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    At least one (more) public figure keeps his word.

    Mr.Navjot Singh Sidhu, well-known cricketer who doesn't need an introduction, had made a promise early this year to help farmers in Punjab who lost their crops due to a fire in April 2017. It's stated that he had promised to match the compensation given by the government to these farmers. He has issued cheques to the tune of Rs:17 lakhs from his personal account. He also handed over a cheque to pay to electricity dues (Rs2.5 lakhs) of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, martyr and freedom fighter ( after the government failed to release the funds).

    Whatever be the reasons, politics, media exposure, we should be happy that at least one more public figure and one more minister has kept his word.
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    "He also handed over a cheque to pay to electricity dues (Rs2.5 lakhs) of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, martyr and freedom fighter ( after the government failed to release the funds)."-This I have failed to understand. Electricity dues of Shaheed Bhagat Singh (who died in 1930)?
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    Mr.Pratha, the martyr's house and memorial park at Khatkar Kalan village in Shaheed Bhagat Singh?Nagar (Nawanshahr) district is open to visitors like any place of historical interest. Allegedly the electric bills are not paid from December 2016. The bills used to be paid by the local administration or waived off by the state government previously.

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    Thank you Mr. Natarajan for the clarification. We must congratulate Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu for fulfilling his promise to the farmers of Punjab.
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    Good that Navjot Singh Sidhu has known the intricacy of politics and in these days if the politicians wont keep promise and wont do any work for the voters, he would be squarely rejected. By the way every politician who was elected as MLA or MP are being with LAD funds which they can use it wisely and look after their own area people. If Navjot has done some help to farmers means, he has not paid anything extra from his pocket. What he was eligible from the government has been shared to the farmers. But again while other politicians would swallow even this amount Sidhu kept the promise.
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    That's a kind gesture and commendable of him to keep his word. Totally appreciate him for this!

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    It is good to have people like Sidhu in the politics. If every politician can help the public in this way, India would prosper with the blessings of the public. One should learn to earn and also to spend, not to store.
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    It is nice to know about this. These days also there are people in high places to keep up their words. It is really a great matter to know that he has spent the money from his pocket. It is really good. These days many leaders are showing sympathy to suffering public. Even Telangana Chief Minister took the responsibility of a child who lost his parents. But the expenditure is not from his personal funds but from Government Funds. In the same way, AP Chief Minister also took the responsibility of a student for getting his education. But again the expenditure is to the Government. Not from the individual account. That way Sidhu has done a good thing. We all should appreciate him.
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