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Participate in this exciting Diwali e-book contest and win cash awards!
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    Cracker of a Diwali: write a chapter for the e-book, win a prize!

    We now begin the special Diwali e-book as per the chapters assigned to those who registered for the contest.

    What you have to do:
    1. Submit a chapter in a response in this thread itself, as per the number assigned to you in the entries' invitation thread (link above) of minimum 250 words and maximum 350 words only. No need to give any title to your chapter. You may give one link (not more) to any related internal page of ISC (any section.)
    2. The text should be in English only, though you can use traditional Indian words where required. Please do not edit your chapter once submitted as it will create confusion to the next participant if you suddenly change something. You can, though, correct typo errors within a few minutes of submission.
    3. The text must contain at least one word related to any aspect of Diwali. The word can be used in the singular/plural form and can even be more than one word (since the name of a Diwali mithai could have two words in it.) Since it is a developing story, it is possible you may need to use the same word already used by a member in one of the previous chapters. In that case, your text should also include another word too selected by you, related to Diwali.
    4. There is no need to be hasty in submitting a chapter. Work on it and write it in such a manner that it picks up the story nicely from the previous chapter and enables the next chapter to pick up the story too in an interesting way. You can include conversations/dialogues.
    5. You can introduce a new character / give a name to an unnamed character already mentioned. However, please avoid introducing too many characters and needlessly making the plot too convoluted!
    6. You can introduce any type of element in the story - romance, humour, mystery, etc. However, do not submit anything indecent and use appropriate language.

    Note: As per the chapter number assigned to you, you must submit your text within 24 hours of the time of submission of the previous chapter. If you fail to do so, then the next person in line will take it up. I will assign chapters five at a time. Since I am not online all the time, in case the first lot of five is over and I have not assigned the next lot, please wait for me to do so.

    Everyone is requested not to make any comments or give any feedback on any of the chapters submitted by participants. You may do so later, in the winners' announcement thread. In case you do have any query or are confused about the contest, please submit your query only in this thread.

    I am submitting the first chapter so as to provide a starting plot and give an idea to the participants on how to submit their entries.

    Awards: The three best chapters will each win Rs.150/-. Two further prizes may be given of Rs.100/- each if found worthy of the prize. All participants will also get enhanced points & may be given cash credits too based on the quality of the entry.

    Name of the e-book: Cracker of a Diwali. Start writing!
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    Chapter 1 – word: diya

    Diya sat on the park bench, making pencil sketches. Children squealed in delightful glee, clambering up and down playground equipment. Two kids were competing who could go higher on the swing; one child was thoroughly absorbed in the sand pit, scooping sand into little buckets with her toy spade and upturning them, while two others enviously looked on, their expression one of hope that she would ask them to join her. Diya smiled, remembering her childhood spent on a beach near their home, building sandcastles.

    Lost in her thoughts, Diya did not realize that somebody had taken a seat at the other end of the bench. It was only when she suddenly felt a presence that she turned to see a bespectacled young man with a backpack at his feet. What caught her attention was that, unlike most people who show some slight movement even when seated, he was totally still, not even fidgeting. It was also an interesting profile to capture in a sketch, with a little scar on the left cheek that was towards her. Furtively, she turned a little to her left to hide what she was doing and started drawing in a few outlines on a fresh page of her book. When she next glanced back, he had vanished. Good heavens! Where on earth had he gone in this abrupt fashion and that too soundlessly?! Hearing the sound of running feet behind her, through the park's fence she saw the young man chasing a scooter, clutching his backpack, calling out something she could not quite make out. She could also only see the rider's bright blue helmet. Both were soon lost to sight as they turned the corner ahead.

    Diya's mind was filled with intriguing thoughts of that man, her wild imagination (the one that her best friend was always scolding her about!) dwelling on who he was and whom he was chasing and why. Shutting her book, she made her way out and towards the local market where, on her way home, she had to buy some clay diyas for the Diwali puja.

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    Chapter-2 (Word: crackers)

    Engrossed in her own thoughts and clutching her drawing-book, Diya reached the market. She reached her favourite kiosk, but saw many people, all of whom were waiting to purchase diyas and candles. While waiting, Diya started examining different types of diyas and candles kept outside the kiosk. Suddenly she heard a commotion. Immediately thereafter she heard sounds of crackers. She thought that children already started bursting crackers. An elderly neighbour of Diya who lived in the same housing society, asked Diya to immediately take cover. Diya was perplexed. The elderly gentleman, whom Diya addressed as 'fauji uncle' as he had earlier been in Army, said: "This is not the sound of crackers. These are gun-shots. Quickly take cover." He himself held her hand and entered the adjacent shop.

