Europe for his proficiency in acting and direction, had experience as a producer, writing songs for a Radio Station in Mumbai. His bloodline contributions along with few others made Aamir Khan productions movie get nominated in the Filmfare awards in 2011, even after being a low budget movie.

    Whom are we talking about?
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    I think this is someone from Peepli live.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Is this Mr.Habib Tanvir. If correct credit is not mine but google's.

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    I also learned from Google that it is Mr.Habib Tanvir. The author has to respond with the correct answer so that we know whether Google is correct or not.
    always confident

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    Yeah, that's right, the answer is Mr. Habib Tanvir.

    I appreciate your participation Pooja, Mr. NAtarajan and Dr. Rao.

    Mr. Habib Tanvir was born in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He had worked for AIR. He had moved to Europe to get trained in RADA.

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