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    Every metro should have a RTF Rain Task Force.

    Recently we've had heavy rains creating havoc in the city of Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Bangalore and Hyderabad are still having ongoing rains.

    Life has become extremely difficult with waterlogging, difficulties in transport, water flooding into homes, increase in viral fevers in many areas. School going children also suffer being held up for long durations in traffic-jammed roads. Lives are lost sadly and the damaged to vehicles, roads and buildings are going to be huge.

    This is going to be a regular feature because of unplanned development, lake encroachment, blocked stormwater drains and city corporations simply out of their depths in handling such a crisis.

    The way forward is to have an action committee - similar to a Rapid task force, that can closely work with the civic authorities, meteorological department, road maintenance departments, traffic police and citizens to find a practical solution for the cities in general and the wards in specific.
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    Rain over the last 48 hours has left some parts of Bangalore paralysed ( Koramangala, HSR layout and Electronic city). Many people are unable to cook and stay clean. Efforts on for rescue and draining water but with little success. Glad that note that loss of human life is not reported in Bangalore.

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    In fact Telangana government has to be complemented as they have already initiated a mock program one week back in the banks of Hussain Sagar lake as to how to evacuate people during urban floods. Of late Hyderabad is also experiencing heavy rains and naturally the drains are clogged and there is no way for the storm water to get out of the residential area and whole city in low lying areas are undaunted. The National Disaster Management along with state police has organized this drill in which many people have volunteered and participated on how to rescue people during floods. Such preparedness is must. I have seen Mumbai has been most vulnerable to the extreme rains and the city comes stand still. Such urban flood exercise and a separate force for it must be assigned so that people need not call fire fighters and police in case of urban flood emergencies.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks for agreeing on Mohan sir, in Bangalore exactly the is happening - the fire brigade and the police force are almost always called in, same may be in many states. If we have a RTF drawing in experience from Army, Fire and the Police team with additional personnel, they can be much more resourceful, of course with the involvement of the people themselves.

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    It is a good advice. There should be a Rain task force. This is not only for helping the people in evacuation during floods but also to plan the infrastructure in such a way that there will be a normal life during heavy rains also and people who are on the roads will reach the house safely. hyderabad roads are in such a bad condition that a little rain more than expected the whole city will come to a standstill. No clue how to commute. No clue where are the manholes. Even cars are half dipped in waterlogging. The life in the city from the last one week is very bad. Every citizen is suffering. Now they started conducting mock drills. Ok. But what about roads. They say they will repair it after this rainy season. Indirectly they are telling you to suffer this year. After that what happens HE only knows.
    The government should have a pre-planning and see that the people will not suffer.

    always confident

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