    The shop-owner already half-closed the shop. Diya somehow managed to crawl under a table. Suddenly she saw the man who sat beside her in the park. The bespectacled young man was behind a concrete pillar. Diya noticed that the man was alert but not tensed. He quickly opened his backpack and brought out a gun. The fauji uncle whispered: "This is a Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol". The man filled the magazine and started waiting patiently.

    Suddenly Diya noticed a scooter with a bright blue helmet hanging from its side parked just beside the entrance of the market. A rough looking man was crouching beside the scooter. He was holding a gun. The man fired two rounds in the air. People ran helter-skelter. The entire area became empty in no time.

    The bespectacled man came out, took aim, fired a single shot and again took cover behind the pillar. This happened within a split-second.

    Diya understood that the man beside the scooter was a criminal and the young man standing behind the pillar was his pursuer. She thought for a while. Sitting in the crouching position inside the shop, she took out her drawing-book and started drawing the pencil-sketch of the man beside the scooter.

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    Word – Decorative lights
    Usually crowded and a noisy market was totally silent no one visible in the shops as well as on the road everyone was hiding to save his life there was a sense of fear in the air.
    The only thing visible was big hoardings with tagline attracting attention "Say no to Chinese decorative lights and use traditional lights". Diya realized that the spectacled guy seems like one of her school's classmate Rahul but avoided that thought for the moment.
    In this fearful environment, Diya was totally focused on that criminal noting his every feature and sketching it on paper although she was a bit afraid. But something was giving her courage to do what she was doing.
    On the other hand helmet guy while firing shots in the air and was yelling loudly don't you dare to make fool of me I know you are with police now and has become an agent of police but remember I don't leave people betraying me but as he heard siren of police car he ran away with his scooter.
    Later when the police arrived everybody got to know that the scooter guy was one of the drug dealers who sell drugs to youngster playing cards on the name of Diwali. And bespectacled man was actually a student who became his partner but when realized his mistakes sided with police and was working as an informant for the police and the bag he was holding had money to make the drug dealer believe he was there to purchase drugs but dealer got an idea about his real intention.
    But now the bespectacled man was in fear as the police's plan failed badly and they still didn't have a clue about the drug dealer and after hearing the whole story in the various noises. Diya came with the sketch and gave it to the police officer who praised her for her presence of mind. And the policeman asked all the people around and said youngsters should be like Diya not like the ones who play cards, betting and use drugs on the name of Diwali tradition.

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    Chapter 4- Word: Flowerpots.
    The whole episode went like a dream. Still, Diya has not come out of that turmoil. In that turmoil, she has completely forgotten to buy diyas for Diwali. She is thinking about the incident only. How that young boy sat by the side of her in the park and how again she happened to see him, what a coincidence? Still, she is not able to come out of her fearful experience. All of a sudden she remembered that the guy with backpack resembles her school friend Ramesh. She has taken out the sketch she has drawn of that young man and started observing for the resemblances.

    While her search is on, she has slowly gone into her school day's memories. Her school was about 2 Km from their house. About 5 students used to go from her area to that school. Her friend Ramesh's family was their neighbours and both of them were in the same class and section. They used to read together and play together. Both the families were very close and very friendly. Both of then used to take lunch together and exchange their items. They used to have a lot of fun. During those days they used to celebrate Diwali together. They used to buy many crackers and they were very fond of flowerpots. They used to purchase different types of flowerpots and were spending happily with those flower pots. They were together like that for about 3 years. Ramesh's father got transferred to another state. Further much communication was not there. All those days she is remembering and feeling that guy is Ramesh only. Gone are the days, she murmured.

    Diya comes out of her thoughts and started looking around. The market got opened slowly. People started coming for marketing. The whole place became normal and people started purchasing their requirements.
    Diya started looking for diyas and selected her requirement; she started walking slowly towards her house. Still, she is wondering how that helmet fellow gave a skip to the police? How and when Ramesh came to this town? How has he become a partner to a criminal? Her mind is full of thoughts about the incident.

