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    A story of Mullah Nasruddin: Find similarity with Indian liberals and seculars

    A neighbour came to Mullah Nasruddin for an interpretation on a point of law. "My cow was gored by your bull. Do I get any compensation?"-asked the neighbour.

    "Certainly not. How can a man be held responsible for what an animal does?"-replied Mullah.

    "Just a moment, I am afraid I got the question back to front. What actually happened was that my bull gored your cow."-said the neighbour.

    "Ah!" said the Mulla. '"This is very complex. I shall have to look up the book of precedents, for there may be other factors involved which are relevant and which could alter the case."

    Members of ISC, do you find any similarity between Mullah Nasruddin and Indian seculars and liberals?
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    What exactly you mean by Indian seculars and liberals. without that explanation, it will be difficult to give a proper response.
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    By the way the author seems to be undermining and under playing the ability of Mullah Naseeruddin. We cannot drawn parallel between Indian secular and liberals.
    K Mohan
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    #610667 and #610669: Let's recall the unfortunate murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh as example. She was murdered. The investigation is going on. Still now common people don't know who killed her. Seculars & liberals of India did candle-light procession blaming a particular party for the murder. Most probably Marx and Gandhi told them in their dream who are responsible for her murder.

    On the other hand, some RSS workers including women are brutally killed by leftists in Kerala. When the matter is discussed, the secular-liberal brigade promptly goes back to 2001. There is no question of candle-light procession.

    I find similarity of this attitude with the famous story of Mullah from Turkey. So, I sought to know others' opinion in this regard.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We are seeing in present world that we interpret anything or everything including golden rules in relative terms- how we are benefited from it.
    However, those who are able to create more decibels get the attention and even truth gets twisted by the vocal calibre.
    This is applicable to most cases in general. Each one can draw specific examples and cases according to one's own bias and perception.

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    A discussion on any subject will be meaningful if discussed without bias. Is it a crime to be secular in Idia? India is a secular country but some sections of people with complete disregard to the Constitution are against secularism. There are no true liberals anywhere.

    Gauri Lankesh who was a staunch supporter of secularism and a critic of right-wing groups was murdered. Candlelight processions were taken out in many cities by Journalists, activists and public in protest against the murder of Gauri Lankesh. If I am correct, only one journalist commented against an organisation. The BJP party sent a legal notice to him.

    The political murders in Kerala were discussed earlier in another thread. You always refer to the RSS workers murdered by Communists but conveniently forget about the Communist workers murdered by the RSS. Both the parties are guilty and the number of people killed on either side is equal. The statistics are available all over. You are so sympathetic about the murdered RSS workers but never think about the murdered people on the other side. Untruth spoken repeatedly with a lot of noise seem to be true later.

    I do not find any similarity with the satire of Mulla Naseeruddin referred by you. Mulla Naseeruddin is a renowned person for his wisdom and satirical writings.

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    Who started the cycle of violence in Kerala? Although Sitaram-chacha blamed RSS for the violence , but even the children of Kerala know the truth. It is the culture of left and ultra-left to use violence to remain in power or to gain power. I know it from my personal experience in West Bengal. So far as Kerala is concerned, nowadays the dangerous cocktail of jihadi violence and left violence has been a matter of concern of all right-thinking people of the country (not including the intelligentsia).

    To believe in secularism (separation of state from religion) is not a crime. Nehruvian 'sickularism' (appeasement of particular community/communities for votes) is a crime. And those criminals must be punished by the common people of India through the ballot-box.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Whoever started the political murders, both the parties are guilty. They do not have any justification to complain. In Kerala Janaraksha Yatra, Yogi Adityanath declared that" Love Jihad" is a fact in Kerala. On one side the NIA investigation is going on and the Supreme Court is hearing the case, Yogiji has given his judgement.If one tries to point a finger at others, ten fingers will point at him. In the time of Nehru, there was no need to appease any community. The appeasement and polarisation are a recent phenomenon. What will be the use of appeasement of minority people, the polarisation of the majority will be helpful and it is proved.
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    In India, the question of socialism and secularism comes to limelight when only particular religion people and particular party people suffer. Other times it will not come. Nobody bothers. There are many officers working for the upliftment of the poor suffered severe blows by the intolerant people but nobody bothers about that. But when a student wrongly claimed as a Dalit student was committed suicide, many leaders from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari flown to Hyderabad with a lot of expenditure to government and expressed their anguish on the central Government.
    But when many innocent people died because of Pakistan soldiers attack on the border, no leader is having time even to mourn. This is the state of affairs in our country. I 100% agree with Partha's comparison of these people's mentality with that of Mullah Nasruddin. Very Unfortunate state of affairs in this country.

    always confident

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    I could not understand the simile. Anyway, without going into flimsy arguments, I would try to read between the lines. In this thread, the issue of killing of RSS workers in Kerala is raised. The tread gives emphasis on who started this violence. The seculars and liberals are blamed. Gandhi and Marx are also dragged into the issue.

    At the outset, I want to submit that the names of dead people like Gandhi and Marx should have not to be dragged in this issue. Since they have nothing to do with this issue and secondly they cannot defend their sides. Even in courts, the names of dead people are deleted irrespective of being an accused or witness.

    Yesterday, I was seeing an interview of a stalwart communist leader (no need to take the name). The leader also gave the number of communist workers killed by RSS and BJP. I wonder how these politicians are shining their sinister politics on the number of the killed workers of their parties. They do not have issues of unemployment, sinking economy and other core issues directly concerned to the common voters who voted these shameless politicians into power. Instead of going into the root cause of such killings, leftist and rightist are counting the heads of killed people. In other words they are justifying such killings. Many sociologist claim that these killings have a long history and it is the outcome of a competition of getting strong hold in dominant castes. This clearly shows the kind of politics they have for their voters and the country.

    A true secular keeps religion out of state affairs and he is naturally benevolent to other religions. The rising power of rightist who encourage cow vigilantism, moral policing and dictating people on issues of food habits etc is owing to the appeasement of minorities and castes by so called seculars. These politicians are fanatics in disguise of secularism. Such seculars are equally dangerous as religious fundamentalists.

    As a true Indian, I condemn all sorts of killings including the killings by cow vigilantes. Parties are segregating them as per their followings, I, as an Indian, see them as my countrymen. I would appeal to both the ruling parties to stop this and set an example of peace and harmony.

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    After lots of discussion, some Members have understood, some haven't. What can one do?

    As a true Indian, I condemn all sorts of killings and violence including the killing of hapless Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir and Swaymsevaks in Kerala.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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