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    Will strive for 70% reservation for SC/ST.

    This is a statement made by the CM of a South Indian state. He has been quoted to ask centre for a constitutional amendment so that 70% seats at education and public sector services are reserved for SC/ST groups. Apparently, his neighbouring state has a 69% reservation that's much higher than the 50% cut off fixed by the Supreme Court of India.

    We need to encourage people of these groups to come up in life, have a better education but why should we further push down the general merit groups. These groups are already frustrated and I think this will encourage further brain drain - people going abroad for education and work.

    Instead of increasing reservation, why can we look at giving them subsidies, increased local infrastructure for them, scholarships etc without compromising the general merit quota education and service applications or opportunities?
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    These short-sighted politicians are hell-bent upon destroying the edifice of the country. This is the perfect example of misusing the provision of reservation which was, as proposed by Dr. Ambedkar, was only for initial 15 years. After 70 years of independence, the scope is being broadened and percentage of reservation is being increased.

    The person who mends my shoes has been doing the same work for more than four generations. Last week, I asked his grandson whether he is going to apply for Government jobs using the benefit of reservation, or not. The old man laughed at the suggestion and said that reservation or no reservation, the family-members are destined to go on mending shoes. So, what change does this reservation bring?

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    Very unfortunate that the people at the helm of affairs are committing and promising reservations to some classes in the society as if others are not required nor have the rights to live. When ever some social gathering takes place about a particular caste or creed, the CM of any state is forced to open up and say few words in support of their caste and that includes more reservations and enhancement of reservation. All the political leaders must know that at any cost the reservations should not exceed 50 percent for all classes and 50 percent to general and others. If they keep on increasing the quota, the day would come when other castes will not have any seat or say in the government. Down with such one sided policy. Courts must be watching these developments and they must only interfere and stop such kind of over raged announcements.
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    The statement of Karnataka Chief Minister is an election jhumla. The courts will not accept such acts by the State Government. The reservations were initially provided for fifteen years. The extension is justified for a specific time as implementation was very poor in the initial stages. Now it is time to gradually phase out the reservations. The previous governments of various political parties continued the system for attracting votes SC and ST. I hope at least the present government shows the guts to phase out the reservations gradually.
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    To born in other castes is a crime in this country. What the hell is happening I don't understand. Reservations for whom? Is it to a son of a district collector who belongs to a certain caste? Is it to the son of a Minister who belongs to a particular caste? How long the other people have to suffer in this way. If you visit the rural places, a rickshaw puller's son will be pulling the rickshaw only. He even doesn't know that there is a reservation system in this country. Then what is the fun in having reservations for those people. As long as this vote politics in India exist. I think no government will give away with this system. Even they do it, it will become a plus point to the opposition and they will promise reservations in the election and as soon as they are back they will implement. So nobody wants to cut the stem they are sitting on. All other caste people will start nation wise agitation and see that this system will be changed to financial incentives to some people who can't afford. Otherwise, the system will become more and more worst.
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    Title is misleading and 70% could be total reservation percentage . Neighboring state has a 69% reservation not for SC/ST and it is total reservation as per below
    Backward Class (BC) - 30%
    Most Backward Class (MBC) - 20%
    Scheduled Castes - 18%
    Scheduled Tribes - 1%
    Total Reservation Percentage - 69%


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    thanks for the replies so far. # 610901 thanks for the split, it helps to understand better. Glad that we all agree the reasons behind such policies.

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