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    Word: Spirit of Diwali

    On the way home, Diya heard the flash news that the drug dealer and Ramesh were finally arrested. She returned home, pondering over the day's dramatic events trying to make sense. Her wise grandmother noticed her turmoil. She said 'What's the matter, you seem lost? Diya narrated her extraordinary experience. To her surprise grandmother smiled and said 'Diya, its nothing but the Spirit of Diwali, 'Good always wins over Evil'.

    Next morning Diya was still unable to understand her grandmother's cryptic reply. She was summoned to the police station to give evidence. After answering the questions by the inspector, she could not contain her curiosity about what happened to Ramesh, her childhood friend. The inspector granted her permission to see both Ramesh and the drug dealer (Rana) who were in a cell next to each other. She noticed a change in the face and attitude of the drug dealer and Ramesh too.

    On seeing Diya, Ramesh was filled with shame, he told her about his coming to the city to find work, his friendship with Rana that started with a card game, the drug business and how he ended up in the Lock-Up. Rana was moved seeing the tears in the eyes of Ramesh and Diya. For the first time, he was filled with remorse. Rana said 'Tomorrow is Diwali and I'm in a jail, I became wealthy trading drugs without caring about the harm it caused to the children and teenagers. God has punished me by separating me from my family on Diwali that I love to celebrate'.
    Rana told the inspector about his repentance for selling drugs, his entire network and promised to change for good. The seasoned inspector agreed to allow both of them to celebrate Diwali along with the station staff the next day.
    Diya rushed home and hugged her grandmother. She said " Grandma, I finally understood you. Yes, Good always triumphs over Evil, that's the spirit of Diwali, isn't it?". Her grandma replied 'Bless you, my child, Come we have lot's to do, tomorrow is Diwali'.

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    Chapter 6 - Word: Diwali Celebration

    Finally, the day for celebration, Diwali has arrived. Diya and her grandmother were busy for the preparation of Diwali. Diya's grandma was pouring oil in diyas which she purchased from the market while Diya was lightening the diyas.

    After the decoration, Diya started to celebrate by litting flower pots and sparklers. The children started to burst crackers. In the midst of flower pots, sparklers and bursting crackers, Diya saw Ramesh and Rana arriving towards her.

    Soon after they winessed the police jeep halted near Diya's house. The inspector told that we couldn't trace Ramesh's backpack in the market which now they need to investigate.

    Diya said that the last location she saw it was in the middle of market. Major uncle introduced her about the model of the gun and he might knew about it.

    Major uncle told that he carried the backpack to his house as it also has the loaded gun. He didn't wanted to be in the wrong hands or any possibility of mishap and so he picked it up and carried it to hishome.

    The inspector said if Ramesh had the license of the revolver. Ramesh then showed the license to the inspector. Satisfied, the inspector now handed over the backpack to Ramesh.

    Ramesh pulled out the big Diwali greeting card from his backpack along with the sweets packet. Ramesh and Rana both greeted Diya "Happy Diwali".

    Ramesh told that few days before I saw you and decided to meet you but you were in a hurry. The second time, when I saw you on the bench sitting, I sat beside you to hand over the Diwali greeting card but then l saw Rana fleeing in a scooter and I went behind him to catch.

    Ramesh then proposed Diya with a sparkler litted in his hand. "Will you marry me, Miss Diya. l announce in this auspicious occasion of Diwali to marry me."

    Diya went inside running in the room with a little smile on her face.

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    Chapter 7, Word- Rangoli

    When Diya did not come out, Dadi asked Ramesh to go inside and look for her. As Ramesh entered the house, Diya came out and said, "Ramesh you are a good person and I also like you but I am not ready for marriage at this stage. I have to look after my Dadi and I cannot leave her alone." Ramesh was aware that Diya's parents died in road accident when she was only 3 years and since then, her Dadi has taken care of her. He replied with a smile, "I am not in hurry Diya. I still have to do something related to that drug dealer Rana. You take your time to think about it and yes, you need not to worry about your Dadi after marriage as she will be living with us only."
    Diya's eyes were filled with tears. Then she asked about the pending task Ramesh mentioned about Rana but Ramesh did not replied.
    Diya…Diya…please come and draw Rangoli. I am done with diyas- Dadi called her. Both of them came out and appreciated the diya decoration done by Dadi. Then Diya started Rangoli designing and Ramesh also sat there to help her in the same. Suddenly Diya heard a voice from behind wishing her "Happy Diwali". She turned back and whished her same. She was Laxmi, Diya's neighbor.
    Ramesh was looking all this silently and Diya observed that Ramesh was trying to hide his face from Laxmi.
    When Laxmi left, Diya immediately asked Ramesh,"Why were you hiding your face from Laxmi? Is there some secrets of yours with her"- she said with blinking eyes. Ramesh asked Diya if she has any photo of Laxmi in her mobile and Diya showed him. Ramesh became very serious and after insisting, he disclosed the reason to Diya. Laxmi is a girl who is helping Rana in brining college students for drug selling. We need to do something to save students as well as Laxmi from drug addiction.
    Diya held his hand as said, "Ramesh, I am with you in cleaning these drugs from our society."

