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    Life in a metro city

    How do we describe the life of people living in a metro city? Should we say busy lives? or should we say stressful lives? The Indian metro cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and now a days Bangalore is also counted under metro cities. Does these cities define popularity, we can say yes.
    How do the people here live on a daily basis. The most imaginative thought that comes in my mind when I talk about metro cities is "an intersection of road road being completely jammed by the vehicles blocking each other's path." This is the picture that is immediately formed in my mind. And the thought that I get is the 'fast pace' with which people are running towards their office, children are running towards their school. Nobody has time for even a single second to look from here to there. Is this the way how people live there?
    Well exactly, the same happens, its called a 'running life'. People living in either independent flats or societies with a healthy environment. Mostly people going to work look very clean and nicely dressed, if you find them speaking you can hear them talking in an interesting tone, with a complete formal outlook. Nice but life becomes stressful. Stress due to office work and also household work. But people are well mannered in their healthy habits, they do jogging, exercise and walking. Almost everybody owns a car as a sign of luxury. Normally we can find nuclear families here. People turn out to be making each other very good neighbors and forming good relations with each other. Small children starts becoming mature and independent since early age, as parents are both working and they are not able to manage much of the time with their child. Life becomes highly independent here. People take independent decisions. People are majorly working in Multinational companies or private sector. We can see urbanization has a great role in metro cities. Life is like a hustle bustle here, but once people lived a busy life , it is tough for them to live a simple and a life with less work. Mode of communication for people is English at the max.
    There are malls and supermarkets everywhere to shop almost anything. And so, the costs are very high. Every small thing is double the rate, either it is an eatable or a personal care product. Due to everything being so expensive, it becomes tough for people from middle class family to survive.
    In such families, both husband and wife have to work to earn a living and to survive a happy life, to provide good education to their children. And so the existence of Day care centers start, where small children stay while their parents are busy at work. If you have your own home here, you cannot leave it of course and some people even are burdened with loans and the struggle remains throughout their life.

    That is how the life in a metro city is !! What more can you add here?
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    Life in Metro cities which includes even Hyderabad is different from other cities. What I have observed in Metros that people wont care others and they are very selfish enough to look after them. Right from the driving on the road, over taking at the junction, and they even in office,, people try to dominate as if they are superior. Irregular eating habits, not having daily contact with children, no contacts with the parents or the elders of the home and above all the house is not kept clean and everything left as shabby to be cleaned in the evening. Metro city people does not want any friends and relations. They simply mind their own business, they wont mingle with others, no parties nor attend any functions. They always cite busy with their own work, and thus over the course of time the relatives and friends forget them for ever and there whereabouts are not known or traceable.
    K Mohan
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    Good write up Pooja, you have wonderfully depicted the life in a Metro City, you have already mentioned most of the things in a beautiful manner.

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    Yes. The life of a person in a Metro city is presented very nicely in the thread. As mentioned by Mohan nowadays Hyderabad is also considered as a metro city on par with Bangalore. The lives in these cities are more instrumental. Even though the person is having some desire to be with his family and kids, the time will never permit. The commuting time from the house to the workplace and back will eat away a giant part of his day. Then comes his official or professional commitments which can't be ignored or postponed. The way of life already he has chosen will have some minimum requirements which are to be provided by him to the family. For taking care of this one has to struggle with his official commitments.He can't run away. In this cycle, he is almost forgetting his personal wishes and life also. Very Very instrumental life. He can't even see his children daily and talk to them. This is the order of the day in metro cities. Not only the people who are in metro cities but also people who are in other cities and towns are also facing similar problems because of their commuting time to work and back. A teacher working in a nearby village of a town will be staying the town. He will have to start very early in the house to reach the school in time and reach back his house very late. So by the time he starts the children will, never get up and by the time he is back children will be sleeping. So I think we can't blame the people but the conditions and the mad run for things.
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    Nice thread and views, In the metros life, is always fast-tracked, getting kids ready to school, going to work, having lunch, meetings and get back home to put your feet up only to realise that its close to 9-10pm and another day has gone by. Yes, people look urbanly domesticated but their's a dark side to it.

    Values and trust are hard to come by, people who mean good to you and well-wishers are few and far apart, there is always the fear of taking the eye of the picture and find that you have dropped a level down the ladder. Complex interactions with people often revolve around how useful you are (power, politics, money) rather than your true self.

    There's always danger and abuse that happens within closed doors and out in the streets. Driving in any metro, you soon find the safer neighbourhood slowly giving way to seedy unsafe places or slums that are a stark reminder of the danger you are exposed to. Men and women are often victims of mugging, assault or murders for personal gain, money and deviant gains.

    Metro life is good as long as you know that you have to watch your back and your loved ones always be it a school, social party, corporate office or high rise apartment.

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    Life in a big city or metro is very different than the life in a small city or town.

    The main difference arises because of time in hand. In towns people have time as they do not commute from long distances and do not stuck in traffic jam as well they need not to bother much for shopping time or going to bank etc as everything is nearby.

    To some extent this reduces the stress level in people. Pollution is another aspect.

    There are some people specially the upper class who love life in metro. They can not think of leaving it for a town. They will miss the clubs, theatres, high society Life, parties etc.

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    Nice responses from everyone, so far and thanks Neethu for the appreciation, just tried to write about those lives, still being very simple.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    A good thread indeed. You have covered all the areas of a metro city and there is nothing more to add. In metro cities, you have access to everything but the life is so busy there and is crowded. Pollution will also be more.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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