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    Being too honest could be bad for other's health

    Honesty is a human train that is considered the best and defines the truthful attitude of a person and one should carry it. But my views say, "being too honest could be bad at times that too for the health of people around you." I simply mean, when you become too honest and you speak straight from your heart, without using your brain, that bitter truth could might affect the people around you in an unpleasant way. The simpler truth will be easily absorbed by the fellow ones, but if it is not digestible by them, they could even go crazy. Actually such "too honest" people could might be rash in their words at times but they really are true in their hearts, they speak whatsoever comes to their mind, either it is good or bad for the other person. It sometimes become hard to deal with such people. Because they will be so honest in their attitude, that they will not be able to understand the thought of the other person, that if they are liking their attitude or not. Such people even try to change their "too honest" attitude, but they are not able to do so, because it is hereditary and of course it will be very difficult to change that attitude. It is something like that their sentiments do not allow them to speak lie at any cost and they will follow their heart by telling the truth. Such type of people are really unique.
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    It is true. One should be honest provided it does not hurt others. If you being honest gives sleepless nights to others try to avoid such situations. White lies are ok if it is done to help others. If the situation is too bad and it demands you to speak out, then you do not have to look at the feeling of others,
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    Looking back into our lives, we find that we were dishonest and untruthful at times. People who are too honest and truthful are very less in number. As the author expressed such persons may cause unhappiness to others by their frankness. Tactful among them at times do not reveal the truth and also do not lie depending upon the matter to be disclosed. Sometimes suppressing the truth knowingly may not be justified. The truth may be hurting to the other person but it may help him to get out of the problem.

    The author should have given any specific examples so that this matter can be discussed meaningfully instead of giving a response in general lines.

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    Honesty is the best policy is often preached than done.

    What makes us lie? In most of the cases, it's the fear of the consequences that makes us lie. We tend to lie because the truth is harsh at times. We might have many such justification for the white lie that we speak, but the fact is that even the white lie is not ok, as it might cause harm much more than what we might anticipate. We should be frank, yes it will hurt people and sometimes it might hurt us as well. When a person says I haven't lied, that's the biggest lie, we being humans, tend to lie at some point or the other.

    It is always good to be truthful, by this nature we are being justful not just to ourselves but also to the person/situation concerned.

    A lie is just a temporary solution, which can cause more damage than the truth itself, yet to escape temporarily we resort to lies.

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    I agree to disagree with the author. Honesty is the best policy and it is always better, to be honest. Sometimes your honesty may put you in some trouble or your surrounding people may get annoyed with your honesty. But you should be careful in your expression. You need not tell actually what happened but you should not tell lies.
    In Mahabharata, Dharmaraju is very honest and he never tells lies. But Lord Krishna made him to express the facts only in such a way that it will reach the man actually we have to receive it will receive in a different way and other people will understand the point correctly only. It is an indication that you should be tactful in your expression while maintaining your honesty.
    Under certain circumstances, even you lie also it is not that you are not honest. This what I read in some books.

    always confident

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    #61087406 : KVRR sir... the thread I have posted here is completely me and a nature I possess , and the response I get from my elders at times is somehow that I do not like, because I never disobey or disrespect them. So, it hurts me when I receive a pressurizing response from them. That is why I did not feel like writing any example for that. The thing is my nature being too honest, I just speak it up, so I wanted to share it here to see how other people respond and how they will explain so that I can make myself not feel bad at such situations, and let the things go.

    #61088806 : Agree with you Rao Sir, That we should not be so honest that it negatively impact others,I think we should shape our words in such a way that it does not effect the other person and also we do not speak the lie. May be I can say, on a safer side. Now how to talk in such a way? We know that the truth is bitter very bitter , but we cannot speak it and we also have to make the other person feel comfortable, without making a lie?
    Also you talked about a character in Mahabharata, Dharmaraju, that he was very honest person- Are you talking about Yudhisthir? I am asking this because I never heard this name in this epic. Can you let me know?

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    After reading the thread and the replies, I think that the author has been hurt by someone.
    We all grow up as children where everything is either black or white and life is simple. As we mature into adults, we slowly realise that very few things in life are black or white and most are in different shades of grey and yes, life is complex.

    We live in a world where honesty is the best policy is just another quote at corporate offices and some big homes.
    If we have to be honest with everything, then life would become brutal as we would harm many people, their relations, peace at family, literally everything. Sometimes even though we are correct and true to ourselves, people cannot handle the truth and people cannot tell the truth,

    Yet, we have to live among such people, we need to have a meaningful life with harmony as far as possible at home, work and the social circles we move in. So every time we think the truth is good but with a devastating effect, we need to just step back, tell a small white lie and move on. If not we will be fighting some many little battles in life and end up having no energy to fight the War - To march on despite adversity and ultimately be successful.

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    Honesty is the best policy, if not in the short-term, but definitely in the long-term. This is not a theoretical concept; I am telling this from my personal experience. So, please don't leave the straight path of honesty. You will be definitely benefited in the long run. Have faith on God and have trust on yourself.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Ms Pooja Srivastava, honesty and truthfulness are very good traits in a human being. Always be yourself. Some people may feel uncomfortable with your nature but you cannot help it. Being tactful when necessary may solve your problem. This does not mean you have to change your nature.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    # 610935, Puja Shrivatsava, You are right. Dharmaraju is none other than Yudhistar. He is the eldest of Pandavas. He never gets angry and he never tells lies. But he was made to speak in a different way by Lord. krishna himself.
    always confident

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