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    Chapter eight- word: Diwali Mithai

    Diya and Ramesh (Rahul) were very excited that they could renew their old friendship and were very happy at the turn of events, except for the shootout and the incidents that followed. They decided to call it a day earlier because dadi could not keep awake for long. Since Rana had left earlier, dadi insisted that Ramesh should join them for some snacks before going. The table was laid out and they savoured the Diwali mithai (sweets) and snacks. In between he told her about Laxmi again and warned her to keep away from her. They also promised to keep in touch and exchanged their numbers before he left.

    Days passed by. Diya and Ramesh used to keep in touch. But all the way, what he told about Laxmi kept intriguing Diya. This was because she had known her for a long time and that too, being neighbors, very closely.

    When he called up for wishing her on her birthday last month, he told her that he had got a good job in a reputed company in another state and had joined there. Ramesh was not as regular as before after that but Diya thought that he must be busy with his new job and was happy that he is safely employed.

    Diya was in for a surprise on Diwali that year! As she was helping Dadi with the diyas, Ramesh suddenly came there. Dadi was too happy to see him again and so was Diya. He handed over a packet of sweets to dadi and started arranging the diyas.

    Suddenly a police jeep stopped at their gate and two policemen came in running and stood near Ramesh. He just stood up, took the backpack he was carrying and walked away with them. He didn't even look up. His expression was the same as when she saw him last year. Dadi was shocked and so was Diya.

    Then she saw Laxmi looking out of her window and, she was smiling. Diya was confused again; why did police take away Ramesh and why was Laxmi smiling?

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    Chapter nine : word - Diwali decoration

    Dadi was surprised seeing how Ramesh could so easily go with the policemen? Things started to came in her mind "Is everything ok, has ramesh not murdered anybody or stolen money from someone's home?" she asked Diya. Diya too was stunned with all this , she could not relate the way things happened all of a sudden. She considered Ramesh as a great friend of hers. Then suddenly she woke up, and she realized it was a bad dream. But still, that smile Laxmi gave was triggering in her mind continuously.

    She woke up this diwali morning. She started the Diwali decorations and started to put some beautiful lights on the walls of the room. She also put a 'Happy diwali' poster in front of her house. The complete house was shining with lights, it looked so wonderful that day. Dadi went on walk that time, she came back and seeing the lights she was very happy. She also started to help Diya, but Diya being a responsible girl did not want her Dadi to take trouble doing all this. So, she said "Dadi, you don't need to get into decorations, you take rest, I will do it." Being an amazing grand daughter, she could do almost everything by herself and never let her grandma to face any troubles. She was a brave girl too.

    The night time arrived, Diya was getting prepared to sleep. Her neighbours were still playing the crackers, which distracted her sleep, but somehow she managed to do so. She went back again to her dream, Laxmi's smile was back.
    She could not resist, she went to her house and asked her, "why do you keep smiling like that, I don't even know you?"
    "What is your problem" she said. She asked her to stay away from her. But Laxmi was still same, "You will meet your friend soon" she said.
    The other day, Diya heard the news that Ramesh is no more. Media highlighted on Ramesh's death and said "This man was not a normal human being, he came from an alien planet." They also said that the species of that alien planet could take any shape, any form and could also change their appearance as per human beings. Diya went into tears, she could not resist on hearing of Ramesh's death and also that he was an alien and not a human. But how did that alien die? The news continued to read, where did they come from?

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    Chapter- 10 "Festivals of Lights"

    Distrurbed by sleep, Diya sat at the window looking out, she saw children bursting crackers and lighting fower pots cheerfully. She looked disturbed and sad.

