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    Be with active and performing people, otherwise you also tend to be lazy like others.

    You can watch some people who are very active and enthusiastic the whole day and with their mere presence in a function or celebrations, the things gets going without any problem and thus the meet would be held without any glitch. But at the same time there are lazy people who would distract the minds of performers and even make them lazy. We should not be in the company of those who are lazy, who are without any definite goals in life and finally who are not ready to take any risks in the life. Be with active people and get noticed.
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    It says very little of individual character if it can be influenced so easily. Do we not have abilities to make our own decisions and act accordingly? Why do we have to depend on the company that we keep to make us act wisely or actively?

    Only, someone with a fickle personality will allow someone else's behaviour to rub off on them. One can still be active, in a group of lazy people and be lazy in a group of active people. Our own attitude towards life matters. An inherently spirited person will not cease to be energetic if surrounded by a group of lethargic people. I think our personalities decide how much we imbibe from others. It is not a sure-shot formula that works, every time.

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    Being in the company of an active member can't make us active. We should also have some positivities to be active. We should have the mind and body which will make us active. That all depends on how you choose. We see people who are active even in their sixties and we see lethargic people in 40s. This is all the nature of the individual. An active member can't sit idle without doing any work even though the other group members are lazy. He will go on doing his work without any problem. But there are people who are lazy and they will never perform. Those people sometimes try to deactivate the other people also. But a real active person and who is determined to complete his task will never get distracted by these people. Your will and intentions will make you active and if you are in the company of active people you will have a competition or otherwise a cake walk. 100% change can't be expected with your surrounding people. But it is always good to be in the group of active people. That will make you sharpen your axe always.
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    This would be good for children who in a group at home, school or tuitions, wherein I think many parents would like or even want their wards to be with kids who do well, who are well behaved and amicable. This, I think can mould the young mind to copy or to imitate the energetic well-performing kids.

    As adults, we can certainly learn from these motivated people who make their presence felt in a good way and pass on the positive vibes. People who are lethargic and very contended need not necessarily be bad. It's their choice, I remember an office staff from a few years ago who was very good but stayed the same place for 5 years without many ambitions, he used to say, sir, this job feeds four of us and I don't want to risk anything, maybe my son can be better. I remember him as he was happy with what he had and used to do his work sincerely that helped all the people in the office.

    Yes, it's good to be with people who are energetic and get noticed but we should have our own identity. Lastly, we can be with lethargic people and we need to have a mind of our own, not be influenced by their negativity or discouraging actions.

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