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    Make it a habit to laugh in the morning as you may end up needing to cry at night.

    Many of us live our lives with regular doses of stress, deceit, deadlines, targets and dejection in our profession ( especially people beginning our careers) that the negativity spills into our personal lives and relationships bear the burden.

    There are many ways to overcome our daily bundle of troubles. Make it a point to start your day, every day on a pleasant note, have a smile, wish your kids, wish your spouse or parents at home.
    Leave home with positive energy and always smiling.

    At work, try to keep the positivity on, you don't need to solve the entire problems of the office or all your colleagues. When you return home to be happy, if unfortunately things are beyond your reach and you have to cry, then do so and be glad that you smiled that morning when you had a chance.
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    Smiling is always good. We have nothing to loose by lending our smile to someone. It also adds grace to our face. I don't think we purposely forget to smile. I feel it is our stress, situations or tensions that make us gloomy all day. At times the situation is so bad that we have to give a fake smile. Smile has to come from the heart so when we are not happy from inside, we can't give a pleasant smile.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    That is correct, we should try and smile first when we get up in the morning, it gives really a good start and boost up our energy level as well. I think we should look at the mirror and smile while seeing it. When we wake up, we should first remember God for one more beautiful day of our life, one more opportunity to be our best and achieve what we want to. After that we should wish our parents and then continue with our daily schedule.
    Smiling is really a very good habit, it makes a person feel more positive and remain cheerful throughout the day. So, one should keep smiling and laughing.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Good post from the author which coincides with the life cycle of good and even bad moments in our lives in tandem. But what I feel that instead of laughing only in the morning hours, I would suggest we should laugh all through the day even at the slightest laughing moments, so that we may forget the past pain of life and welcome the future risks and tasks which are in full challenges. When we learn to laugh often, we also learn to sustain our failures and setbacks without revealing to anyone. That makes us one step ahead of others and that character would even baffle others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree that we have to start the day with the positive note. We should have all the laughs in the morning. We should plan for the day in the morning and go as per the planning. I hope and think that we need not end up the day with crying. Planning and execution are to be done carefully and try hard so that we are successful. If we are successful we can go to bed also smiling with a relaxed mind and happy note. Always we should be positive. Somedays we may go to bed with semi-finished jobs. Even these days we need not cry but we can go to bed with a positive note saying that the pending work will be completed successfully the next day. Smiling and laughing is good for health. A smile adds value to your face. A laugh releases the stress a lot. So be laughing and smiling. But one point is smile at others but should not laugh at others.

    always confident

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