    Dadi entered her room and said "Diya look at those children, Diwali brings joy' she said. Dadi wanted to see smile on Diya. Diya's face cheered up at the mention of Diwali.

    Diya turned towards Dadi, her mind diverting.

    She said 'Dadi though we celebrate Diwali, I don't know much about it. Please tell me, the importance of this festival. Why is Diwali celebrated? Diya asked.

    Dadi said, because Lord Rama who was in exile for 14 years returned home on this Diwali day. He fought against Ravan, the demons and won the battle. We celebrate this festival to mark the victory of good over evil. This festival also coincides Sri Krishna's victory over Narakasura.

    Dadi, what does Diwali mean? Diya asked.

    Dadi said, Deepavali gets its name from clay lamps which means 'deepa' and vali means 'row'. Lighting lamps outside homes, symbolizes that light protects us from darkness. On this day Goddess Lakshmi Puja is performed to invoke her blessings.

    Dadi, How did "festival of lights" come into being? Diya asked.

    Dadi said, to celebrate the victory over the evil, to mark Lord Rama's return, over joyed people set off fireworks, lighted earthen diya's, decorated their houses with beautiful rongolis. They wore new clothes and distributed Diwali sweets ( mithai). Since Diwali celebration is marked by lighting colourful diyas around the houses and decorated light lamps, Diwali is called 'festival of lights'. People share gifts and sweets with one another with spirit of Diwali. Light signifies knowledge, lighting lamps on this day keeps away darkness from heart and welcomes knowledge and goodness.

    Dadi concluded saying 'our country is rich in culture, tradition, and festivals, we should be proud of it, each festival has significance. We should celebrate it joyfully and peacefully. But be environment conscious.

    Diya said 'Dadi it was nice listening to you. I have to wake up early tomorrow saying she slept. Dadi watched her smiling, she too closed her eyes.

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    Chapter 11 – Word: Diwali Entertainment Cinema
    It was 2300 hrs. Diya could not embrace her sleep. She phoned up her friend Maya to come home to celebrate Diwali night. As the movie halls in the city were screening 6 shows a day, Maya suggested Diya to go for a midnight show of the newly released Diwali movie "Mera Naam Anamika" directed by the famous director Premanand who won the Oscar for his film "Purani Aadat". Diya took permission from her grand mother, and they went for the midnight show of that movie. Maya's younger brother Chotu accompanied the girls. Diya wore her newly bought Diwali dress and was looking like a cine star.

    The movie was quite interesting. During the intermission, they all came out for a tea break. Interestingly, Diya wanted to have a weight check by the machine. She could get it as 55 kgs, and the phrase in the card read –"Luck is knocking at your doors." Diya felt good and was returning to her seat. Suddenly a voice "Hello Girl, can you spare a minute for me." The voice was from the famous director Premanand(Age 68 with a grey beard) who came to view his own film. Diya turned back and said,"Yes, Did you stop me?". Premanand said,"Yes, I am the director of this film." Diya said," O' My God! Sir, Your film is excellent." Premanand said,"Thank you. Let me be frank. I am in search of a new face. Would you mind if I propose you to play the lead role in my next movie "Chand ki Thukda", a film scheduled to be released on Diwali day in 2018." Diya could not believe herself. She asked,"Are you joking? Am I fit for it? I never did acting in my life." The director said," Don't worry, we will mould you as a shining star and superstar of the Indian cinema." The director asked her name, and was pleased to hear her name Diya. He said, " Diya is a name that would lighten your future." Director Premanand extended his visiting card and said,"Diya, All yours. Waiting." He patted Diya and said,"Happy Diwali."

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    Chapter 12-Word: Lakshmi and Ganesh Puja
    It is Diwali in 2022. Diya is sitting in her makeup room and seems pretty anxious. The next shot of "Manoranjan" is to be filmed in few minutes. The director said that a new girl is coming to the shoot the next scene.
    Diya is a star now. It's been 4 years since her debut film "Chand ki Thukda" was a blockbuster hit. People still talk about her acting skills in that movie. Then, in 2021 came back to back 4 blockbusters of her, one of them releasing in Lakshmi and Ganesh Puja of 2021. That is why she pushed her director to start the filming of "Manoranjan" during "Lakshmi and Ganesh Puja" of this Diwali.

