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    Another mishap. Very unfortunate.

    The mania for selfies is going beyond control. We are hearing much news about accidents and deaths during trying for selfies. Even then people are not realising the problem and continue to take risks. It is not at all worth to take unnecessary risks for simple selfies.

    Yesterday evening in Telangana, in Khammam District, an individual with his daughter, son and sister's son were gone to a lake called Munneru vagu near to their place. His son and Daughter are studying in a public school and supposed to leave to that place today morning. These four were trying to take a selfie by standing on a stone on the shore of the lake. The stone slipped off and all the four were fallen into the lake. The person doesn't know swimming. Some he managed to save his sister's child. But his son and daughter are missing. They just went with the flow. Swimmers are not able to trace their whereabouts. The boy name is Pramod (13 Years) and the girl is Pallavi(11 Years).
    Is it worth really to lose life for selfies? Aged people who are supposed to educate the young people are also behaving like this. A real tragedy.
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    You know they say that death never comes silently. It never takes the blame and always pushes the blame on circumstances. Very rarely, do we find people not blaming the death of a person on some event.

    There are always ifs and buts. They would not have died if they had been careful. They would not have died if the children had not insisted on an outing. They would not have died the stone had not slipped. There is always something to blame the death on.

    Very unfortunate indeed and I can only imagine the grief and the pain of the father who lost both his children in this tragic event. Could they have prevented this tragedy had they not gone there? Is death really that weak? I am being very philosophical in the time of someone's misfortune, but what I am trying to show here is that death is stronger and more powerful than we think. Our lives on earth are timed.

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    Yes. You are very true. Everything in our life is having its time. Nobody can stop. 100% it is destiny. But it is human nature to feel if it does not happen and if that has not happened. But nobody can change the destiny.
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    Selfies are fast emerging as a certain path of self-destruction. If we look at the cowardly act of suicides, most common means are jumping off a cliff ( suicide points), jumping into water or lying down on railway tracks. Selfies, I think are fast becoming 'SAMS -Self assured means to Suicide' ( in the last few weeks, we've heard about selfie deaths from heights, on railway tracks and in water)'. So people indulging in selfies at risky areas especially when in a group wherein we all can get carried away with fun and laughter or under influence of alcohol.

    We need hard-hitting messages in print media and television messages that can be borderline graphic.. Want to die. Then take a selfie here. Sounds dark or horrible but at least some may get the message.

    Like the philosophical view of our prefixed time of entry and departure in this world. I've heard of astrologers who leave pages blank when writing the life chart of some individuals, meaning that the lifeline stops at that age.
    But the tragedy of such irresponsible deaths will weigh down heavily on the family and survivors.

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    One more testimony and the danger of taking selfies at the risky places and losing the lives for no reason. Why people are so lethargic and wont apply brains and their concentration always goes on the angle and the way the selfie image would come out and in that melee they may even forget the impending danger to life. I have seen people posting their profile photos in social media while mountaineering, trecking and even while clinging to the rocks. No doubts in life some good moments has to be captured and nurtured in future, but not at the risk of life and posing danger to others.
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    In the future, selfies may make their way into the "most common causes of deaths" list. There are limits for fun and it's better not to break them. It is difficult even to imagine how a father who lost his son and daughter feels. Anyways, no matter how many similar tragedies happen, most people won't change. This incident is a proof that carelessness can be lethal.

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    Carelessness and lethargic attitudes are some stepping stones to death. The family did not think about the state of the lake with respect to the depth, water flow etc
    No one can change the destiny and stop their death. No one can erase and rewrite the fate written on our pate. We should not blame selfie for their death.

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    It is very sad incident and could have been avoidable by the elder who took the kids to that place but unfortunately he only fall victim of losing his son and daughter in the tragedy . As technolgy brining more and more new inventions and features, they do bringing dangers with them. Being responsible citizens we have to be careful and alter with these technology advances, the craze for taking selfies is increasing day by day among public , for one of my observation, I found 3 girls taking Selfie on a road at midnight , in order to stop these incidents governments should take some safety steps from their side along with people remain more cautious and alert
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    Recently we saw a forum thread on the same subject. It is really sad to hear such similar cases. What is happening to the people! Selfies can be taken later, it is your life which has to be given more importance. Some people have the habit of taking selfies while driving, which is a wrong habit as that can lead to accidents. After reading these kind of news, I hope people will change and care about themselves.
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    Some months ago, a professor of IIT-Kharagpur died drowning due to the same reason. It is very sad that educated, matured people are also falling in the deadly trap of selfie.
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