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    Benefits of sleeping left side according to Ayurveda

    *Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left Side.*
    *In Ayurveda it is called Vamkukshi..*

    1. Prevents snoring
    2. Helps in better blood circulation
    3. Helps in proper digestion after meals
    4. Gives relief to people having back and neck pain
    5. Helps in filtering and purifying toxins, lymph fluids and wastes
    6. Prevents serious illness as accumulated toxins are flushed out easily
    7. Liver and kidneys work better
    8. Helps in smooth bowel movements
    9. Reduces workload on heart and its proper functioning
    10. Prevents acidity and heartburn
    11. Prevents fatigue during morning
    12. Fat gets digested easily
    13. Positive impact on brain
    14. It delays onset of Parkinsons and Alzheimers
    15. It is also considered to be the best sleeping position according to Ayurveda.
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    Wow unknowingly about so many benefits of sleeping on our left side, I have been following this since many years and feel comfortable and ease as the sleep would be deep and total. I would appreciate the author to give further information as to whether we should sleep without pillow, or take the help of our hands as the pillow or should we sleep on the floor without pillow. Additional information sought my me would further strengthen those who have the sleeping habit of left side. Moreover what I felt that those who sleep on the left they are also secure with their shirt pocket things as no one can commit theft.
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    A good information. My wife and myself both of us have the habit of sleeping on left side only. It is good that we are doing correctly as per the information given by the author. I want to know from which ayurvedic book he got the information. If it is also mentioned it will help us in reading that book to get some more inputs about the usage of Ayurveda in our daily life.
    always confident

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    Before the allopathic medicines came into play, there were several norms elucidated in Aurveda which if followed, longevity could be achieved to the extent of hundred years. The rules were simple and were fully explained the benifits one could get by following such norms.
    The author has taken pain to collect the valuable points and have placed the same in this plateform for the benifits of the readers.
    I along wth my wife follow these norms and have accrued positive benifits by following the health tips as laid down in Aurveda.

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    Ayurveda describes 'Vamkuksh' as a short nap. It is much like the siesta that one takes in the afternoon. I want to ask the author whether Ayurveda describes sleeping at night, as Vankuksh, as well? According to Ayurveda, taking a short nap, while lying on your left side is beneficial.

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    It is true that sleeping on left side is suggested in Ayurveda. My mother's family belongs to a traditional Ayurveda practitioners, generally known as Ashtavaidya family in Kerala. My uncles used to advise to sleep on left side. They used to give certain reasons also for that. Unfortunately I do not recollect those now. Ayurveda provides similar other snippets which everybody should follow daily in once life.

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    I also heard it earlier. But the reasons were not known. Today, thanks to the informative post of Mr. Pattabiraman, I know the benefits of sleeping on the left side. I will try to remember these benefits.

    Sincere thanks to Mr. Pattabiraman.

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    thanks for highlighting all the benefits of sleeping on the left side. Such a simple fact with so many benefits to us.

    In fact, pregnant mothers in the later stage of pregnancy are often advised to sleep on their left side to reduce swelling of the legs and better nutrition for the growing child in the mother's womb.

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    Good to know. I was not aware of this but somehow I always liked to sleep on my left. I have heard that it is good for pregnant women to sleep on their left side. Anyways thank you so much for sharing this useful piece of information.
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