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    Does it come out of sensitive nature?

    Some people are so soft and sensitive from inside, that they are able to handle themselves at times, but sometimes the tough situations make them cry into tears. Even if someone scolds them, the tear starts running from their eyes. Does this mean that the person is very sensitive ? Or it means a lot of emotions that come out suddenly? How do we define such people ? Or, are they still not able to control their emotions strongly ? What do you all think? Also, does such people need to improve or it is inbuilt in them by birth ?
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    Some people are away from the reality and they feel too much having the attachment with others and even on a small disturbance , they get perturbed and disturbed. I have seen many house holds having too much attachment of television serial character and if they face some hostile situations, here the viewers would weep for her or him. While watching a dance shows and suddenly when he or she tells about the ordeal of life and how they struggled to lead the life, here the audience also gets into pensive mood. So what I mean to say that when we see ourselves in the shoes of others with problems , we get tensed and even cry loudly for the bad situation with the character. Nevertheless emotions should not be curtailed. It has to be vent, otherwise we feel that some thing has been lost in the life. That is why when some one dies the relatives cry loudly to bring their inner feelings.
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    Some people can't withstand or hide their emotions. But some people they will not show their emotions. Those people who can't hide their emotions can easily be identified and we know well about their thought process and strength. But with the second category people, it is very difficult. We don't understand what they are thinking also. The people who can;t withstand their feelings are always weak and burst out easily. They will get tears very easily in their eyes. Those people will get disturbed very easily. One should be very careful in dealing with them. I find more such people in ladies. They show their anger, sorrow or appreciation very easily. They will take everything to their mind. Any small disturbance to any known person will hurt them too much. They should be treated very differently and always we should have an eye on them otherwise they will be always suffering.
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    There are some people who are very sensitive and take things to their heart. They can not tolerate or like any scolding or insult from any corner. They will be very much perturbed if such thing happens to them.

    This is the inborn nature of some people and it is very difficult to change it. Only problem is these people will not have a fighting spree. They will always be submissive and cordial but will be hurt very much when people misbehave with them.

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    Thank you everyone for the responses, I agree with you Rao Sir.
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    Many feel that sensitive people are fragile and react quickly to the disturbances around them. There's nothing wrong in being sensitive. I feel sensitive individual are often diligent and reliable, they have a good balance of what's right and what's wrong. Such individual, in certain circumstances, when pushed to a corner quickly bring out their emotions joy or sorrow, happiness or sadness. I would certainly not ask to them improve on how they control their emotions because many experts feel the opposite is true. People who bottle up their emotions have harmful effects due to the pressure of pentup emotions.

    We need to slightly change the way we interact with sensitive people, a little discretion and diplomacy will go a long way.

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    I feel it is the inborn nature. Some people take things to heart and start weeping as soon as they can't take it. It is because they are sensitive. But people will keep a distance with such people due to the fear that how will they react to things.

    I am sensitive but only when people very close to my heart says something which hurts me. In work place and all if some says anything I won't cry may be at times I feel bad but haven't cried so far and I do not think I will cry also. For me it depends on who hurt me.

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