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    A tale how the fox foxed the two wild animals

    In a forest, there are two wild animals one is Lion and the other is Tiger as the two animals want to show their supremacy each of them invites other animals to a meeting on different days as the Tiger said I am the king of the forest you have to listen to my words and each day you need to sent one animal for my food all the animals agreed for that.The next day the Lion invites all the animals and said as I am the king of the forest you need to listen to my words and said the same thing like the tiger. All animals except the Lion and the Tiger have met and discussed the issue with sorrowful and grim faces as the fox who took the initiative and said I have one idea with that idea we can escape from the wild animals. The Fox divide the animals into two groups. The fox said to one group of animals to go to Tiger and say what the Lion had told.As some group of animals went to Lion den and told what the tiger had said as the two animals vent their anger and quarrel each other and died there itself.All the animals have the huge sigh of relief and praised the fox for saving the lives. This way the fox foxed the two wild animals.
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    A Nice moral story for children that's an example of the quote "Brain is better than brawn."

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    A good story. The fox finally managed to cause a division between two kings and saved the animals. Later the cunning fox started devouring the animals of the forest himself.
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