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    Queries about Job post

    Hi Editors,

    I posted 2 jobs on October 1st and it got approved on the same day and points got allocated. After few days, the job posts are moved to 'Pending' status stating various reason for both job posts. Here few are challenges I am facing while posting jobs.

    1. It states in the reason that 'to avoid job post which requires mandatory registration'. I guess almost all IT related jobs will require mandatory registration from the applicant and even government websites also required users to register in the site before applying for a job.

    2. Another reason mentioned is 'To submit last date for applying'. Most of the job notifications especially from IT industries won't have a last date for application. The job advertisement will be open as long as the required persons are selected.

    3. Sometimes this job post are rejected and moved to pending with multiple reasons. Is there any ISC link which contains this rules if so can you please share it here or post a separate thread? I tried to search for the rules and failed.

    Note: I joined ISC some 4 to 5 years back and I may not be a active user but always want to be a part of ISC. Recently, I got invite from our managing editor to contribute back to ISC which makes me feel very happy. I was very eager to be part of ISC again but getting such rejected response from posts makes me feel very disappointed. I hope that I will get clarified for my queries.
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    We are happy to see you back with your valuable contributions.

    Job posts we expect to be simple should not create any complications like registering and other mandatory processes hence few of your job posts were kept in pending and we do not think except banking sector nowhere at other government organization registration is not required they only ask candidates to submit their applications either in the prescribed application format or through online application facility.

    Either mentioning date of advertisement or last date for applying is absolutely mandatory for authenticity of the job post and its contents, we have faced problems in the past hence the Administration asked us to accept job posts only these two clauses are fulfilled.

    Most of the guidelines are already furnished earlier and few discussions will go on internally with ISC Admin and also with ME we will abide to the discussion and instructions passed on to us from time to time.

    Regarding date of advertisement and last dates you may check with the job posting guidelines.

    Do not get disappointed to see your posts in pending instead it will teach us how to make good job posts in future.

    We need quality contributors like you to be active with contributions whenever you find time.

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    We are just clarifying a few things about jobs taken from a company's website where no closing date given. We will get back to you on this issue.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Thanks for your comments. I still see lot of earlier job posts which got approved earlier which requires registration. As I am working in IT field, I am interested in posting jobs related to that IT field. Please clarify on my queries so that I can proceed further.
    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    It seems the problem is not with the registration process as such since a candidate can know about it once he clicks on the 'apply online' link at any company's career website. The main issue is that the date of closing of application is not stated anywhere in your job post & the date of the job post appears at the website only at the main list of vacancies when one does a search. This is not really helpful as the purpose of a job post is to avoid the cumbersome procedure of the candidate himself going to the main search page.

    Please refer: jobs posting FAQs , where we have stated, "Mention the last date of submission of the application." We included this in our policies as there were problems when companies sent emails to the Webmasters, asking for removal of jobs posted here which were outdated and no longer current vacancies.

    So, keeping in mind the problems created earlier & to avoid complaints, please provide clarity in every job post, with the closing date mentioned. In the case of a walk-in interview, mention the date, time & venue of the interview. Where closing date is not mentioned, please avoid posting them.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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