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    Why you want others to initiate when you can always go ahead ?

    Some times on many occasions we wants other to initiate the proceedings or the work and then we would join. This attitude can also be seen on the road. When others start moving at the cross roads, we also tend to move no matter the signal is still on red. Likewise in office if you want to protest or demand some facility we depend on others to lodge the complaint and we may also join the issue. Instead why cant we go ahead on our own and make the difference among others. So next time do not wait for others to initiate , instead go ahead by yourself.
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    I think it depends on the mentality of the Individual. Everyone will not be like that. Some people will have starting hesitation. They will wait for others to initiate.
    Another reason is if in the office the person who is initiating the protest will be always in the front. All senior people and management will notice this and afterwards, when a chance comes they will try to take revenge on him. So intelligent people who want the facility at the same time don't want to be in the bad books of seniors and management will try to provoke others and from the back, they will be seeing fun. They will be in the front for those activities which will be appreciated by the management.
    So this is not a weakness but a diplomatic move in offices.

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    If we planned to go to a place,we will normally search for help from others. If the other is a person of experienced in visiting the place earlier his help to us will be highly valuable. Similar to this is of a Guru. Initiating step is an indusing tonic only to is.

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    Not everyone has the courage to initiate, may be due to their situations. In my office whenever any issues happen, one of my friend never speaks up. Once when I asked her, she told me that her husband lost her job and she badly needs her current job so she is not ready for any arguments. So she is taking it from everyone with her mouth shut. So we can't blame them as we do not know the situations they are going through.

    I don't think for crossing the signal we wait for others to cross. I don't do it. As soon as I see the light green, I start crossing, I don't wait for others to cross. I will mostly be in a hurry and have no time to waste on the road. At times when I am day dreaming, I might miss to see the signal and only start crossing when I see others crossing. That is not because I want to follow them, but that I missed to see the signal turning into green.

    It is always good to take initiative as only if you fight for your rights, you will be rewarded. If you wait for others, may be you will never be able to react. Do justice to yourself.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    A nice thread Mohan sir. It's often the little hesitation to do what we want or to get what we want. I think it's the way we are all brought up.

    We hurry to meet our superiors thinking that a few minutes delay would upset him/her.Yet we put up with the opposite, waiting for long periods at meetings and the supervisor's chambers to get a simple thing done.

    It's the hesitation to begin, fear of being the first as we will stand out in the crowd, fear of reprisal, fear of a payback. lastly, once somebody gets the ball rolling, then we are comfortable because we are now one among the lot and not the first of the lot.
    This will happen as long as there is a fear of a backlash, maybe our children would be slightly different.

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    No one wants to take risks. Everyone wants to follow a clear path. The leaders are, who show the path. There is no quality of leadership in every people. A leader has the courage and has knowledge of handling the situation. A leader doesn't get irritated. It is the reason we want others to initiate.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    The reason why people want others to initiate is due to lack of leadership qualities and spirit of adventurism. In an office, a single person questioning or demanding something will easily be targeted. If it is in a group, the management has to consider their problem. Gandhiji was successful in the independence struggle because of his leadership qualities. Millions of people are responsible for the independence of our country, not Gandhiji alone. He took the lead of the movement whereas the others followed. The people with a spirit of adventurism explore new things and provide us with the knowledge of new things.
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