    Wait, someone's at the door. Oh, It's Chotu. Diya heaves a sigh of relief as Chotu hands a small packet of marijuana to her. Yes, during the course of her success, she had her share of failures and struggles too. Year 2019 saw 6 of her flop films. She was a nobody again. It is then that an insider in the industry showed her the doors to substance abuse. She has not been able to quit this addiction ever since. Wait, it's Chotu again at the door. "Didi the new girl wants to meet you." Diya quickly hid the marijuana that was left, with her handkerchief.
    To her dismay, Lakshmi walks in. Diya asks, "When did you join films?"
    Lakshmi tells her that she was put in a rehabilitation center for the past 3 years and during the end period, the director of "Manoranjan" saw her there. He listened to her past life and offered this film as a comeback move.
    "Oh God! Diya, What's trickling down your nose? Is it marijuana?" After listening to Diya's story Lakshmi said, "If I can quit drugs, you can too. Do come to the Lakshmi and Ganesh Puja at my home today after the shoot. I will tell you the tricks to quit drugs. Will you come?" Lakshmi looked at Diya. Diya didn't know what to say.

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    Chapter 13 – Word: Victory over Darkness

    Diya was a bit hesitant, she looked down and then said to Lakshmi that, "I won't be able to make it, I already have many commitments to honor" Lakshmi insisted Diya but she was adamant.

    Lakshmi understood that Diya was not going to budge so she stood up to leave but before leaving she turned around, Diya was still standing facing towards the wall so she tells her that your grandmother misses you a lot and there is something that is with me from Ramesh (Rahul), for you, saying so, she shuts the door.

    Diya is alone in her room. It has been few years since she had last visited her grandmother. She sat down on the couch recollecting the happenings of the past few years. As the tears rolled down her cheeks even the packet rolled down which chotu had given her.

    After few hours, she called her director and asked him about the whereabouts of Lakshmi and got to know that she was in the same hotel and gave her the room number. Diya got ready to meet her old childhood neighbor Lakshmi. She had many questions in her mind. How did she know Ramesh, what made her go to the rehab and what did she have from Ramesh for her? Many questions kept pondering her mind.

    All the while she had held Lakshmi responsible for everything that happened to Ramesh but now she saw the change in Lakshmi and wanted to know the truth. She wanted to forgive Lakshmi and most importantly forgive herself.

    She took the sketchbook that she had drawn of Ramesh a few years back, the spectacled guy. As she was walking away her eyes fell on the packet that was lying on the floor which chotu had given her. She stooped down to pick it up and then drained it into the sink, determined never to go back to that lifestyle again. Thus, she gained victory over the darkness. She locked her room and went to the room in which Lakshmi was staying and knocked.

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    "Cut! Pack up!", Tahira said. It was time to wrap up the shoot. Tired, but happy, Tahira clapped her hands, turning around in a full circle, applauding the work of those who had contributed to her short film, not just the performing artistes, but the entire team. This short film she hoped to release on 19th October on the Internet. An alumni of FTII, Pune, she had made this short film for the discerning Net audience, aiming to get her some solid work from a film producer. For her own film she had dug deep into her savings, supported financially, too, by her parents who had full faith in her prolific talent.

    When Tahira paused to look around, Premanand approached her. He had lingered on the set till the end. She had been happy that he had been willing to play himself in a small cameo when she had approached him much earlier after attending a workshop where he had been a guest lecturer. He told her he had been in touch with his FTII colleagues & seen her film project submission as part of her final year there.

    Premanand said, "That was a fairly good film, Tahira, considering it is your first independent attempt. Well done! That ending scene - I presume you are leaving it to the viewer to speculate what happens next?"

    "Yes, Sir", Tahira replied, "I am also keeping my options open. If this film is successful, then I will go for Part-II."

    Premanand laughed, "You mean you are picking up the Bollywood trend of sequels!"

    Tahira grinned, saying a sequel was possible, depending on the success of this one and the finances available. She thanked the Director for his moral support & his willingness to do the cameo role without pay. He patted her affectionately on the back, wished her luck and left the set.

    It was time for Tahira to leave too. It would be exciting to see if her film could stand its own in the niche of Net films. It was going to be a cracker of a Diwali!

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    Having submitted the concluding chapter, time to turn the last page and close the e-book. Thanks, everyone, for writing the chapters! You can give your input once the winners are announced.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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