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    Some people would be very disheartened!

    Today the long-awaited judgement has come. The Hon'ble High Court of Gujarat has uphold the clean chit earlier given to Narendra Damodardas Modi, former Chief Minister of Gujarat, in the Gujarat riot in 2002, by the lower Court. The petition challenging the order of the lower Court had been filed by Ms. Zakia Jafri. The petition had demanded that Mr. Modi and 59 other officials of the state be made accused for allegedly being part of conspiracy that caused post-Godhra violence in the state.

    Needless to state that the petition had the strong support of some top-level intelligentsia of the country (no need to name them-they are very well-known). Perhaps the judgement of the Hon'ble High Court would cause terrible heart-burning to those intellectuals, but what can be done?

    We can only state: Satyamev Jayate
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    Many fiction novels use two common lines 'truth is stranger than fiction' and 'the world is not ready for the truth yet'.
    Maybe there's some truth in these statements and the thread. Yes, someday we'll know.

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    The courts demand a full-proof evidence without any doubt to prove somebody's involvement in the crime in convicting him. The benefit of doubt is given to the accused. The courts might not have found material evidence beyond doubt to prove his involvement in the riot. In this case, a politician who is ex-CM, present PM and hardcore RSS pracharak is involved. In the present case the court observed that there was lack of prosecutable evidence against Modi and others. The conviction rate of influential politicians in court of law is almost zero in our country barring a few.

    Some actions of politicians are indirectly supporting some incidence. The speeches of BJP and RSS leaders were responsible for Babri Masazid demolition and post-demolition riots claiming lives of thousands of innocent people. The inaction of the administration may fan riots and arson as we have witnessed so many times.

    During Gujrat riots in 2002, even the then PM of BJP led central govt. was not happy with the way the CM of Gujrat (Modi) was handling the situation. The PM directed the CM to follow Raj-Dharma without showing any discrimination between the people on the basis of caste, creed or religion. The PM sent then defense minister to supervise the deployment of military during that period. The PM also expressed his anxiety on the situation in his letter to the CM. In political circles there was a talk of ouster of Modi from the post of CM but he could save himself owing to Advani's benevolence.

    Conviction of Maya Kodnani, ex-minister in Modi ministry and Shah's witness in favour of Kodnani show that something was wrong. There are so many videos and texts are available to show the lethargy of administration in dealing with the situation.

    Anyway it is rightly said Satya mev Jayate. Some times it takes time. The story is not over. This riot is going to haunt Modi forever.Let us wait and watch.

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    There are beliefs and ideas in every mind. There are preconceived ideas in people. They feel their version is correct. But truth always prevails. As far as today is concerned the truth is court's verdict. So Ex CM of Gujarat is not guilty. Let us believe the same. What is going to happen tomorrow we don't anticipate today only. Some people may do mistakes at times. But they will quickly know that the mistake committed by them and they get corrected. But there are people who never understand their mistakes and always try to defend themselves and go on doing the same mistake again and again. The first type is always better than the second type always. I want to stop here. True. Satyamev Jayate
    always confident

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